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Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ resident, is a commercial real estate market professional who is highly respected in his field.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ is a noted real estate professional, with over 25 years of experience. Through his position, Humphrey must utilize every skill he has developed in order to oversee every aspect of a portfolio that contains more than 100 million square feet of property, which is spread across 750 sites in 80 countries. Among his day-to-day tasks, Humphrey is responsible for leading a global team. This expansive responsibility sheds light on Humphrey’s leadership skills as he handles such diverse projects.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, stands out among other commercial real estate professionals for his exceptional leadership skills. He developed a Workplace of the Future strategy, which addressed how the workplace has changed over the years in terms of technological advancements and workforce demographics. His leadership role during this project was entrusted to him on top of his day-to-day duties, a true testament to his professionalism and ability to multitask. Humphrey demonstrates a proficiency in working with teams of people and providing them with the necessary support to thrive in the workplace.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, has a varied list of professional experiences that led him to commercial real estate success over the years. He began his educational career after graduating from high school when he enrolled in the prestigious Northeastern University. During that time, he lived in Boston, Massachusetts as he pursued his Bachelor’s degree. He excelled during his time at Northeastern and eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.
Humphrey’s dedication and responsibility towards his schoolwork allowed him to graduate at the top of his class with the rare distinction of magna cum laude. Humphrey continued his commitment to his educational endeavors and embarked upon the path to obtain a Master’s degree. With his professional goals in mind, he chose to attend Babson College, a well-respected private business school in Massachusetts. Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ displayed the same dedication that allowed him to excel during his undergraduate years and quickly mastered the course materials. Humphrey graduated from Babson College cum laude boasting a Master’s of Business Administration degree.
After successfully completing these rigorous academic programs, Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, continued to search for knowledge to establish himself in his industry. Humphrey enrolled in additional courses that helped advance his ability to focus on real estate. These additional courses also helped increase his efficiency as a leader and as a strategist.
Humphrey began his career in Boston during the late 80s. He worked with a commercial brokerage and property management company called R.M. Bradley where he was entrusted with various duties. His educational knowledge and commitment to excellence allowed him to quickly excel in the workplace. He applied the same drive and dedication that he perfected during his higher education years, to balance his workplace responsibilities in the most professional manner. His first responsibility was under the role of the Assistant Property Manager where he monitored several properties with impressive efficiency. He quickly climbed the professional ladder and became a Lease Contract Administrator and ultimately, he became the Director of Finance and Accounting.
As the Director of Finance and Accounting, Humphrey oversaw the financial operations at R.M. Bradley and even improved the fiscal performance of their properties. All of the assignments that Humphrey maintained during his first few years with this commercial brokerage and property management company had equipped him with exceptional multi-tasking skills. Not only was he able to improve the management of their properties but he also supervised the finance and accounting teams. His work established him as a workplace leader who can support and train his staff in various business aspects. Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, has undertaken challenging workplace responsibilities that include preparing budgets, utilizing financial modeling techniques for lease buyout analyses, and even performing monthly variance analyses.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ resident and professional, boasts a work history that includes various management responsibilities. After contributing to the operations at R.M. Bradley, Humphrey then went on to work for Cumberland Farms, Inc. where he was a manager in Leasing and Property Administration. Although this position was based in Canton, Massachusetts, Humphrey used this time to oversee large property portfolios. Some portfolios contained more than 1,700 properties, 300 leased facilities, and over 600 tenants. These large amounts of properties sharpened his management skills and provided him with an opportunity to develop a new tax abatement program. This program helped save nearly one millions dollars in annual taxes.
Humphrey’s workplace success allowed him to accept a position with Iron Mountain, Inc, another company in Boston Massachusetts. At Iron Mountain, Inc, Humphrey held the distinction of being the Director of Real Estate. This position placed him directly responsible for managing properties in international territory. He managed a hefty portfolio that contained nearly 14 million square feet of properties.
On top of his managerial responsibilities, he also maintained an operation budget for these properties that was worth over $50 million. His extensive real estate knowledge allowed him to develop new strategies for Iron Mountain Inc, which included an equity partnership leasing method. This method reduced the cost of occupancy by nearly 27%, saving about $10 million per year. Humphrey’s dedication and courage helped him create initiatives that redefined the methods used to manage commercial real estate properties.
Although Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ resident and professional, has successfully completed the assignments that he was given in the workplace, he has also established himself as an innovator in the commercial real estate field. He currently oversees transaction management for a 100 million square foot property portfolio. These properties are spread out among 80 countries with nearly 750 sites. This position sharpened his leadership skills and inspired him to introduce additional initiatives. He developed a Workplace of the Future strategy, which addressed the way the workforce demographics have changed over the years. This strategy also addressed technological advancements and shifts in office culture to ensure that the staff is working at their maximum capacity while still creating workplace harmony.
Throughout his educational experience and workplace success, Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, has dedicated time and effort to mastering the nuances of the real estate industry. His vision has helped teams of professionals work together to increase efficiency and performance. Humphrey has been able to maintain his student mentality in order to approach workplace projects with a fresh perspective. Whether it’s strategic occupancy planning, real estate strategy, or a complex portfolio, Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ resident and real estate professional, handles projects with the utmost professionalism.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ resident and real estate professional, has spent years building his workplace experience. His educational success and workplace experience make him an authority in real estate management. While he’s demonstrated a commitment to his chosen industry, he also has a passion for charity. His comprehensive charitable organization helps people throughout the world who need access to health and human services. This organization partners with other non-profit organizations to provide assistance to orphans, low-income families, and children suffering from a wide array of illnesses. These children simply don’t have the capability to support themselves and these organizations fill the void.
Roger Humphrey, Chester, NJ real estate professional, understands how important it is for successful people to give back to their community. That belief fuels his contribution to organizations like the Giving Hope Network. While the organization actively supports local communities, it also helps to improve social issues worldwide. The team members and volunteers collect donations and actively raise funds through creative fundraisers. The funds are allocated accordingly to partner organizations that provide a wide range of charitable services.
Humphrey is a strong advocate for non-profit organizations. His continued assistance to these programs keep him grounded and encourages others to help their community. His past, present, and future capabilities are a true testament to the possibilities that come from hard work and dedication.

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  • Northeastern University , United States

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