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Christina Kelly provides cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle guidance to the mothers of New York City’s Upper East Side.
Christina Kelly offers flexible fashion consulting services by leveraging her extensive expertise in the industry. She is able to use her keen eye for detail to cultivate personalized styles for each client she takes on. Thanks to her industry experience in working with some of the most high profile names in the industry, she offers specialized and exceptionally valuable insight to her many customers.
She primarily serves mothers who want to update their look, whether by getting style advice once a week or every day. At present, Kelly is in the midst of creating a highly intuitive, helpful website where she will offer her Web-based consulting services. She will be available to answer questions and offer her expertise online, making her more accessible and easy to reach than many other stylists.
However, her website will also address more than fashion. Christina Kelly has developed a unique personal style. This has given her deep insight on trends, city hot spots, and other lifestyle matters. Her website is meant to offer exclusive tips and advice on the latest places to get a drink with friends, plan a culinary experience, or attend events that will put her clients in the social circles they want to be in.
Christina's passion for fashion has brought her back into the industry, and has propelled her into the forefront of the Upper West Side consulting scene. She leverages her experience with names like the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, her time spent working closely with celebrities and stylists for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, and more. She brings these style advantages to the mothers of New York City and has the ability to make even the most “comfy casual” mom look and feel like a star.
Christina Kelly evolved into the highly respected stylist she is today. Her long history in business and the culture of New York City has helped her to cultivate the valuable skills that she brings to her consulting clients.
In 1997, Christina graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. However, while she studied there, she also took part in the Program of International Studies, located in Florence Italy. This program exposed her to the romance and beauty of the Italian culture. She studied Western Dress and other culturally significant topics. These studies taught Kelly about some of the finer aspects of life, and sparked an intrigue in the fashion industry she is now so passionate about.
Before graduating, she found summer employment with Alice F. Mason LTD, where she assisted the vice president of the company. Working directly under a person of clout also exposed her to the more stylish and elaborate accessories of modern life.
As another summer employment opportunity, Kelly became the assistant to the director of public relations at JYACC Software Manufacturer. Public relations revolves around projecting a positive image—precisely what fashion encompasses. Here, she learned the ins and outs of cultivating a strong persona and identifying ways to embody and project it.
However, her third summer position may have been the most influential. She began working with the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation. She was immersed in fashion as she assisted the director of special projects. This summer job, prior to graduation, exposed her to the intricacies of the industry. As one of her many roles in this position, Christina Kelly worked with creative directors to prepare models for both fashion shows and public events.
Such a responsibility forced her to hone her eye for detail, sense for fashion, and ability to focus on a person’s best attributes. These skills have helped her to this day, and have built the foundation for the stylist she has since become.
From 1997 onward, Christina worked with AFFE USA INC. Here, she acted as the representative of Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Narcisco Rodriguez. As public relations manager for Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, she made incredible strides in her experience.
For years, Christina Kelly led fashion-oriented efforts with some of the biggest names in the industry. She had to fully understand the advantages and benefits of fashion lines to be able to market and develop sales strategies for them. She worked closely with VIP celebrities, as well as highly respected stylists, for events such as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. She also helped these fashion leaders prepare for magazine cover shoots, movie premiers, and press junkets.
During these events, all eyes were on the celebrities she worked with. Christina developed her skills and shined. Additionally, she was responsible for traveling to Milan for fashion shows and acting as the U.S. representative. Not only did she have to work with looks for models, but she also had to know how to dress herself. Acting as the U.S. representative, Christina Kelly used this experience to further enhance her skills and her eye for detail.
She became incredibly adept at understanding clothing and fashion, highlighting attributes, and diminishing faults. The experience she cultivated during this time has helped her to create the incredible skill set she shares with her clients today.
However, after giving birth to her first child, Kelly made the decision to bow out of her role and stay at home with her family. She has spent time supporting them and acting as a strong role model. But now, she understands that one of the best ways she can be a great role model for her family is to use her special skills to help other women in need of her service. Christina made the decision to develop her own consulting company, and offer exclusive style consulting services to the mothers of New York City’s Upper East Side.
While Christina Kelly’s services are relatively new, she brings years of experience and a history of success to her clients. She aims to offer exceptional, flexible fashion consulting services that allow her to provide her fashion expertise to Upper East Side New York City moms.
Ultimately, her goal is to introduce trendy looks to mothers who are seeking out, or can benefit from, expert insight. She wants to work alongside them to identify their ideal look, as well as find ways for them to embody that look every single day. She will be able to provide these consulting services through an online forum. She will post and share pictures of trendy pieces and accessories that her clients can find.
In addition to offering fashion advice, Kelly’s website will include in-depth information on New York City fashion and the urban lifestyle. She is in tune with the latest trends, and as such, is on top of the newest hot spots for dining, drinking, and socializing.
Her goal is to create a whole experience for the clients she serves. Fashion is only one piece of the puzzle. While style is the key, offering mothers advice on where to go to stay in the loop on trends is another important component. Christina Kelly hopes that by offering services, from outfitting mothers in the latest pieces to tipping them off about where to go for cocktail hour, she will help them create a new look that they can embody to feel beautiful and confident every single day.

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  • University Of Wisconsin , United States , Madison, Wisconsin

    Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
    08/1993 - 05/1997
Career History
  • Public Relations Manager , United States , New York, NY
    06/1997 to 12/2099
  • Assistant to the Director of Special Projects , United States , New York, NY
    01/1996 to 01/1997
  • Assistant to the Director of Public Relations , United States , New York, NY
    06/1995 to 08/1995
  • Assistant to the Vice President , United States , New York, NY

    not defined
    06/1993 to 08/1994
  • Fashion Consultant , United States , New York City

    not defined
    to 12/2099
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