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Myless R. Hooper, Jr. is a professional logger living and working in North Carolina.
When it comes to logging, Myless R. Hooper, Jr. is one of the best in the business. His business offers a number of services to companies that rely on him to clear their land and cut the wood in specialized ways. He will either completely clear an area for a client or can only take selected trees. After cutting the trees down, he also is in charge of finding mills to take the timber off of his hands. This can be a difficult task and has to be approached the right way. Many people do not realize that just like most other things in the world, the market for timber fluctuates and can be more or less expensive due to the current demand.

Mills usually either deal in hardwood, which includes maple, oak and birch, or softwood, which includes pine, cedar and fir. Myless R. Hooper, Jr. deals in both, so he has to weigh his options when choosing which jobs he goes to. Hardwood usually goes for more, but there might be more of a demand for softwood which would mean more money in the end. Timber yields are priced and purchased by the ton, so that means he has the ability to sit back and find the best time to sell his timber based on market demands. This savvy business expertise has brought him and his business a lot of success in the past years.
When Myless R. Hooper, Jr. got into the logging business, he had to decide on the areas in which he wanted to focus. He decided that he would focus in the practices of selective cutting and clear cutting, leaving out strip cutting. In the long run, the procedure chosen has usually come down to what the customer wants, and he has performed a combination of both to get the job done if necessary.

When on selective cutting jobs, Myless R. Hooper, Jr. has had to comply with the wishes of his clients to leave certain trees, even if they would be better used as timber. Normally, the trees that have been designated in selective cutting jobs are those with a certain sized stump or larger, meaning it is usually the bigger and older trees that come down. This practice has benefitted forest land in a couple of ways. First, there is room made for younger and smaller trees to grow and flourish. Secondly, forests are only thinned out instead of leveled completely, which has ensured that the ecosystems in those forests continue on for years to come.

Clear cutting has resulted in the easier jobs. Every tree is taken down in a clear cutting job, meaning the area is completely cleared of any forestry. Myless R. Hooper, Jr. has provided this service for years and has helped many people who are trying to clear land for various reasons such as starting a new business, building parks or planting gardens. The landowner gets a clear property that is open to sunlight and he gets a variety of wood to sell to different places. This gives him the flexibility to pounce on certain markets when they have been the hottest.

He made the decision not to offer strip cutting when he first started his business. Strip cutting does not thin out or completely level forests but rather adds lanes to them, usually through the oldest parts of the forest. The forests in the North Carolina area that Myless R. Hooper, Jr. deals with simply are not long enough to make this a profitable option for him and his business, so he decided against offering it. The yield it would produce would be minimal, so he decided to focus his attention on more efficient projects.
Trees are important to his business, which is why he decided to offer a service that includes replanting any area that he has cleared. For only $80 an acre, he has replanted the trees he had just removed for a number of clients. This helps ensure that forest land is not completely depleted and gives animals a place to live in the coming years. It has also helped him secure the fact that there will once again be trees in the area that he can cut down. Offering this option was a smart business decision made when he first began his logging company.

When Myless R. Hooper, Jr. has taken time out of his busy logging schedule for leisure activities, he has taken the time to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle and take vacations at his home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While Myrtle Beach is his favorite vacation spot, he has been known to take to a number of other beaches as well for vacations.

One of those is Tybee Island, an island that sits off the coast of Georgia and is only about 20 minutes from Savannah. The island is known for its great restaurants with local flavor and its relaxed attitude. It is hard to find a place that is not calm on the island as the white, sandy beaches surround the entire perimeter for a view of the gentle waves that crash into the coast.

Another beach Myless R. Hooper, Jr. has enjoyed in the past is in Nantucket, Massachusetts. This is said to be one of the calmest and most relaxing beach atmospheres in the country. The area, which used to be a whaling town, offers a number of historical attractions and has gorgeous architecture. There are also different parts to the beaches to fit everyone’s needs. Someone looking for some surfing action can hit Surfside Beach, while families can enjoy open water at Children’s Beach. Those couples who are looking for a romantic getaway can check out Steps Beach to avoid the hustle and bustle of both kids and surfers.

He has also been a man that takes up many philanthropic measures, with the one most important to him being the Fayette-Brown’s Summit school district. He has donated both his time and his money to the various programs in this school district in the past. He helps deal with the underprivileged children in the district and helps out with the different sports programs that are sponsored by the schools.

He has taken these opportunities to help these underprivileged kids and teach them important life lessons. He has shown countless kids how teamwork is not only important on the court or field but also in the classroom and the workplace. He has helped them become more self-confident and made them believe in themselves and the fact that they can do whatever they put their minds to. Part of that self-confidence has come from the kids maintaining a healthy body weight by staying physically active in the sports that he helps run.

He has also supported the Brown’s Summit-Monticello Youth Organization, another sports-oriented program. This program has provided youth athletics for a number of years and gives kids something to do while staying out of trouble.

Sports are not the only way Myless R. Hooper, Jr. gives back to the community, of course. He has also given to two local churches on a regular basis. Both the West Asheboro Church of God and the Welcome Baptist Church have benefited from his generosity and giving ways in the past. He has also been a supporter of the Farmer Civitan Club, which is dedicated to helping serve those in the community in a number of ways. It is easy to see why Myless R. Hooper, Jr. is thought of by his friends and family as a philanthropic hero.
The main thing Myless R. Hooper, Jr. wants in the future is to see his business, grow. This should be no problem since there is also a demand for timber in China, which accounts for the largest timber market in the world. The combination of large populations and growing industries there means China needs all the raw wood it can get. A lot of mills will export the majority of their timber directly to China and other international markets, meaning there will almost always be a need for loggers all throughout the world.

The housing market is also bouncing back in the United States. With a lot of people looking to take advantage of low rates on mortgages, houses are becoming harder to find in popular areas. This leads Myless R. Hooper, Jr. to believe that many people will invest in having their own houses built, which helps his industry a great deal. Frames for houses of just about any kind involve using a lot of wood, and many houses have expansive decks on them. The best furniture for living rooms, decks and offices are still made out of the finest wood available as well. He enjoys knowing that the product he helps produce can go on to create joy in people’s lives and help them in a practical way at the same time.

He is also intent on continuing his philanthropic measures. He hopes to keep helping organize and run the various sporting events and teams at the Fayette-Brown’s Summit school district and will continue to give his time and money to both churches he currently helps.

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