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Nicole Cadieux is a recently graduated family nurse practitioner with extensive experience serving as an army nurse.
Nicole Cadieux is a dedicated family nurse practitioner who recently graduated with her Master of Science degree in Nursing in April of 2013. Since then, she has turned her sights on pursuing a full-time career in the health care industry as an MSRN in the area surrounding Lakeland, FL.

Thanks to her extensive experience serving as an army nurse, Cadieux is accustomed to situations of high trauma. This makes her an extremely efficient medical professional when it comes to other high trauma situations such as when dealing with patients suffering from injuries related to automobile accidents.

Nicole also has eight years of practical experience in working as a staff/charge RN in medical, surgical, ICU, ER, and PACU hospital environments. In her army nurse career, she has proven herself capable of abstracting data from health care records for casualties arriving from such military conflicts as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. She is also able to provide trauma and resuscitative care to hundreds of military soldiers, military retirees, military family members, and DoD civilians each year.

Beyond her military capabilities, Cadieux also has the ability to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the nursing care being provided to patients of any age, from newborns to senior citizens, during their post-operative periods immediately following surgical procedures. She also has ample experience identifying and treating life-threatening conditions via close monitoring, including cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring, ventilator support, and the delivery of advanced cardiac life support, vasoactive and emergency medications.
Though still a recent university graduate, Nicole Cadieux already has an accomplished career history of professional experience, education, licenseship, and affiliations.

Nicole’s Education

She began her professional education at the University of Portland in Portland, OR. Here she began studying nursing in preparation for going into the field. In May of 2005, she graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, giving her the title of Bachelor of Science Registered Nurse or BSRN.

Cadieux later returned to school in Cincinnati, OH, when she enrolled at the University of Cincinnati in order to continue her professional nursing education. She recently finished up her time here in April of 2013 when she graduated yet again, this time with her Master of Science in Nursing. This upgraded her from a BSRN to an MSRN, or a Master of Science Registered Nurse.

Nicole’s Work Experience

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in her first graduation from the University of Portland, Nicole Cadieux joined the Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Ft. Gordon, GA, in September of 2005. Here she held the title of Medical-Surgical Staff/Charge Nurse for the next two years, finally leaving in September of 2007.

Almost a year after signing on with Eisenhower, Cadieux also joined Critical Solutions Nursing Agency in Augusta, GA, in June of 2006. In this role she served as an ICU/Telemetry Staff Nurse for a full year, leaving the position in June of 2007.

Then, in October of 2007, Nicole was deployed to the city of Baghdad in Iraq in the position of ICU Staff/Charge Nurse as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She served admirably in this position until July of 2008, when she was transferred to Mosul, Iraq to serve as an Emergency Center Staff/Charge Nurse. Again, she served faithfully in this capacity for over a year until December of 2008.

During her medical service in Baghdad, Iraq, Cadieux helped identify and treat life-threatening conditions through close monitoring. This included ventilator support, hemodynamic and cardiac monitoring, and the delivery of advanced cardiac life support, vasoactive and emergency medications.

After transferring to the ER in Mosul, Nicole Cadieux began providing emergency, trauma, and resuscitative care for more than 12,000 individuals. These included American and coalition soldiers, DoD contractors, Iraqi civilians, third country nationals, and security internees.

After coming home from Iraq, Cadieux returned to the Eisenhower Army Community Hospital in Ft. Gordon, GA, in February 2009, this time as a PACU Staff/Charge Nurse. This position lasted until July of 2009, when she moved to Kentucky to join the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital at Ft. Campbell. From August 2009 to April 2011, she served as an Emergency Center Staff/Charge Nurse. In July of 2011, she became the Trauma Nurse Registrar, a position she held until April of 2013.

After leaving Blanchfield, Nicole joined Pro Med Health Services as an ER/ICU Staff Nurse in May of 2013. This position she held until December of 2013, when she left to pursue new opportunities.

Nicole’s Licenses

Throughout her health care career, Nicole Cadieux has obtained a wide variety of professional licenses. These include her 2005 NCLEX-RN board examination and her 2013 AANP and FNP-C board examination. She also holds 2014 and 2015 licenses for the state of Florida and a 2015 license for the state of Tennessee. Finally, she has a 2015 license in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), a 2015 license in pediatric advanced life support (PALS), a 2015 license in basic life support (BLS), and a 2016 license in trauma nursing core courses (TNCC).

Nicole’s Affiliations

Cadieux also sports a number of professional affiliations. In addition to her affiliation with the United States Army from 2005 to 2009, she has also been a member of the Oregon Nurses’ Association since 2005. On top of these, Nicole has also been affiliated with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) since 2008 and the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) since 2012.
For her professional future, the biggest goal that Nicole Cadieux has is to go into family practice. This, she says, is a much calmer environment than the high-trauma and high-stress background of her past work history with the United States Army. She is looking forward to utilizing her skills in a different type of workspace.

Cadieux is still affiliated with the military, however, through her husband, who is currently serving. After he retires from his military career as well, the two of them are eventually looking to settle somewhere in the Northwest United States.

No matter where she goes or what environment she works in, though, Nicole plans to continue to offer all of her current health care services as a professional nurse practitioner. With a variety of nursing licenses extending years into the future, Cadieux is all set to offer her expert nursing skills and expertise to any who may need them.

Cadieux is also excited about the future of her industry as a whole. Now more than ever, nursing is presenting an attractive and exciting career choice to students all across America. Currently, registered nurses are the single most in-demand occupation in the entirety of the United States, with a demand that cannot be met even with more people going into nursing across the country than ever before.

As salary ranges, the amount of responsibility involved, and the level of respect received all climb as well, Nicole Cadieux says that there has never been a better time to be a nurse than right now and in the immediate future.

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