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Maureen Krezmien provides premier Executive Recruiting services in Sales and IT with 20 years of global business development experience in multiple industries to include Automotive, Business Services, CPG, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Outsourcing, Petrochemical, Retail, Software (SaaS), and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCaaS).
Maureen Krezmien is the managing partner of GRN Pittsburgh. Her firm is dedicated to acquiring and developing top talent across multiple functions, including sales, IT operations, engineering, and finance, serving multiple industries. The firm is focused on the global market, allowing it to pull qualified candidates from an international pool of talent, and place at multi-national clients, thereby providing higher quality references and capabilities
For Job Seekers
Krezmien and her team offer job seekers the coaching and connections necessary to land the right career opportunities. GRN Pittsburgh has a network of over 180 global offices that it leverages to find the best positions for its candidates. Matching candidates’ long term aspirations with client opportunities offers the best career enhancement choices available in the market.
For Hiring Managers
Finding professionals to fill key roles is difficult, even with a large number of individuals looking for a job at any given time. Frequently, organizations need to fill roles that require specific skills, in a timely fashion. Discovering a professional who optimally meets the role requirements is not always easy and can be resource intensive to an internal HR Team. With the help of GRN Pittsburgh, hiring managers and HR executives can simplify their search, allowing Maureen’s team to do the heavy lifting to identify the few ‘right’ candidates for consideration. Clients also benefit from the over 180 different offices that GRN Pittsburgh has integrated into its professional network.
Maureen Krezmien is devoted to providing her clients and candidates the best in support during their staffing initiatives. Through her experience and global network of professional organizations, Krezmien is able to offer exceptional services to the organizations and individuals that turn to her for their talent acquisition and development needs.
Maureen Krezmien is a professional who has dedicated her career to building an international level of expertise in her field. Currently the managing partner of GRN Pittsburgh, Maureen has worked in a variety of capacities that have allowed her to develop strong business acumen. To date, she is most noted for her many core accomplishments, which have defined her career as a success.
Maureen Krezmien: Achievements in Business Development and Sales
Below are a few of the accomplishments that Maureen has made with regard to business development and sales:
• Through the management of seasoned sales professionals and strategic efforts, she achieved a sales plan at 125 percent or greater each year.
• Maureen designed and implemented multiple executive sales programs, which brought in over $200M in new revenues and achieved an 80 percent close rate.
• With 15 years of experience, she is an expert in professional services, account management, and software sales. Furthermore, she has built her reputation within the business intelligence, cloud computing and storage, communications, ERP, and infrastructure solutions sectors.
• Through effective account management, Maureen Krezmien has established business profiles, metrics, and drivers regarding the annual account planning process. She linked these to opportunities, identifying new sales leads and improving sales cycle execution.
• Maureen conducted market assessments and financial analysis to define new offerings and geographic launches, resulting in more targeted sales and development practices.
• She spearheaded the development of the framework and IP for an incubation initiative. Her work ensured the effectiveness of this project from conception through its launch on the market.
• Through her understanding of large corporations, Maureen was able to create stage-gating and portfolio management processes for the commercialization of new technological products. Maureen has a patent shared with four other colleagues to prove the effectiveness of this approach.
Maureen Krezmien: Advances in Information Technology
As a professional who identifies IT as one of her core strengths, Maureen has certainly earned this right through her extensive experience. The following are some of the highlights from her work in the IT field:
• Maureen has the ability to define and communicate key IT strategies, resulting in improved business and growth via outsourcing, cloud, and mobility solutions.
• Over the past 20 years she has engaged in project management and budget initiatives for teams ranging from five to 50 employees.
• Maureen has secured strategic technology investments via the establishment of strong business cases and the use of effective presentations given to executive sponsors.
Maureen Krezmien: Finance and Audit Achievements
The final category into which Maureen’s core accomplishments fall is finance and audit. She has exceptional experience in these areas and is excited to continue to provide guidance with this regard as she continually builds her career.
• She leveraged risk-based audit methods with regard to end-to-end financial and operational reviews for five years in an internal audit management capacity. This allowed the internal audit groups to successfully execute a higher number of audits using fewer resources.
• Maureen forecasted and monitored the activity of capital investments via ROI and EVA financial models, resulting in more accurate financial tactics.
• Through annual risk assessments, she defined audit plans and schedules for multi-billion dollar organizations.
• Maureen designed business plans and assisted startups in creating financial strategies.
Success on an International Level
Many professionals are able to achieve success on a local or even regional level. Some, too, are able to conquer national milestones and become thought leaders in their industry. But Maureen has been able to create an international network that has heightened her professional achievement. As she continues to build her career, she intends to leverage the global network that she has developed in order to offer the highest degree of support to her clientele.
Ultimately, Maureen has developed a strong skill set that has allowed her to accomplish a great deal. Maureen Krezmien is a highly regarded professional who is expected to continue to perform well in her industry.
The future of the talent acquisition and development industry is never crystal clear. However, it is safe to say that the demand for top talent will continue to build as companies look to recruit the best professionals to fill key roles. Maureen Krezmien, the managing partner of GRN Pittsburgh, is looking forward to a bright future helping her clients and candidates to find the positions and professionals that are best suited to their needs.
Talent acquisition is a tricky business, and with job candidates becoming increasingly educated and experienced it can be quite difficult for hiring managers to narrow their options. With the help of a professional recruiting agency, hiring managers can trust that the best candidates are considered for every opening. The recommendations made by Maureen and her team allow hiring managers to spend their time considering qualified candidates, rather than sorting through resumes that are not targeted to the positions they are looking to fill. The ability to find highly qualified resources for open positions is becoming more limited with the increasing number of professionals retiring from the talent pool, and Maureen believes this trend will continue over the next 10-15 years. Having access to quality candidates who are passive in the job search market is the most important asset a professional recruiting agency brings to the table. That’s what GRN Pittsburgh is all about.
The need for recruiters is also important for job seekers, who may find it difficult to pinpoint job opportunities for which they are qualified. While the Internet does offer some great resources, there is an abundance of spam and other noise to sort through when looking for quality employment leads. With the help of a recruiter, job seekers can experience a much less stressful search for the right position. Maureen Krezmien anticipates continuing to successfully provide her services to both candidates and hiring managers for many years.

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  • Managing Partner , United States , 100 7th Street, Suite 304 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 USA , Maureen and her firm are dedicated to acquiring and developing top talent across multiple functions, including sales, IT operations, engineering, and finance, serving multiple industries.
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