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Joshua Jacobi is an experienced cardiologist who specializes in preventative heart health care.
As an experienced medical doctor in the field of cardiovascular health care, Joshua Jacobi focuses on prevention as well as treatment for the cardiovascular issues that his patients face.

In this, he makes himself unique among other cardiovascular doctors, many of which focus on treating an illness after it has already occurred. While this is certainly a skill of Dr. Jacobi’s as well, he prefers to aid his patients in healthy living so that the problems can be prevented from occurring in the first place. By paying more attention to their lifestyles and making improvements in their daily habits and routines, he says, patients can drastically reduce the cost of their health care needs as well as stop major health scares before they become a problem.

In all of his medical work, Joshua is also aided by his background in psychology. This unique perspective enables him to better understand the motivations of his patients. In doing so, he is able to better make sure that they are both achieving their health goals and maintaining their success once they do. This background also informs his bedside manner with his patients as well as aids his understanding of the importance that an overall approach has to patient well-being.
Joshua Jacobi was born and raised in Texas, where he developed a love for learning as well as a love for helping people to overcome challenges in pursuit of their dreams. In 1990, he decided to combine these two passions into one pursuit.

Joshua’s Education and Training

Joshua began his professional career by first seeking out a quality education on which to build the foundation for his work. To this end, he enrolled at Texas A&M University in 1990. Here, in addition to his general studies, he also focused on the studies of both biology and psychology. He also joined the Texas A&M Weightlifting Club, aware as he was already of the importance of staying healthy in daily life.

After six years of undergraduate study, Jacobi graduated from Texas A&M with a double major, obtaining both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

Later that year, Joshua Jacobi went back to school, this time at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. Here he studied for four more years, eventually graduating yet again just after the turn of the new millennium. This time he earned his Doctorate of Medicine degree, making him a full-fledged physician ready to start practicing.

Joshua’s Professional History

Dr. Jacobi knew from early on in his studies that his area of choice in the medical field was preventative cardiology. He had been nurturing his love of helping people overcome the health challenges in their life and making their dreams for exceptional wellness come true.

In 2009, Joshua Jacobi gained a better chance to do just that when he joined HeartPlace, the oldest and largest cardiovascular group in the area of northern Texas. This organization has long been an innovator in cardiovascular health care, introducing to their area such procedures as electrophysiology, angioplasty, coronary stenting, and coronary angiography. As a cardiologist here, Dr. Jacobi helped evaluate and treat patients who had known or suspected cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Jacobi’s time with HeartPlace lasted for four successful and productive years. Then, in July of 2013, he left the organization for Healthy Living Medical in California. He started here the very next month as the medical director, a position that he has held ever since.

DJoshua’s Skill Set and Expertise

Thanks to his years of experience studying and practicing cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Joshua Jacobi has developed an impressive set of professional medical skills. These skills include the following examples:

- Clinical Cardiology
- Interventional Cardiology
- Echocardiography
- Internal Medicine
- Clinical Care
- Clinical Research
- Critical Care
- Ultrasound
- Family Medicine
- Emergency Medicine
- Interventional Health Care

All of his training and experience has earned him a seat on the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as his certification in cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, though his training has been based in Western medical practices, Dr. Joshua also believes that alternative ways to heal others do exist. These methods, he says, can potentially enhance or accelerate the practices of traditional medicine.

Joshua’s Philosophy

All throughout his life and professional journey, he has experienced many ups. Earning his medical degree was one, as was meeting and marrying his wife. But there have also been low points, such as a serious injury that made him stop to reexamine his life.

Through these challenges and hardships, Joshua Jacobi has realized that life is all about change. Living, he says, is an evolutionary process. Individuals who do not continue to grow and improve themselves are not truly living their lives. Instead, they are merely biding their time until death.

This outlook and attitude informs Dr. Jacobi’s emphasis on preventative health care, especially where the heart is concerned. If life is about changing for the better, he says, then one change that every individual should make at some point is the change to a heart healthier lifestyle. In doing so, says Dr. Joshua Jacobi, individuals can maximize their time in this life so that they can keep on growing and learning for as long as possible.
The plans that Joshua Jacobi has for the immediate future mostly involve growing his practice while continuing to provide preventative cardiovascular health care for his patients. While he focuses on building up his practice, his ideal goal is to be able to hire on a partner after the next two years are up. From here, he would like to explore the idea of turning his practice into a franchise if his business model proves to be a good enough success.

First, though, he needs to establish what will work and what will not work. The general philosophy that Dr. Jacobi subscribes to is that if preventative health care was more on the forefront in the United States, then expenditures in health care throughout the country would not be so high.

Ultimately, he would like to work toward better promoting preventative health care practices. This, he is confident, would help many medical patients avoid such major health issues as heart disease, diabetes, and much more. This has become a lesson that he would like to strengthen and emphasize to all United States citizens, that better physical wellness will go a long way toward saving the nation millions of dollars in health care.

To pursue this advocacy and many other informative causes, Dr. Jacobi plans to continue putting out new and regular content on his personal website. Every week, he plans to upload new blog posts, videos, podcasts, and so on. In doing so, it is Joshua Jacobi's hope that he can help better inform patients about the health of their own lifestyle choices and how they can prevent major medical issues.

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  • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio , United States , San Antonio, Texas

    Doctor of Medicine
    01/1996 - 01/2000
  • Texas A&M University , United States , College Station, Texas

    Biology B.A., Psychology B.S., Biology, General, Psychology
    01/1990 - 01/1996
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  • Medical Director , United States , Pasadena, California

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    08/2013 to 12/2099
  • Cardiologist , United States , Dallas, Texas
    01/2009 to 07/2013
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  • Medical Education
  • Echocardiography
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Healthcare
  • Clinical Research
  • Critical Care
  • Hospitals
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