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Completed is the world's first standardized rating system for all people in business. Search for someone and rate them. If they don't exist, add them to Completed.

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Give exclusive ratings and reviews of everyone in the business world.

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    Real peer reviews creates new opportunities.

  • Accurate Information

    Verify your profile to increase your trust score.

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    Build your personal brand & let your career soar!

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    Strong anti-cyberbullying to ensure your personal brand is secure.

Comprehensive & trusted reviews

Completed is a meritocracy, where the best performers shine.

Completed profiles enable you to brand yourself to the world. Showcase your experiences in business, talents, and cultural affinities that will open the doors of opportunity for you in business. Take control of your online brand with Completed.

Get Matched with the perfect Career Opportunities

  • Cultural Fit Matching
  • Peer Reviews Build Trust
  • Showcase Skill Sets, Experiences, and more
  • Gain Recognition For Completing Business Goals

Opening the Doors for the best opportunities

Get recognized for outstanding achievements while addressing valuable business feedback to improve.

  • Review People In Business

    Share you experiences with people across businesses

    It's critical to get people in the right positions in companies through radical transparency. Peer reviews and feedback creates trusted profiles, helping users identify their strengths and address areas for improvement.

  • Build Your Trust Profile

    Brand yourself and let your career graph soar

    Take control of your online brand by building out the ultimate business profile. This will connect you to the right opportunities through talent, experience, and cultural matching.

  • Anti Cyberbullying Policy

    We only welcome constructive criticism

    Cyberbullying is strictly prohibited. Any reviews that we deem as harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or targeting will not be posted. We only allow constructive criticism that provides constructive feedback for people to improve in business.

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