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Phaneesh Murthy is a successful technological businessman who became the CEO and President of iGATE in 2006.
As the CEO and President of iGATE, Phaneesh Murthy has helped propel this unique company into the future of outsourcing. While this company is based out of Fremont, California, it is a multinational corporation, which provides information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services. iGATE has a long and varied list of customers that include banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare companies throughout the world. Murthy’s business vision has helped to establish iGATE in an extremely competitive environment. The corporation has garnered a well-earned reputation for diversifying its offerings through a specialized business outcome-based model.

Phaneesh Murthy also contributes to the iGATE vision by inspiring the company to donate to charitable organizations. Under his direction, iGATE sets aside one percent of its profit to enhance the employability of underprivileged citizens as well as donating resources to educational programs for children. The corporation worked to reduce their employee carbon footprint from 4.26 tons to 4.12 tons within a two-year time span. The plan to reduce their energy consumption included planting 350 saplings to create a more eco-friendly environment. Under Murthy’s direction, this company has grown from a small staffing firm to a corporation that boasts more than 27,000 highly motivated staff members. These staff members work tirelessly to provide innovative solutions for businesses around the world. Murthy’s vision and personal contributions continue to inspire iGATE and its staff to promote an egalitarian work environment.
Phaneesh Murthy set his sights on the technology industry when he enrolled in the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) to pursue his MBA. The IIMA is a public business school located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and boasts diverse graduate level programs that are highly ranked among institutes around the world. He also holds a Bachelor of Technology, also known as a B. Tech, from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Throughout his educational endeavors, Murthy found a sincere appreciation for various technologies and business services.

Upon graduation, Phaneesh Murthy began his career with Infosys Limited (which was formerly known as Infosys Technologies Limited). This dynamic company provides business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services to international businesses. Murthy worked his way up to become the Worldwide Head of Sales and Marketing, Communications, and the Product Solutions Group. He worked tirelessly within Infosys Ltd. to become the Global Sales Head. In this high ranking position, in under 10 years he was responsible for increasing the organization’s revenues from $2 million to nearly $700 million. During this time, Murthy was able to establish himself as a leader in the IT outsourcing market throughout India and the worldwide market. Murthy spearheaded inventive initiatives that transformed day-to-day operations while drastically increasing their revenue stream. His commitment to excellence and educational success propelled his forward thinking mindset that made him a valuable asset to Infosys Ltd.

In 2003, Phaneesh Murthy joined iGATE where he played a key role in their restructuring. His successes at Infosys Ltd. had provided him with a strong reputation for transforming businesses into highly functioning workplaces. His extensive and varied business experience allowed him to bring a fresh perspective to the service companies under the iGATE Global umbrella. These companies needed restructuring in order for them to operate more harmoniously and Phaneesh Murthy was able to transform their business model. His work transformed the organization to a point where they are now regarded as a best-in-class earnings growth company. The company began to employ a unique business outcome-based delivery model, which helped to propel their profits. While his workplace success has inspired many organizations and business professionals alike, his philanthropic efforts and personal contributions are just as inspiring.

The services that iGATE provides have impacted various industries including manufacturing, banking, communication, and many more. Under Murthy’s direction, iGATE has become an invaluable resource for these industries as they boast a client list of over 300 satisfied businesses. Many of those businesses are listed as Fortune 1000 companies and their recognition of iGATE’s contributions speak volumes about their commitment to excellence. Murthy takes pride in looking back on his success story and feels compelled to share his wealth with those who are less fortunate. In his spare time, he frequently contributes to charities and foundations in the hopes of helping others achieve their own success. No matter how much personal success Murthy achieves, he remains grounded in his convictions as he aims to create an inspirational environment for his employees and those who benefit from his charitable offerings.

He was able to encourage iGATE to share in his charitable beliefs, which enabled them to set aside one percent of their profits for philanthropic opportunities. This one percent of profits creates long-lasting opportunities for children in need of education as well as underprivileged citizens who require additional skills to join the workforce. As opposed to simply giving money away, these charitable offerings help people achieve the skills and knowledge needed to provide for themselves in the future. Phaneesh Murthy hopes that these contributions will impact entire communities while inspiring individuals to better themselves through education. iGATE also holds a golf tournament which awards about $100,000 in prizes to charities throughout India. Phaneesh Murthy personally took the top prize in the tournament along with a teammate. Together they were awarded $20,000 and Murthy made the decision to donate his entire share to a Tiger Preservation program.

Apart from the charitable offerings that iGATE offers, Phaneesh Murthy personally contributes to a variety of organizations as a socially conscious business leader. One such organization known as the Navodaya Foundation was founded in 2012 as a voluntary organization that aims to serve the underprivileged people of rural and urban slum areas. The program encourages men and women to work together in unison while fostering a strong sense of equality. This foundation serves poor men and women irrespective of casts, creed, or race. Unlike other organizations, this foundation hopes to bring people together while empowering them to take charge of their future. Their mission also includes a strong commitment to children’s rights and their educational development. With a strong management team and a clear vision, the Navodaya Foundation hopes to empower citizens in India to reach their full potential.

Murthy also supports the Be! Fund, which provides investment opportunities to disadvantaged youth who wish to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. This fund allows Murthy to support young men and women who possess the same drive and ambition that helped him achieve educational and professional success. He hopes that his support of programs like the Be! Fund will enable more young adults to push forward with their entrepreneurial dreams. Professionally, Murthy has been able to influence the eco-friendly environment at iGATE. He led a movement that planted 350 saplings within a two-year period in hopes of reducing their employee carbon footprint. The experience taught the employees how to work together towards a common goal while benefitting their environment. This progressive workplace has inspired the staff to explore new innovations that can create a more efficient work environment. Throughout his successful and varied career, Phaneesh Murthy has remained professional while leaving his mark on the IT industry.
Phaneesh Murthy hopes that his educational and professional successes will keep him moving in the right direction in the future. He has been influential in iGATE’s growth and innovation that has taken them from a small staffing firm to a worldwide company that employs over 27,000 staff members. His workplace initiatives continue to transform the IT industry while increasing iGATE’s profitability. He is embarking on a third transformation project within this industry that he hopes will lead to further changes in the business technology field. His education and workplace experience help him understand the value of information technology and keep him motivated to find better ways to use his resources. As a socially conscious business leader, he strives to find new and creative ways to promote a green movement in the workplace. He hopes that these green initiatives will allow his business to prosper without negatively affecting local communities.

While Phaneesh Murthy wants to continue to inspire their economic growth, he hopes that his continued support of charities and foundations will become a standard for others. He plans to continue to support the Be! Fund to assist young adults in their entrepreneurial endeavors as he recognizes how important his educational experiences were to his development. Murthy is a strong advocate for socially conscious business leaders who understand how their support can influence an entire society of people. His charitable and workplace contributions continue to help him remain grounded and motivated every single day.

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  • Worldwide Head of Sales, Marketing, Communications, Product Solutions Group , United States , He worked tirelessly within Infosys Ltd. to become the Global Sales Head. In this high ranking position, in under 10 years he was responsible for increasing the organization’s revenues from $2 million to nearly $700 million.
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