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Bankole Johnson
United States
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Bankole Johnson is an accomplished neuroscientist and the founder of the ADial Pharmaceutical Company.

Bankole Johnson is the founder and chairman of ADial Pharmaceuticals, a bio-tech company that creates medication for individuals battling drug and alcohol addictions. Most recently, he was appointed as the chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland. With more than 25 years of experience in his field, he has made significant discoveries in the treatment of addiction.

Founding ADial Pharmaceuticals

ADial Pharmaceuticals is a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company that is currently producing personalized medications for the treatment of dependency issues. Surprisingly, Bankole Johnson started this unique company in his own kitchen. His research began while he was studying at the University of Virginia. Inspired by his findings, he decided to focus his efforts on developing more effective medications for individuals battling crippling addictions.

What makes ADial Pharmaceuticals so unique?

ADial Pharmaceuticals is different from other pharmaceutical companies in many ways. Most notably, this cutting-edge manufacturer of medications uses the latest genetic research to design personalized treatment methods. In addition, the medications created at ADial Pharmaceuticals enable patients to avoid rehabilitation centers.

Life Foods, LLC

Bankole is also the founder of the progressive company Life Foods, LLC. This breakthrough company is currently developing a new line of beverages designed to aid in brain function. Dr. Johnson was inspired to start this company out of the sheer frustration that he felt while walking through supermarkets. He noticed that there were plenty of energy drinks available but no products that would combat sleepiness or increase one’s mental focus or mood.

Bankole Johnson is an incredibly accomplished and well-respected neuroscientist who specializes in the area of addiction research. For the last 25 years, his research has led to much advancement in scientific knowledge. He currently serves as the chairman of ADial Pharmaceuticals, which uses research in genetics to develop progressive medications that combat substance abuse.

Background and education

From a young age, Bankole knew that if he wanted to be successful in his chosen career field, he would have to apply himself in school. After building a very impressive transcript in high school, Johnson enrolled at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he graduated in 1982 with a Medicinae Baccalaureumet Chirurgie Baccalaureum degree (MBChB). This certificate qualified him to work as a physician in the United Kingdom.

After receiving his MB ChB from the University of Glasgow, he completed his training in psychiatry at the Royal London and Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals. He then chose to continue his education at the University of London, where he eventually graduated with a masters degree in neuropsychiatry. Feeling that he still had more to learn, Bankole went on to complete doctoral research at Oxford University.

In 1993, Dr. Johnson received a Medicinae Doctorem degree in biomedical science from the University of Glasgow. In 2004, Bankole returned to the University of Glasgow for a third time, earning a doctor of science in medicine with a special emphasis in neuropharmacology and neuroscience. Impressively, the D.Sc degree is the highest doctoral degree awarded by British universities.

Specializing in psychopharmacology

Although Johnson is trained in many areas of medicine, he is especially well-informed in the psychopharmacology of medicines that are used for treating addictions. In fact, Bankole is certified by many professional boards all over Europe and America. In addition, he was appointed as the principle investigator for all research studies that are funded by the National Institute of Health.

Special appointments from the National Institute of Health

Johnson has served as principal investigator on numerous National Institute of Health awards. In the past, he was also appointed to serve on many special panels and committees relating to his particular area of expertise.

Receiving many special awards and honors

As if Bankole Johnson’s professional resume is not impressive enough, he has also received quite a few awards and special distinctions through the years. In 2001, he was proud to receive the Dan Anderson Research Award for significantly advancing the medical community’s knowledge of addiction recovery. Only a year later, in 2002, he was given a Distinguished Senior Scholar of Distinction Award by the National Medical Association.

In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame because of his impressive contributions to technology, science, and mathematics. In 2006, he received a Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecturer Award from the American Psychiatric Association. In 2007, he was named a fellow in the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In 2008, his status in the Royal College of Psychiatrists was upgraded to “distinguished fellow.”

In 2009, Bankole received the American Psychiatric Association’s Solomon Carter Fuller Award. In the following year, he was named a “fellow” in the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. Recently, in 2013, Dr. Johnson was the recipient of the National Institute of Health’s distinguished Jack Mendelson Award.

Serving as an editor for national medical journals

Although Johnson is incredibly knowledgeable about topics relating to his field, he is also a very gifted writer. In fact, he recently worked as the Field Editor-in-Chief for the publication Frontiers in Psychiatry. Presently, he is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Psychiatry and Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. To date, the prestigious doctor has reviewed for more than thirty journals in neuroscience and pharmacology. In addition, he has published well over two hundred papers in peer-reviewed journals and edited several books on the subject of addiction.

Lending his expertise for an HBO documentary

Bankole Johnson has served as an adviser on countless informative media and print pieces; however, he was especially proud to have had the opportunity to lend his expertise to an HBO documentary entitled Addiction. This brilliant documentary shed light on the world of substance abuse and was regarded by many critics as a seminal work. Addiction even won the coveted Governors Award, which is a special kind of Emmy Award that is presented every year by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Accepting a prestigious position at the University of Maryland

Bankole Johnson is very proud to have been recently appointed as the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School Medicine. In addition to serving as the head of the psychiatry department, he will also take charge of the newly formed Brain Science Research Consortium at the school. Bankole is not only honored to have received this prestigious appointment, he is also excited about furthering his addiction research. For the last 25 years, he has made impressive headway in his discipline and his new position is sure to afford him the opportunity to make many new breakthroughs in the field of substance abuse treatment.

Tennis has always remained one of Dr. Johnson’s most beloved pastimes. In fact, when he is not working, He loves nothing more than playing a rousing game of tennis with a worthy opponent. He also finds that when he is playing his favorite sport, all of the stress and worry from his workday seems to disappear. In addition, he knows that playing tennis is an excellent way to stay in shape.

Not only does Johson have a very impressive past when it comes to his medical training, he also used to frequently participate in a very exciting sport: Racing cars. Surprisingly, Bankole Johnon once found whirling around a race track at top speeds to be incredibly thrilling.

Just recently, Bankole Johnson was appointed as the chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland. Johnson was awarded this prestigious position as a direct result of the 25 years he spent studying in his field of expertise. As the head of the University of Maryland’s psychiatry department, he will undoubtedly inspire all those who work with him to make many amazing discoveries.

The breakthrough drug AD04

In August of 2013, he published a breakthrough study in the American Journal of Psychiatry concerning the drug AD04, which is being developed by ADial Pharmaceuticals. Bankole and his team of researchers discovered that their drug was highly effective in treating patients with certain genotypes. This study represents a significant advancement in the treatment of patients suffering from substance abuse problems. It is sure to help many patients in the future.

The genetic implications of AD04

Dr. Johnson and his team of researchers have proven that variations among the genes that are associated with the serotonin transporter can cause a person to drink uncontrollably. At present, millions of patients worldwide suffer from alcohol abuse. Thus, through Bankole Johnson and his work with the drug AD04, individuals who have previously given up all hope of recovery now an increased chance of success.

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  • Neuroscience
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Fundraising
  • Translational Medicine
  • Epidemiology
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