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Completed has been a great place for me to both find and review people and businesses. It's actually been fun to see my reviews receive several positive comments.


Isabella Jackson

Data Analyst, QikPix


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Completed is a meritocracy, where the best performers shine.

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    Business Technology Advisor, Portland und Umgebung
    Michael Swatman is a narcissist, liar and a snake. DO NOT TRUST HIM!
    By Anonymous
    Tuesday, Jun 11 2024
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    Laying the Foundation, CEO
    Nice job! Would like to work again!
    Wednesday, Jun 05 2024
  • I as well fear for her children she was beating her daughter in a drunken rage at my house one time ...
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    Dr. Adam Rosner is a highly skilled optometrist whose career journey is marked by his passion for me...
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    Sunday, Jun 02 2024
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