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Lorraine Ann Lonnie is an experienced homeopathic practitioner who specializes in healing and consultation at Salt Lake Homeopathy.
Following her lifelong passions to help others and explore new possibilities, Lorraine Ann Lonnie is a dedicated practitioner at Salt Lake Homeopathy, providing extensive homeopathic healing and consultation regarding related products and resources in health and wellness. Along with Dr. Gene Harkins, PhD (not a medical doctor) Lorraine strives to deliver quality care and inform clients with the greatest level of knowledge when it comes to the many options and possibilities that homeopathic healing offers.

At Salt Lake Homeopathy, a private healthcare membership association, Lonnie provides extensive consultation and guidance in the homeopathic market. She is not a medical doctor or naturopathic physician therefore she does not diagnosis but instead uses muscle testing to find weaknesses in the body. With experience as a teacher, clinical professional, and humanitarian, Lorraine proves a natural fit for this practice that provides a combined approach of Christian and Eastern modalities.

Believing that whole health and wellness is based not just on the physical, but also on the spiritual condition, Lonnie works to recognize the presence of life force in every client’s body. While it may seem difficult to connect the dots between the spiritual state and our biological assets, Lorraine and her colleagues direct the practice toward uniting the two. Although an advanced and often unexplored area of wellness and health, she believes that all individuals have the capacity to embrace the homeopathic approach for greater balance, health and clarity in life.

Apart from serving as a homeopathic practitioner in Utah, Lorraine Ann Lonnie enjoys practicing yoga, dancing, and many other recreational activities. Having lived throughout the United States, she continues to enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. She is also an avid humanitarian who strives to do charity work whenever possible, such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.
Today Lorraine Ann Lonnie works to help her clients explore new options on their path to healing; however, she has had an extensive professional and educational journey over several years that have led her to this point. Gaining knowledge from her experiences in volunteering, education, law enforcement, research and clinical healing, she is able to provide a comprehensive outlook when assisting her patients as a homeopathic healer at Salt Lake Homeopathy in Utah.

Born in Casper, Wyoming, and raised in the naturally wondrous state of Montana, Lorraine Ann Lonnie developed an appreciation for recreation, human beings and the environment at an early age. As such, she attended the University of Montana where she studied sociology with an emphasis on criminology. She also minored in environmental studies.

Throughout her focus on criminology, Lonnie served the Billings and Missoula police departments as a volunteer and intern. In these roles, she gained a strong appreciation for local law enforcement and the work these professionals do to serve the people of the community. Passionate for discovering answers, she helped in several research and investigative procedures that were involved with helping victims and their families gain closure in the event of a criminal activity.

Having witnessed what an impact this assistance made, Lorraine developed a love for civic duty and public affairs. Connecting her passions for the environment and law enforcement, she often focused on raising awareness on the effects of drug crimes, such as groundwater contamination caused by methamphetamine production.

This interest led Lorraine Ann Lonnie to discovering her passion for educating others about the environment and how important it is for humankind to protect it. In addition to teaching young students in Missoula-area schools, she also participated in the Clark Fork Watershed Festival as an educator. Through this program, Lonnie helped educate sixth grade students about the history, ecology and geographical elements of the Clark Fork Watershed. With a hands-on approach, she found great enjoyment in helping young minds grasp the importance of respecting and caring for the natural world.
She also served the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service as a reality technician and wild firefighter, leading her to lend a hand in fighting forest fires in Montana, Colorado and Alaska. While a male-dominated field, Lonnie excelled as a leader in her crew. This period of her career required a great deal of strategic thinking and versatile abilities, as she worked to protect the land by partnering with several involved parties.
Although she enjoyed the excitement of protecting the planet from wildfires, Lorraine Ann Lonnie later transitioned into a more educational role. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she considered earning her master’s and doctorate degrees in forensic psychology after being accepted into the program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Nonetheless, Lorraine decided to take another route. With a comprehensive understanding of human nature and the environment, Lonnie later went to work for Notre Dame AmeriCorps located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with Catholic sisters in education, she developed a strong passion for teaching others through the inspiring light of Christ.
While teaching at a Montessori School, she continued her education by training and gaining certification in massage therapy at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. As a result of this experience, Lonnie became a highly in-demand massage therapist working in a clinical capacity and with professional athletic team in Utah.
Possessing a natural desire to promote healing and wellness in others, Lorraine trained with the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences where she learned several aspects of health and how to improve organ functions through technology and natural sciences. In 2013, she graduated from the Trinity School of Natural Health receiving her doctorate degree in Natural Health, showcasing her expertise in homeopathy and herbal remedies. During this time, Lonnie also earned her doctorate of divinity from the Universal Life Church, at which point she had a spiritual awakening and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Continuing her passion for health, natural remedies and spirituality, Lorraine Ann Lonnie utilizes all of her professional and life experience to guide others to improved wellness at Salt Lake Homeopathy.
As a homeopathic practitioner specializing in natural healing and spirituality at Salt Lake Homeopathy in Utah, Lorraine is dedicated to expanding awareness about ways that individuals can pursue health and wellness in alternative fashions. She remains passionate about helping others find strength and healing through their inner spirit and life force while also focusing on the immense potential provided through homeopathic remedies.
While dedicated to helping others embrace a new capacity for healing, Lonnie is also concentrated on expanding her own understanding of personal health and wellness. As such, she remains intent on learning new abilities in yoga in order to optimize her personal health and understanding. Through this exploration, she hopes to progress into becoming a yoga master who can pass on important lessons to others.
At this time, Lonnie is also writing a memoir to look back on her collective and varied experiences as a human being and a professional. She hopes that upon completion of this memoir, her story will inspire other women who have faced similar struggles and journeys as she has. While working to motivate others by sharing her experiences, she also plans on continuing humanitarian work as opportunities arise.
Committed to natural health, Lorraine Ann Lonnie is also working on completing her third doctorate degree, PhD in natural medicine, already having a doctorate of divinity and doctorate of natural health. As far as professional projects, Lorraine is also assisting Dr. Gene Harkins, PhD of Salt Lake Homeopathy with studies in the complete development of homeopathic combination, such as time and dimension remedies and all associated patents.

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  • North American Montessori School , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    Early Childhood
    - 03/2008
  • The University of Montana , United States , Missoula, Montana

    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Minor, Environmental Studies
    - 05/2004
  • Utah College of Massage Therapy , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    Professional Massage Therapy Program
    - 03/2009
  • The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    Electrol Dermal Screening
    - 09/2012
  • Universal Life Church , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    Ordained Minister
    - 04/2013
Career History
  • Homeopathic Practitioner , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    not defined
    01/2012 to 12/2099
  • Teacher , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    not defined
    01/2007 to 01/2008
  • Counselor , United States , Redwood City, California

    not defined
    01/2006 to 01/2007
  • Preschool Teacher Assistant , United States , Menlo Park, California

    not defined
    01/2006 to 01/2007
  • Concessions Manager , United States , Missoula, Montana

    not defined
    01/2000 to 01/2003
  • Masseuse , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    to 01/2011
  • Youth Development Professional , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    to 01/2007
  • Environmental Education Coordinator , United States , Salt Lake City, Utah

    to 01/2007
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