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Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes is an experienced school administrator with teaching certifications in Texas and Michigan.
Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes is dedicated to both education and the incorporation of technology into teaching techniques. She holds a Doctorate of Education degree focusing in Leadership in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She is extremely passionate about her work with students and staff in this area and has been an asset to the field as an expert. Using networking and professional organizations, she speaks regularly at state and national conferences to educate others on the positive effect of the integration of technology on an individual student’s education. Her various experiences led her to the administrative positions she held and she is deemed a leader and expert in this field.

Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes has used her influence to change the ways current school districts approach distance learning. Aware of the changing times, she feels that distance education can benefit students with nontraditional needs or schedules. As education is likely to change life opportunities for any individual, Dr. Knox-Pipes feels that no one should have to go without. She continues to use every resource possible to create flexible, accessible online and distance education options.

Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes is driven by a passion to help others. She enjoys dedicating her life’s work to benefiting future generations. Whether it is through her work as an educator, administrator, or hospital volunteer, her passion is to improve conditions for the people who truly need it.
Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes grew up in El Paso, Texas. From a young age, she was interested in the ways that people learn. She looked up to her teachers as role models and hoped to one day be like them. In 1967, she graduated from Burges High School and decided to pursue a course of study in education at the University of Texas at El Paso. She graduated in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Sociology. She then put her degree to good use and spent a few years teaching Grade 5 in Austin, TX. However, she desired to experience more than her usual surroundings. Knox-Pipes set her sights abroad and traveled to Germany. She lived and taught in this country for nine years. Specifically, she taught grades 4-6 at Boeblingen Elementary School, Department of Defense Schools in Boeblingen, Germany. She also taught English as a Second Language at Volkshoch Schule, Sindelfingen, Germany. To supplement her income, she facilitated and led European bus tours for American servicemen and their families. During this time abroad, Dr. Knox-Pipes learned to assimilate into foreign cultures and developed a deep appreciation and understanding for the European way of life.

After returning to the United States, Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes began teaching 6th grade Mathematics, Social Studies and Science in the Air Academy School District in Colorado Springs, CO. While on staff with the Air Academy School District, she sought a graduate degree from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts focused on technology in education. She graduated in 1987 with a master’s degree in Integrating Computer Technology into Education. Dr. Knox-Pipes then went on to become an Instructional Coordinator at Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI. In this position, she instructed in Student Development Courses with the goal of helping students through math anxiety and test-taking strategies. After two years, Dr. Knox-Pipes she was recruited to become the Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services for the Shiawassee Regional Educational Service District in Corunna, MI.

While there, she played an important part in a project that connected 8 local high schools and their administrative offices on a system that allowed two-way interactive instruction. This system was known as the Shiawasee Interactive Telecommunication System (SITES). Following a very successful career, she was recruited by a neighboring regional service agency to become Director of Technology & Media Services in the Genesee Intermediate School District where she was responsible for the daily operations of information systems for 21 local districts. She later became the Assistant Superintendent as the work responsibilities grew and her role increased to include Executive Director for the Genesee Network for Educational Telecommunications (GenNET).

Dr. Knox-Pipes was instrumental and pioneered the integration of technology into over 230 schools in her service district. She made numerous advancements in distance learning and her work was noticed by many. During her tenure at the Genesee School District, she worked with a team to continue to expand the GenNET system, which connected 21 school districts and programs to allow for improved student achievement using not only distance learning options but transforming instructional practices K-12. This innovation and forward thinking landed the Genesee School District the Technology and Learning Award of Excellence in 2009.

Dr. Knox-Pipes has also earned entry into various professional organizations due to her distinct work ethic and dedication to both technology and education. These organizations have afforded her many opportunities to voice her opinion on the important role technology plays in education. These speaking engagements made her a known advocate of integrating technology into the classroom. In 2011, Beverly Knox-Pipes served as President of the National Association of Media and Technology Association. The list of other awards she has won over the years is far too extensive to list, however, her various recognitions are testaments to her dedication to her work to improve teaching and learning.

Because her career has been so involved, it is hard to believe that Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes has had time for anything else over the years. However, she has devoted much of her spare time to both charitable organizations and personal opportunities. After her time as a tour guide in Germany, Dr. Knox-Pipes felt a calling to help our country’s servicemen. As a way of giving back, she assisted with family support groups for the Michigan National Guard and created a model for Family Support during Desert Storm. The duties required of these men and women can affect all facets of life, so these support groups help with emotional healing and family readiness.

Dr. Knox-Pipes also donates her time in hospitals. At Sparrow Hospital, she volunteers in the Cancer Center and a program focused on teaching first graders how a hospital works called, Hello Hospital,. These lessons help children understand and not be afraid of hospitals should they have to be in one. Hospitals can be a sad place, but by brightening up attitudes, the experience can be better for both patients and visitors.

When taking time for herself, Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes enjoys traveling with her family or visiting family and friends throughout the world. She recently has had the opportunity to RV with her husband.These trips have allowed her to see many beautiful sights and landscapes, while truly experiencing what our country has to offer. Another one of her guilty pleasures has always been football. Her time in Michigan transformed her into the ultimate fan and a Michigan State season ticket holder.

For most of her life, Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes has put the betterment of others before her own needs. As an educator, she has been motivated to discover new ways for students to learn. Her work in technology and distance learning has made improvements in the education system that have allowed for a more inclusive style of teaching. Knox-Pipes is an advocate for incorporating technology into education, and her personal contributions in this field have earned her much recognition throughout the years. Time and time again returning back to school, she sought to improve her skills and abilities through a lifetime of continued learning. Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes has truly proven herself as a dedicated professional in the field of education.
Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes has only just begun. She plans to continue her work in furthering current progress in distance learning. Although already influential in this field, she feels that there is much more that she can bring to individuals without the capacity to adhere to a traditional education setting. She hopes to use her influence with other professionals in the field to make technology in education a major focus in future curriculum reform. As education becomes more technologically advanced, the more inclusive education becomes.

Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes would also like to use her skills as an educator to teach others about opportunities in the 21st Century classroom. She will continue to speak publicly about this topic, and would enjoy the opportunity to sit down with other professionals in the field to share ideas. She believes that it will require a collaborative effort to fully take advantage of the resources that technology affords us. She hopes that her past work with SITES and GenNet will provide her the proper credentials to make an impact on the future.

Additionally, Dr. Knox-Pipes hopes to spend more time in volunteerism. Her work with various hospitals and the National Guard has inspired her to find more ways in which she can help others in need. She plans to share whatever she can with the less fortunate in an effort to better the future for everyone that she can.

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