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Yank Barry was born January 29, 1948 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is a 2012 & 2013 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, humanitarian, philanthropist & founder of Global Village Champions Foundation (GVCF). For twenty years this non-profit organization is dedicated to feeding the hungry of the world, disaster relief and human advocacy. Although a venturous feat, Mr. Barry’s goal of achieving “A Day without Hunger” is coming to fruition, he has provided over 945,000,000 documented & delivered meals & counting! His tireless efforts & passion for the lost & forgotten have never wavered. The funding for GVCF has come from Yank Barry alone, via his successful VitaPro & Propectin businesses. Global Village Champions Foundation became a non-profit three years ago, & began accepting donations on a small scale, as Mr. Barry continues to fund GVCF privately.
Yank Barry has created Global Village Champions Foundation to be a one-of-a-kind organization, ensuring that 100% of every dollar donated by the public is used towards its tangible mission. Employees associated with GVCF are compensated by Mr. Barry's successful for-profit business ventures. GVCF is also unique for its support from star-studded “Champions”, made up of well-known athletes & celebrities such as, current Goodwill Ambassador, Evander Holyfield, former Goodwill Ambassador, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Snoop Dogg, John Voight, Herschel Walker, Steven Seagal, LL Cool J, Lennox Lewis, and many more. Together, Yank and his colleagues make an enormous impact on world hunger.
Yank Barry has broken social, religious & economic boundaries, for which the accolades, awards & recognitions are countless. His mission is for saving lives, one meal at a time, is not for his glory, but it rather stems from the heart & from his own journey of personal hardship.. Mr. Barry makes no excuses, & has a proven track record of doing what he says he will do, hence the transparent & meticulous documents & records concerning GVCF.
Barry is a former member of the Kingsmen, known for their number one hit, “Louie Louie”. He’s also well-known for the countless hits he’s written, produced, & had a creative hand in throughout the decades, not to mention his association with some of the most elite in the entertainment industry. Yank founded Global Village Champions Foundation by accident of sorts. During his involvement with drug abuse prevention in the 70’s & 80’s, as well as the “We Are the World” project, he once joked about feeding the world someday. At the time, he had already begun his hunger relief journey in Africa with his long-time friend & former champion boxer, Muhammad Ali. The press misunderstood his statement on one of their missions & assumed the duo had already founded a charitable organization. Thinking quickly, Yank & Ali derived the name “Global Village Champions”, thus the birth of his now, internationally known endeavor. Barry began selflessly giving 60% of the profits from his own businesses, VitaPro & Propectin, to fund the efforts of GVCF. He’s also proudly partnered with other international groups like Rotary International, Salvation Army, CARE, Universal Aid Society, the UN & American Red Cross, just to name a few. The scope of success GVCF has achieved under Yank’s leadership is remarkable. Yank attributes many of his accomplishments to his devoted wife, Yvette Barry, who’s faithfully given of her time & talents alongside her husband , the GVCF Board of Directors, volunteers, concerned individuals & of course, his superstar “Champions”.
The story behind Yank Barry’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is no doubt a testament to his character. Initially nominated in 2012 by a Bulgarian gentleman impressed by Mr. Barry’s ongoing humanitarian efforts, specifically his diplomatic endeavors to have five Bulgarian nurses & one Palestinian doctor released (The Benghazi Six). He braved several meetings with Muammar Gadhafi, being direct by saying, “I’m a Jew & am here begging for the lives of five Christians & a Palestinian; you’ve got to do what’s right here.” Although honored for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize nomination as well, Yank Barry truly has his eye on a different prize; using his fame & fortune to make a tangible difference in the world...one meal; one life at a time.

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