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Jukka T. Salonen is a Finnish business owner and one of the top cardiologists in Finland.
Jukka T. Salonen currently works as one of the most famous medical experts focusing on genetic diagnostics, cardiovascular genetics/genomics and cardiovascular epidemiology. He currently practices preventative cardiology. In addition, he is a successful business owner who started his own company, Jurilab in 2002. In 2009, he stepped up to fill a CSO role for the company. He is responsible for the research and development of genetic discoveries and trials in diseases such as diabetes. His duties include:

• Preparing clinical development plans and budgets
• Planning out clinical trial phases, protocol, reports, and risk management strategies.
• Interpreting data.
• Assessment of vendors in both preclinical and clinical development plans
• Supervising ethics principles
• Reporting scientific finds for regulatory authorities
• Intellectual property patent writing
• Adhering to customer quality standards
• Managing programs and resources
• Obtaining funding for research
• Recruiting research collaborators and advisory board members

Since 2009, Jukka T. Salonen has also served as the CEO and CSO of Metabolic Analytical Services. This particular company provides biotechnology resources and medical devices. Metabolic Analytical Services offers services in consultation, diagnostics, clinical trial planning, genotyping, biochemistry and more. Another one of his current roles is his position as a private physician for Mehiläinen, which is a private health care provider in Finland.

Currently, Salonen lives in Vuossari. He is a devoted husband to wife, Tuija, and father to two sons. In addition to his incredibly busy work schedule, he is committed to spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys hobbies including tennis, boating, kayaking, wind surfing and recreational chess.
Jukka T. Salonen was born in Kuopio, Finland. Kuopio is a city located in Northern Savonia, Finland. It is the ninth largest city in the country and boasts a population of around 105,229 citizens. It is a region known as the cultural hub of Eastern Finland. Several parts of the city are built on islands, thus it has ample waterfront areas. The city has a significant reputation as a strong medical hub for students and professionals. It has the largest annual enrollment rate of medical students in all of Finland. It is also a city known for its strong sense of culture. It hosts many annual festivals including ANTI-Contemporary Arts Festival, Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio Rockcock, Kuopio Wine Festival and Finland Ice Marathon. Kuopio is notorious for its association with a national delicacy known as Kalakukko, a Finnish fish pastry.

Jukka T. Salonen attended multiple years of school before earning his MD and PhD and becoming a licensed cardiologist. In 1972, Salonen passed his Finnish matriculation exam and continued his education to receive a license of medicine from the University of Kuopio in 1980. Later, in 1987, Salonen received a Master’s of Science of Public Health. After receiving his Masters in epidemiology in 1987 from the University of Minnesota, Salonen taught epidemiology at the University of Kuopio, Finland until 2002. During the same time, he served as the director of the research institute of public health at Kuopio. Her served five terms at the Academy of Finland. In addition, he spent a few semesters teaching in the U.S. at the University of Minnesota.

Jukka T. Salonen has earned a reputation as one of the most famous medical experts in Finland. He has over 31,000 citations in hundreds of different scientific publications and has his name on more than 50 patent applications. He also served as the principal investigator of several significant genetic epidemiological studies and clinical trials. He received awards for his service and excellence in cardiovascular medicine by the European Society of Cardiology.

In 2002, Jukka T. Salonen founded a company called Jurilab. The Finnish biotech company focuses on drug target discovery and molecular diagnostics. When he started the company, Salonen served as the full-time chief scientific officer. But in 2009, he stepped up as CSO. Thus, he became responsible for researching and developing genetic discoveries and conducting trials in various diseases. In every trial, Salonen would typically have around 20 staff beneath him. It was his sole duty to manage them.

Since 2009, Jukka T. Salonen has managed to stay busy as he has also served as the CEO and CSO of Metabolic Analytical Services, a biotechnology and medical devices company. He has focused on bringing in experts and innovators of the health care industry to provide services in consultation, diagnostics, clinical trial planning, genotyping, biochemistry and other various projects.

In 2009, Salonen also assumed a role as a private physician for Mehiläinen, a private health care provider located in Finland. During his time as a medical professional, Salonen has published numerous articles in international medical journals and various publications. He was recognized from multiple universities and medical societies for his published works. As a medical professional, Salonen has also had experience serving on a number of medical boards including but not limited to:

• The Finnish Society of Epidemiology
• The European Association of Prevention and Rehabilitation
• The European Society of Cardiology
• The American Heart Association

Jukka T. Salonen was honored with the Young Entrepreneurs Award, which in Finland is called the “Nuokauppakamari.”
Salonen is known to have a dedication for multiple recreations during his off time. Throughout his lifetime, he has enjoyed playing tennis, boating, kayaking, wind surfing, and playing recreational chess. He has always committed himself to an active, healthy lifestyle. When he was just 18-years old, Salonen was the National Judo Champion.
Jukka T. Salonen has always enjoyed travel as well. His family purchased a home in Javea, Spain, which they visit one to three times per year. They have a sincere love for the Spanish culture, food, and dance that are all alive in the town and throughout the country. Javea is a coastal town is Marina Alta, which is located in the province of Alicante, Valencia. It is nestled on the notoriously beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It’s a popular destination as a charming seaside resort and market town. The climate in Javea is particularly warm, even in the winter, as it is protected from harsh winter winds coming from the North. By record, there are more hours of sunshine annually in Javea than any other place in Spain.
The weather is a huge draw for Northern Europeans seeking to escape the harsh winters of their hometowns. But Javea offers more than just sunshine and warm temperatures. The town is centrally located, making it easy for visitors to access other nearby cities including Madrid and Valencia. And, there are many things to do and see in Javea, alone. The town is separated into three unique areas including the port, the old town and Arenal.
The port is known for its gravel beaches and a marina. Since 1963, the nautical club at the port is home to the central area of the harbor. The old town is brimming with historical monuments, shops, museums and a municipal food market. Old town dates back to around the 14th century, thus it is overflowing with intricate architecture and charming sights. Arenal is the sandy beach area of the town. During the day, it hosts a multitude of people of all ages seeking to soak up the sun. At night during the summer, the beach is filled with market stalls and pop-up beach bars. The nightlife in Javea is centered around Arenal, though there are some nightlife activities in Old Town as well.
Though Salonen is committed to his work as a cardiologist and researcher, he has always found it very important to spend time with his family. Jukka T. Salonen feels the best way to enjoy each other’s company is to travel to new places and have new cultural experiences together.
Jukka T. Salonen will continue to help patients through his dedicated practice of cardiology and medicinal research. Specializing in preventative cardiology, he hopes to continue to provide patients with the knowledge and advice they need to live disease-free lives. He plans to keep his current position as a scientist/researcher at the outpatient clinic of the private medical center he works at now. He will remain committed to providing quality medicinal practices and true compassion for each patient who trusts their care to him.

Jukka T. Salonen also hopes to continue spending quality time with his wife and two sons. As a dedicated husband and father, he will make sure to provide his family with not only financial support, but also the emotional care they deserve. Salonen hopes to instill the same dedication and commitment he has for his industry to his two sons. Though Salonen has lived in the United States for teaching purposes, he plans on raising his sons in Finland and staying there for the near future. He says his family will continue making multiple annual trips to their vacation home in Javea, Spain, to enjoy the beach, history and culture. Salonen also hopes to have the opportunity to travel to South America sometime in the near future, as he has never had the chance. Salonen will remain as an active member of his golf club, Vuosaari, where he hopes to keep improving his game. He will also keep up with his other hobbies including tennis, boating, surfing, recreational chess and more.

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