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Zach Gohl is a fitness enthusiast who attends a school specializing in physical therapy.
Zach Gohl is passionate about fitness, particularly body building. He is currently enrolled in a physical therapy program and has earned a bachelor’s degree in health fitness in preventative and rehabilitative programs. Aside from his interests in physical therapy and fitness, Gohl enjoys hunting and fishing. He is a sports fan and thoroughly enjoys watching college football and following the Lions, Readings and Tigers.
Zach Gohl fosters an interest in guitars and demonstrates knowledge in which brands are best, both acoustic and electric. Beyond his passion for music is a deep appreciation for nutrition and fitness, and Gohl provides insight and resources for those interested in eating and working out like a body builder. As a student of physical therapy, Gohl pursues an interest in helping others work through injuries, offering the motivation they need to overcome their physical, injury-related hurdles. He keeps injury prevention at the forefront and extends valuable insight for those interested in injury prevention techniques in the pre-season.
Currently, Gohl works at a physical therapy office performing technical work. He has experience managing equipment and materials as a maintenance technician assistant and has assisted in automotive plastics manufacturing, loading and shipping at Proper Mold and Engineering in Warren, MI. He is also invested in a number of activities and volunteer experiences, utilizing his knowledge in physical therapy to help others. He has amassed an impressive skill set because of his volunteer and internship experiences.
As a graduate of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI, Zach Gohl is passionate about health fitness, injury prevention and helping others overcome injuries to reach rehabilitative goals. As he pursues schooling in a specialized physical therapy program, he utilizes his applicable course experience to uphold a high standard of excellence.
Related courses
Human Anatomy and Physiology: Zach has a firm grasp on the basics of human anatomy and physiology, including anatomical terminology, biochemistry and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic/immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. He has been introduced to common human disease processes because of this application that prepared him for further specialized classes.
Pathophysiology: Because of his foundational knowledge in Pathophysiology, Zach is equipped to help others in the functional changes linked with or resulting from disease or injury. Physiopathology merges with pathology with physiology. Pathology is the medical discipline that describes the conditions of a disease state, whereas physiology is the biological discipline that seeks out the processes or mechanisms operating within an organism.
Pathology dwells on the abnormal or undesired condition, and pathophysiology aims to describe the physiological processes whereby the condition forms and changes. Because of this applicable coursework, Mr. Gohl showcases knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human body and is able to evaluate the effects of physical and mental health as well as heritable diseases, predisposing genetic conditions, disability, disease processes and traumatic injury.
Exercise physiology: Because of this class, Zach Gohl is familiar with the acute responses and chronic adaptations to a variety of physical exercise conditions. Exercise science deals with the study of immediate and long-lasting effects of physical activity on the human body. As a sub-discipline of kinesiology, exercise physiology addresses the short-term biological responses to the stress of physical activity and how the body adjusts to physical activity over time.
Other applicable course experience includes:
- ECG Assessment
- Basics in Health Fitness
- Medical Terminology
- Stress Test Administration and Interpretation
- Health Implications of Obesity
- Health Rick Identification and Management Nutrition
By garnering experience through these courses, Zach Gohl is equipped in the areas of clinical exercise rehabilitation and community fitness. His undergraduate major laid the groundwork for continuing education, and he gained practical classroom instruction with hands-on learning tools.
Previous work experience
From 2005 to 2008, Zach worked as an assistant manager at McDonald’s Restaurant in Plymouth, MI. He delivered friendly customer service involving register and window service and was promoted to assistant manager in the last months of employment. From 2008 to 2010, he held a maintenance technician and assistant position at Proper Mold and Engineering in Warren, MI. Here, he managed equipment and materials, assisting in automotive plastics, manufacturing, loading and shipping. Apart from these diverse experiences, he participated in miscellaneous activities, internships and volunteer experiences.
From January to April in 2012, Gohl engaged in a 16-week, 600-hour clinical internship in the outpatient/inpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehab facilities at Oakwood Hospital and Oakwood Cardiac Rehab in Dearborn, MI. This rehabilitation center provides specialized programs to help cardiology patients improve their fitness levels, returning to a normal and healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. Patients are monitored through exercise therapy, risk factor modification and nutrition counseling programs designed uniquely for patients who have suffered heart attacks, have undergone heart surgery or other invasive procedures or have been diagnosed with heart-related chest pain. Skilled professionals enhance the cardiovascular health of a diverse range of patients, altering the progression of heart disease.
Currently, he is working at the outpatient observation at University of Michigan Canton Health Center, an activity he has committed to since 2011. He also works at the inpatient observation at Garden City Hospital in the Cardiac, Pulmonary and Ortho-Rehab facilities. Zach Gohl is a regular volunteer at the University of Michigan Canton Health Center in the PT-OTC department and has served there since 2011.
Zach Gohl has an exciting and bright future ahead of him, as he plans to continue working toward his dream of opening his own physical therapy practice in the future. He plans to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices within nutrition and fitness, pursuing on-going education on body building to provide the most relevant and current information possible.
He continues to impact the outpatient observation at University of Michigan Canton Health Center in the PT-OTC department, striving to lead in a forward-moving environment. The outpatient physical therapy services have achieved success with 89 percent of the patients completing therapy in fewer than eight visits. The research conducted on chronic back pain patients revealed significant pain relief after only four treatment sessions, and each patient care site supplies customized and specialized physical therapy programs. Greater than 96 percent of patients recommend the program.
He plans to also continue contributing to growth at the cardiac rehab program at Garden City Hospital, which not only helps patients recover from procedures, but helps patients minimize future heart complications. The cardiac rehabilitation program is made up of exercise training, counseling and education on how to live a healthy and active life post-surgery. Before entering rehabilitation, an exercise tolerance or stress evaluation is conducted to determine the patient’s capabilities and fitness.
Zach plans to excel within the field of physical therapy while also thriving in the world of body building, personal fitness and nutrition education. As a knowledgeable individual who values body building, Gohl believes the future of body building a bright one as well, noting that it will continue to become a significant form of systematic exercise and physical activity. Zach Gohl views body building as a powerful force in the field of preventative medicine.

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  • Central Michigan University , United States , 1200 S. Franklin St • Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859

    Bachelor’s Degree in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs
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