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Public Prep is a nonprofit organization that develops high-quality Universal Pre-K and single-sex elementary and middle public schools that pursue excellence through continuous learning and evidence-based instruction. Our model is designed to empower each student to build strong character, demonstrate critical thinking, possess a core body of knowledge and be on a predictive path to earn a degree from a four-year university. We are comprised of three tuition-free single-sex public charter schools across five campuses and one tuition-free co-ed Pre-K that are open enrollment and can only be entered via a random lottery. Our campuses include: Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary, Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle, Girls Prep Bronx Elementary, Girls Prep Bronx Middle and Boys Prep Bronx Elementary. Our mission is to create a warm and joyful culture of rigor in which scholars build strong character by adopting our core values of community, merit, responsibility, and scholarship. Mission: Public Prep has defined its North Star of College Completion as its organizational framework to regularly measure progress in terms of student learning and achievement, staff satisfaction and organizational stability, and family and student engagement. Below are the five points of the North Star: - Character Development - Academic Achievement - College Completion - Family & Scholar Satisfaction - Organizational Stability & Staff Satisfaction

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