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Heather Hughes

United States
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Heather Hughes is a leader in the financial services field who has distinguished herself as a highly regarded industry resource.

As regional vice president and external wholesaler of the mid-Atlantic at SunAmerica Funds, Heather Hughes has worked with this company since 2009. She is currently responsible for all mutual fund sales in her territory and is anticipating over $250 million new sales during 2013. She has also established an average of 200 new accounts per year and has, through her strategic networking and sales tactics, secured nine accounts with clients in the Barron's Top 100 Financial Advisors list. The networking skills that Hughes has developed have certainly allowed her to thrive in her field, as she has established and maintained strong, positive working relationships with key members of the industry from high profile firms, including Merrill Lynch, UBS and Morgan Stanley.

As a member of the financial services field, Heather Hughes is relied upon by many for guidance regarding their financial activity. In addition to spearheading mutual fund sales, Hughes appears every Thursday on CNBC "Closing Bell".

Heather Hughes has, since starting her career and entering the professional world, built a strong presence in the financial services industry. Through her educational experiences, early work history, and current leading role, Hughes has certainly learned to finely-tune her skills and leverages her capabilities in a way that allows her to bring great value to her employer and her clients. As such, Hughes is a strong proponent of a solid education and encourages other aspiring professionals to lay the groundwork necessary to build a successful career.

Education: Learning the Skills Necessary to Thrive

For her undergraduate degree, Heather Hughes earned a bachelor of business administration from Baruch College at Zicklin School of Business. Located in New York, New York, this educational institution provided Hughes with the opportunity to study finance and investments. Additionally, she minored in psychology—which has proven essential in her ability to read market trends and client needs.

After graduating with her bachelor's degree, Heather Hughes decided to move forward with her education. She enrolled at the American University's Kogod School of Business in Washington, DC. Hughes is currently earning her master of business administration and looks forward to receiving her degree in December of 2014.

Professional Experience: Putting Educational Lessons to the Test

Heather Hughes worked her way through college while pursuing her bachelor's degree. As such, she is well aware of the fact that both traditional education and experience are fine ways to accumulate an understanding of one's industry—and the skills necessary to flourish within it. Hughes started her work in the financial services field as an equities trader for RGF Capital Management. Located in New York, New York, this company offered her the chance to trade NYSE and NASDAQ securities. Additionally, she managed a long/short equity portfolio while simultaneously hedging risk and paying close attention to market trends.

These market trends are what, essentially, drive the financial services field. Calling upon fundamental and technical analysis, while also engaging in psychological interpretations, Heather Hughes was able to leverage virtually all aspects of her education while making accurate calls regarding such trends. She additionally engaged in marketing tactics that allowed her to expand the visibility of the firm and call the attention of potential employees to the merits of working for the organization.

After two years, Heather Hughes accepted a position with SunAmerica Funds. She was an internal wholesaler/marketing specialist. In this role, which she held for one year, Hughes championed sales activities that led to the consistent achievement of call length and call quantity goals.

Aside from her sales responsibilities, Hughes provided investment options, analysis, and performance information regarding mutual funds. These details served to assist financial representatives in making the necessary recommendations to their clients. She also traveled to external wholesalers, acting as a corporate representative by giving presentations and hosting lunches.

In November of 2010 she was promoted to regional vice president of the mid-Atlantic territory. This position, which she still holds today, has provided many challenges and opportunities for Hughes to distinguish herself further—which she has certainly done.

While attitude is an essential aspect of success, there are other variables that contribute to a professional's ability to thrive in their chosen field. One of these factors is their skill set, which encompasses all of the capabilities that an individual can leverage in order to perform and excel in their daily activities. These skill sets include technical components, such as data analysis, as well as softer skills, such as project management, time management, and follow through. Through her well-developed skill set, Hughes has established herself as a valuable asset to the financial services industry. Her work at SunAmerica Funds is highly regarded by her colleagues, and Hughes anticipates continuing to build upon her success at this organization.

The capabilities that Hughes has developed over the years have played a key role in her ability to reach her goals to date. These skills include networking, professional collaboration, research, data analysis, clear communication, active listening, time management, task prioritization, and more. Through these and other capabilities, Heather Hughes has built a career that she is exceedingly proud of—and that she anticipates continuing to develop in the years to come.

Heather Hughes has witnessed the economic struggles that individuals have experienced since the advent of the recession and is eager to consider the possibilities of what could occur in the future. As such, she is extremely hopeful about the recovery that has begun to take place within the United States economy. Simply put, the growth of the economy as a whole is indicative of the growth of the individual markets that it comprises. The financial field is one such market, and the professionals working within this particular industry have certainly seen a great deal of recovery since the recession initially hit.

This said, Heather Hughes anticipates that the financial field will continue to grow and, ultimately, once again thrive. Through the dedication of its professionals and the trust of its clients, this industry is one that will rebound and is well on its way to a full recovery. In fact, Hughes notes, the field has already achieved a great deal in just the few years since the recession hit. She fully expects the individuals who are driving the financial services sector forward to continue to do so with success—and she hopes to keep contributing to their efforts as a leading member of this industry. The key, she contends, is to remain up to date on the latest market trends, best practices, and other relevant information in order to provide clients with the best recommendations, products, and services possible. Hughes is fully prepared to put in the time and energy necessary to achieve this and other goals.

  • 01/2011 to 12/2099
    : American University Kogod School of Business
    : Masters in Business Administration
    : United States
    : Washington, DC
  • 08/2003 to 05/2007
    : Zicklin School of Business
    : Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
    : United States
    : New York, NY
Career History
  • 01/2009 to 12/2099
    : Regional Vice President
    : United States
Core Competencies
  • Business Development
  • Business Finance
  • Leadership
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