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Sasha Treviso is an experienced marketing and business professional who serves her community in addition to her employer.
Sasha Treviso currently holds the position of senior director of email marketing at the digital marketing agency Adconion Direct. As the senior director of email operations, she monitors and commands 4 marketing managers and 12 marketing analysts. She is an active member of the Adconion Leadership Team. This organization within Adconion Direct is committed to maximizing revenue opportunities and efficiency with the firm. While boosting finances and efficacy, professional members of the Adconion Leadership Team outline the company’s quarterly and annual goals.

She is responsible for streamlining the email division process by making the flow of communications more efficient and cost effective. When Adconion Direct recently underwent several significant changes to functioning, she was able to train and integrate seven new employees in her email operations wing.

Sasha Treviso holds several responsibilities as the senior director of email operations at Adconion Direct. Her position requires her to work closely with newly hired employees. She helps to develop an accurate and efficient on-boarding process and has assisted in the development of two additional distribution departments. She also helps to organize the Adconion Direct’s companywide regular employee performance review. Committed to growing the talents of peers in the industry, she also works as a mentor in Adconion Direct’s Ambassador Program.
From when she was a young child, Sasha Treviso showed an interest in business and sales. When it came to picking her major in college, she had very little difficulty deciding on marketing.

In 2007, she graduated from Central Connecticut State University with her Bachelor’s degree. At Central Connecticut, Treviso began to form a detailed understanding of the professional marketing industry. She learned skills, theories and practice that she still applies to her work today.

After securing a few years of experience in the marketing field, Sasha Treviso decided to further her education to maximize her knowledge of the industry. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Central Connecticut State University, she earned her Master’s in business administration from Northeastern University in 2013. This advancement in her education made her even more vital to the business world based on her skills and knowledge in marketing.

Entering the Business World

While Sasha Treviso was earning her Bachelor’s degree from Central Connecticut State University, she was also participating in a cooperative education program. Over the course of six months, she worked for ING Financial Services in order to gain experience and credits towards her degree. Treviso’s time at ING Financial Services provided her with numerous hands-on opportunities as well as networking connections with marketing professionals. Once she had completed her six-month co-op assignment, ING Financial Services asked her to stay on as a permanent employee. She took the permanent position, entering into a career as ING Financial Service’s full time plan and policy coordinator.

As the plan and policy coordinator, Sasha Treviso worked closely with some of the most experienced employees at ING Financial Services to provide quality services to clients. She quickly became highly knowledgeable about plans and financial transactions that the company provided by working with plan managers. These insights allowed her to gain a broader understanding of the marketing business and provide an incredibly effective service to leaders and their clients. Sasha's responsibilities included the analysis and extensive research of data concerning issues at ING Financial Service, and the application of effective and timely solutions to these problems.

While at ING Financial Services, Sasha was in charge of creating custom spreadsheets to organize the company’s data records, payment amounts and performance evaluations. Her work included managing sensitive plans and detail-oriented financial transactions. She rapidly became the top processor at ING Financial Service with an intimidating 97 percent accuracy rate.

Sasha Treviso’s hard work, dedication and persistent progress at ING Financial Services were quickly recognized. Soon she was in charge of training new employees through the company’s coaching program. ING Financial Services asked her to construct a new series of official step-by-step manuals to assist with the training of new employees in each department. She was asked for her input and feedback on ING Financial Service’s SWAT and Six Sigma projects.

Work with Adconion Direct

Soon after Sasha Treviso received Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Central Connecticut State University, she was offered a position with the digital marketing company Adconion Direct. While engaging in an ongoing role at Adconion Direct, she propelled herself toward the top of the company.

She has assumed numerous positions at Adconion Direct, and her successes at each level have created new opportunities for professional growth. Treviso’s previous career titles have included:

● Marketing analyst
● Delivery manager
● Marketing manager
● Email operations manager
● Director of email operations

Giving Back to the Community

When Sasha Treviso wasn’t busy working or learning, she maintained a keen interest in giving back to her community. She firmly believes in helping all who are in a less fortunate position than her. Sasha's forte in charity work is fundraising. With an expansive professional skillset and a keen desire to help, she has been able to channel her training and degrees in marketing into assisting community members.

Special Olympics

One of the nonprofit organizations that Sasha Treviso helps to fundraise for is the local Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is a charitable organization that aids intellectually-disabled kids and adults by getting them involved with various Olympics-related competitions. During this event, disabled participants gain various valuable life skills and form bonds that they will rely on for the rest of their lives. She notes that, through Special Olympics participation, these intellectually-disabled children learn to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Sasha has described the Special Olympics as similar to the regular Olympics in many ways. The athletes are all gathered in one place where they compete to earn medals and honors. Thanks to fundraising efforts initiated by Treviso and other supporters, the Special Olympics is held every single year. Her marketing and fundraising has allowed for the full funding of sport training, competitions and various other programs. Without her and other dedicated sponsors, multiple events would be eliminated from the program, and many disabled individuals would be unable to take part in this life-enhancing annual event.

Toy Drives

Sasha Treviso’s biggest philanthropic project has been toy drives. She hasn’t just taken part in one toy drive: she has helped every one of her local churches, schools and hospitals with a charitable toy collection event. Toy drives rely on donations from individuals and companies to meet the needs of less fortunate children. Nonprofit organizations give out toys to families who simply cannot afford to purchase these items for their own children. She explains that toy drives are specifically geared towards assisting these families during the holiday season so their children have something special to open on Christmas morning. Toy drives have also contributed gifts to children who are too sick to go home from the hospital to see their families for the holidays. Sasha notes that when these kids receive donated gifts, the gestures ease the pain of their challenging circumstances.

The toy drive helps these simple gestures of love come to fruition. She notes that many recipients have never seen a toy. As a result, when needy children receive a special donated item, the experience can be life-changing.

She has been proud to support both efficient professional services and extensive philanthropic initiatives to improve the lives of needy individuals.
While having a career has always been incredibly important to Sasha Treviso, she also upholds her belief in achieving a balance between work and a healthy personal life. She is careful not to dedicate all of her time and energy to her career. She recognizes that a ruthless and exhaustive approach to professional life will only produce unproductive businesses and dissatisfied individuals.

She plans to continue making it a priority to spend quality time engaging in the hobbies and passions that she enjoys. She will use these small breaks from work to re-energize and renew her ability to professionally perform.

One of Sasha’s central passions is traveling. Her travels have taken her to foreign countries including Argentina, Greece, Italy and Spain. As she notes, each new country provides her with unique experiences in terms of culture, people, sights and history, experiences that enhance her perspective and her concept of the global community. It is in these places that she is able to immerse herself in an environment unlike her own and gain a true appreciation for both her own life and the diverse cultural offerings of other nations.

Her all-time favorite place to visit is Santorini, Greece. She cannot wait to return to this beautiful and stimulating international getaway. Santorini is located in the Cyclade Islands in the South Aegean Sea. The area boasts both a gorgeous landscape and an abundance of history. Sasha Treviso will spend most of her time admiring the easy and mellow attitudes exuded by Santorini residents.

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  • Central Connecticut State University , United States , New Britain, Connecticut

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    08/2003 - 05/2007
  • Northeastern Unviversity , United States , Boston, Massachusetts

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  • Senior Director of Email Marketing , United States , San Diego, California
    05/2012 to 12/2099
  • Policy Coordinator , United States , San Diego, California
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