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Bruce Kreeger, President of Clarity Technologies Group, LLC., is one of the top names in New Jersey IT world.
Bruce Kreeger is the CTO and President of Clarity Technologies Group, based in Mine Hill, New Jersey. With Clarity, Kreeger provides IT support to businesses of all varieties -- big, small, public and private — on issues ranging from security and surveillance to data storage and infrastructure management. These high-quality consultation services are offered around the clock.

As Bruce recognizes, there is no one-size-fits-all IT solution. Every company is different in its computer technology requirements. Consequently, Clarity Technologies is always prepared to discern from clients what they need and want from a new IT initiative.

The firm employs dedicated individuals trained in a range of services. These professionals produce IT solutions that are within the budget of any business.
One of the most important parts of helping a firm is ensuring business continuity. Even in cases of emergency, such as compromised or stolen data or damage to the hardware caused by weather or some other disaster, the client can count on enough additional protection from Clarity to be safe from going out of business as a result of the loss. Strengthening the infrastructure is one of the ways in which Kreeger and Clarity maintain this security.

Clarity manages IT matters for small business owners, for whom a dedicated in-house department is often not a viable option. With services from him, small business owners can concentrate on their economic and financial daily needs and leave IT services to the professionals. Bruce Kreeger and Clarity offer many levels of service, including flat rate offerings that incorporate remote maintenance with phone and online support, server disaster recovery, desktop sharing and automatic escalation procedures.
Bruce Kreeger founded Clarity with his business partner in 2005. His history of serving his community goes back many years before that. Kreeger served as a police officer and an investigator for the state of New Jersey. For 24 years, from 1986 to 2010, he was also a member of Morris County CrimeStoppers, a grassroots organization allowing crime reporters to step forward without fear of having their names revealed. The organization worked to educate the public on crime reporting and prevention. In his capacity as Clarity Reputations Officer, Bruce continued to support CrimeStoppers by providing complimentary IT services to help their operations run smoothly and effectively.

Bruce Kreeger studied at Admiral Farragut Academy, a private boarding school in Pine Beach, New Jersey. Here, he developed a devotion to service and education. That service mindset has continued to remain active in Kreeger, and he maintains ties with the graduates and provides support for the institution. Upon graduating from the academy, he immediately sought continued training from the United States Coast Guard.

From 1974 to 1977, he pursued a career in public service and law enforcement. He attended two colleges in this span: Kean College of New Jersey in Union and Monmouth College in Long Branch. At these institutions, he studied criminal justice extensively. Bruce developed the skills and insights that would prove to be valuable assets to him in his quest for ways to better serve his community.

For the next two years, Bruce Kreeger attended Seton Hall University in South Orange, the oldest and largest Catholic university in the state. He pursued a degree in political science. These studies afforded him a deeper understanding of the workings of the government and the role that administrators play in national and international development.

Kreeger entered and completed the New Jersey Municipal Planning Administration program at Rutgers University in 1980. Rutgers is the largest institute of higher education in New Jersey and the eighth oldest college in the United States, founded in 1766.

In recent years, Kreeger has added cloud computing to the long list of services performed by Clarity. This form of computing is rather new, but it has gained in popularity within a short amount of time. Its central concept can be traced all the way back to the 1950s with the advent of large-scale mainframe machines which, though they had no computational capacity of their own, could be used for communications purposes.

Along with the acclaimed IT strategies offered by Clarity, Bruce Kreeger has enabled small and large businesses alike to secure solutions to their storage and data needs.
Bruce Kreeger has proven himself to be a valuable member of his community in addition to a savvy businessman who carefully incorporates the needs of his clients. He has a bright and prosperous IT future ahead of him. He will continue to excel in both of the areas that he is passionate about: his Clarity business and his efforts to teach people how to cooperate with the police in order to prevent crime.

Bruce encourages professionals to take time to engage in private pursuits that provide enrichment as well as relaxation.

Kreeger is passionate about deep sea fishing and the outdoors in general. For him, there is no more prolific and stimulating fishing site than the open ocean. He likes to take his power boat out on the waves in order to catch large game fish such as yellowfin and the bluefin tuna.

Bruce has offered some tips for sports enthusiasts who are interested in becoming involved in this challenging but rewarding hobby.

First, familiarize yourself with sea life. Be prepared for both exciting catches and potential dangers posed by the wide variety of aquatic sea life.
Keep the boat near reefs. In these areas, fish tend to congregate and linger in the highest numbers.

Above all, avid deep sea fishing fan he advises newcomers to stay safe and protected. While fishing can provide significant levels of excitement as well as major catches, Bruce Kreeger of New Jersey knows the open ocean is an especially challenging location for new fisherman.

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  • Rutgers University , United States

    Municipal Planning Administration
    01/1987 - 01/1980
  • Seton Hall University , United States , South Orange, NJ

    B.S. Political Science
    08/1977 - 05/1979
  • Union and Monmouth College , United States , Long Branch, NJ

    Criminal Justice
    01/1974 - 01/1977
  • Admiral Farragut Academy , United States , Pine Beach, NJ

  • Admiral Farragut , United States

    - 01/1974
Career History
  • Chairman, COO , United States , Mine Hill, NY

    not defined
    01/2006 to 12/2099
  • CTO/President , United States , Mine Hill, NJ

    not defined
    08/2005 to 12/2099
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  • Computer Technology
  • Severe Disaster Recovery
  • Non Profits
  • Network Design
  • Program Management
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Security Technology
  • Infrastructure Management
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