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Ksenia Shestovskaya is a personal trainer and nutrition therapist based in Portland, Oregon, and has over 13 years of industry experience.
Ksenia Shestovskaya is a Portland, Oregon-based personal trainer and nutrition therapist. Since opening her own practice, Port of Health, in 2002, she has helped hundreds of clients improve their physical strength and eating habits. She offers private, one-on-one sessions for all of her clients, as well as group sessions.
Shestovskaya's practice walks clients through dietary changes and lifestyle upgrades. Nutritional therapy helps clients improve their wellness, and address bodily imbalances. Many of her clients are new to healthy eating, so she starts by making small, manageable changes. As clients get accustomed to the upgrades, she regularly alters meal plans to adjust to their new palates. Shestovskaya's most popular system offers personal meetings and check-ins each week to chart progress, discuss roadblocks, and to find ways to overcome challenges.
As a personal trainer, Ksenia focuses on a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and stretching. She helps clients to assess their goals and devise realistic ways to achieve them. A client who wants to build muscle will need a much different plan than one who wants to lose fat. Ideally, her clients partake in both her nutrition therapy and fitness programs. When they do, she can tailor dietary needs to complement fitness regimens. When clients combine her two services, they see more results faster.
Shestovskaya's passion for personal training and nutrition is rooted in a lifelong appreciation for health. She brings her own personal experience to the table to help her clients become the people they always wanted to become.
Ksenia Shestovskaya was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. The city prides itself on health and wellness. As a young girl, her parents introduced her and her two sisters to gymnastics, aerial silks, and ballet. She developed a love for using her body to reach new heights, make physical art, and using the opportunity to make new friends. She quickly grew in her athletic life, and was active in high school soccer, swimming, and track and field.
During her senior year of high school, Ksenia Shestovskaya knew she wanted to dedicate her life to wellness. After graduation, she attended the Nutrition Therapy Institute, in Denver, Colorado, to become a nutrition therapist.
During this time, she began working with a personal trainer to keep her body sharp. She and her trainer became close, and she looked to her as a mentor. By the time Shestovskaya graduated, she was inspired to get her own personal trainer certification, as well.
Her first career-focused job was at a small nutrition therapy practice in Portland, Oregon. Here, she put her knowledge to work. The company helped women to use food to increase their energy, balance their hormones, reduce unhealthy cravings, and learn what foods are best at various life stages.
During this time, she woke up before the sun rose to get her daily workout in, worked at the practice during the day, and dedicated her evenings to studying for her personal trainer certification. Her first few years as a professional were trying. However, her passion for the industry was strong enough to keep her motivated.
In 2000, Ksenia Shestovskaya became certified as a personal trainer. She continued to work as a nutrition therapist at the practice. However, she began training clients during the evenings and on weekends. By 2002, her client base had grown so large, she could no longer offer them individual attention without sacrificing time at the nutrition therapy practice.
At this time, she broke away and started her own business, Port of Health, in Portland, Oregon. Many of her therapy clients followed her, and a large number began working with her on physical fitness, as well. Since then, her business has boomed. She began offering a variety of services.
Personal Training
As a personal trainer, Ksenia Shestovskaya set out to empower her clients and enhance their lives. She founded her training practice on the belief that no two people are alike. Each program is customized for a client's current situation, their past, and where they see themselves in the future. She offers:
• Professional support and individualized fitness programs to improve health and fitness
• Realistic goals that she and her clients create and meet together
• Teachings on proper techniques for all exercises to ensure safety and that clients get the most out of every movement
• Motivational support through varied exercises to keep regimens interesting
• Help to understand and break through physical plateaus
• Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings with clients to assess their progress, and make adjustments as needed
Nutritional Therapy
As a nutrition therapist, Ksenia Shestovskaya specializes in wellness, healthy aging, and treating body weight problems. Each client receives a free "discovery" session to help them assess their needs for therapy. Shestovskaya works to uncover ways that Port of Health could help clients address their concerns in order to reach their goals.
Nutrition therapy is not only for people who want enhance their weight loss and fitness regimens. She helps clients find and address body chemistry imbalances, and corrects them through dietary changes. For example, if a client consumes too many omega-6 fatty acids, and not enough omega-3s, they could experience inflammation, depression, or skin problems. Ksenia works with each client to pinpoint gaps in their nutrition, and fill them in to improve overall health, wellness, and happiness.
If a client chooses to explore nutrition therapy options, they will receive nutritional counseling. She works closely with them and addresses six foundational elements in their nutrition:
• Diet
• Digestion
• Blood sugar regulation
• Essential fatty acids
• Minerals
• Hydration
If any of these are out of balance, she works to correct them. Ksenia Shestovskaya guides clients on the path to improving their bodies, and turning them into healthy, happy, and strong men and women.
Ksenia Shestovskaya currently has a full client base and works out of an addition to her home. She has plans to rent a new property just outside of downtown Portland. Here, she hopes to take on more staff members, and begin offering her services to more men and women.
As Portland embraces healthy living, Shestovskaya believes her business will continue to expand. Currently, she does not have any traditional advertising, and it is not in her future plans, either. She has grown her business by word of mouth, and it has brought in passionate clients who truly want to put their health first. These clients are not swayed by fads, and she appreciates the genuine desire they have for improving their bodies and making the most of their lives.
Each year, she hosts a food drive for a local food bank. She offers free clinics and nutritional assessments for anyone who brings in 12 clean, whole foods. These are offered in groups, so the community can learn more about nutritional therapy, as well as how it can benefit their lives.
Shestovskaya also hopes to begin offering free fitness classes once each week. She understands that a personal trainer is not feasible for everyone. However, she believes all people should have a chance to learn about fitness and how to improve their bodies. Early next year, she aims to host a community aerobics class, with a short session on weight lifting, as well.
As her business expands, Shestovskaya hopes to offer more to the community. She plans to focus her attention particularly on those who are less fortunate and cannot afford to hire their own nutrition therapist or trainer. Ksenia Shestovskaya cares deeply about her community, takes her responsibility as a wellness expert seriously, and believes it is her duty to offer healthy living to everyone who wants it.

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