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Veshana Ramiah

United States
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Veshana Ramiah MD works in the field of oncology to provide clients the best care and service possible.

While offering the highest level of compassion and experience to the field of oncology, Veshana Ramiah MD gives patients all that she has when it comes to her medical expertise and guidance. Working to give patients their lives back, Ramiah dedicates her career to helping people heal and cope with the issues related to cancer. The standard level of care for Ramiah means going above and beyond the requirements mandated by her profession. She involves herself in the mental and physical capacities of what it means to have this disease in order to assist her patients with the best overall support. Ramiah talks to families and patients to ensure that their complete health is maintained while under her care.
Dealing with cutting-edge science and breakthroughs in the field, Ramiah is passionate about the people she helps in her career. Having the ability to work with people as they experience one of the hardest tasks of their lives gives Ramiah a sense of duty and fulfillment in her own life and she believes that no other profession is more rewarding.
Veshana Ramiah MD invests her time not only in the treatment of cancer but in the treatment of the body as a whole. She works with each of her patients to help address concerns and fears around their diagnosis and treatment. The journey through cancer is terrifying and unknown and by openly discussing issues and explaining the diagnosis, treatment options and what to expect, patients’ overall anxiety and fears are significantly decreased. Her holistic methods combined with her scientific training and skills allows her to treat the disease and help patients both with their physical health and with their outlook and approach during challenging times in their lives.

The Royal Marsden
The training Veshana Ramiah MD received at The Royal Marsden Hospital in the U.K solidified her belief that the field of oncology is what she wanted to invest her life in. The Royal Marsden is the best cancer center in terms of diagnosing, treating and caring for cancer patients. With its technological research and focus on advancement, The Royal Marsden gave Ramiah the dedication and professionalism needed to succeed in the field.
The Royal Marsden works with The Institute of Cancer Research to invest time in ground-breaking research and techniques to move forward with cancer treatment and innovative drug therapy programs. Its partnership with the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre enables the organization to create enhancements in cancer research programs to better serve patients diagnosed with the disease. Because Veshana Ramiah MD and The Royal Marsden believe in excellence, they each continue to raise the standards of health care so that cancer patients around the world can receive the best in medical support.
With a mission to work in all areas related to cancer, The Royal Marsden and Ramiah know exactly how precious life is and they imagine a world in which everyone can live life to the fullest. Cancer patients place their lives and futures into the hands of oncologists. Ramiah learned the best in treatment and patient care from the professionals at The Royal Marsden.
When it was founded in 1851 by William Marsden, The Royal Marsden was a hospital that pioneered discoveries in the field of cancer. By giving superior attention to people suffering with the disease and donating volumes of time and energy to the study and research of the illness, The Royal Marsden dominated the industry as the top cancer hospital.
As the research registrar of hematology and oncology for The Royal Marsden, Veshana Ramiah MD learned the proper technique for offering excellence in care. Ramiah never hesitates to take any opportunity she has to find new ways to improve lives. The Royal Marsden treats all patients with respect and dignity, and Ramiah gave all she had to ensure that she not only lived up to but exceeded their standards. No matter at what stage their cancer had advanced, Ramiah developed a survivorship plan to help patients with their nutritional struggles when moving through the treatment process.
Nutrition is an essential facet in the way oncologists treat cancer. Ramiah believes that eating better is one of the first steps to feeling better. Through belief in a holistic treatment plan, Veshana Ramiah MD has brought patients to their health goals and has seen them thrive in their new lives. Both the disease and the treatment options can deteriorate a patient’s appetite. Ramiah knows that having a balanced diet can affect the way a patient responds to treatment.
Eating healthy foods helps patients feel energized over a longer period of time. Ramiah spends time with each patient to generate an eating regimen for pre-surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Important vitamins and minerals are lost during treatment and Ramiah wants to ensure that her patients have the necessary essentials.
Henry Ford Hospital
As the chief resident of internal medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, Ramiah learned what it takes to excel as a specialist in management. Her educational experiences gave her the knowledge to implement and carry out various health management plans for patients. Veshana Ramiah MD together with the team at Henry Ford Hospital successfully influenced outcomes and transformed lives in the community of Detroit.
Henry Ford Hospital seeks to improve lives through exceptional science research and positive patient interactions and care. With its state-of-the-art healthcare and healing, Henry Ford puts patients first in the way that it respects them and provides educational resources and support. Delivering the utmost effort in social consciousness, the high level of performance Henry Ford has developed means that no one has to suffer alone when going through cancer.
Establishing a solid foundation for diversity, Henry Ford Hospital allowed Veshana Ramiah MD to embrace families and patients from all walks of life. The ability to anticipate, inquire and respond to the changes in the world is reflected in the way Henry Ford Hospital treats both its employees and its patients. Standards of excellence and leadership ensure a pleasurable experience of health and wellness. The environment embraces the diversity and value of patients and community partners. Ramiah took all the essential tools and standards they taught her and applied them to her own patients.
Duke University Medical Center
As she worked as a faculty member at Duke University Medical Center, her knowledge served her well when it was time to apply life-saving strategies to patients. Duke strives to transform medicine in order to bring it to new heights. Duke University Medical Center works on the local and regional level to educate patients and family members on innovative research and treatment options. Working with rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries, Duke educates future clinical leaders like Veshana Ramiah MD so that they can succeed in the future when it comes to cancer research and development.
In 2008, Ramiah worked with her fellow faculty members at Duke to publish an article on new work in prostate cancer. With the task of offering only the best in research-based care to patients, Ramiah and her coworkers wanted to improve the prognosis of men on both local and national levels. The mission of oncologists involved was included in the article as well as the processes and initiatives they were working on to bring care to men afflicted with prostate cancer. Her research at Duke also involved work with patients with cancer and blood clots, trying to identify earlier detection and intervention in this particular subset of oncology patients.
In the past, Ramiah has helped teach future generations of medical experts in order to boost participation in the field of oncology. Raising awareness and engaging in extensive research are the only ways to continue providing patients with the most advanced care. Through her research and education, Ramiah enables future oncologists to continue working toward establishing better treatment alternatives for those suffering from all forms of cancer. While Veshana Ramiah MD works to save the lives of people on a daily basis, she knows that the collaborative approach between patient and doctor is at the heart of a successful outcome.

By traveling the world and understanding the various medical issues plaguing certain regions, Ramiah encourages more professionals to dedicate their skills to countries that are lacking in vital resources. She believes that if everyone goes above and beyond when it comes to medicine, people who suffer from diseases like cancer can move forward and have quality lives with emphasis on health, gratitude and equanimity.
With family in Africa, Ramiah has devoted some of her time to HIV prevention in areas that do not have access to education and resources. She knows that establishing a venue where people can learn about HIV and AIDS is the best way to ensure that contraction rates decrease and people have success in staying healthy. Ramiah helps people already living with these conditions find access to responsible healthcare and supplies and gives them the support they need along with top-notch medical insight.
With a bright future ahead of her, Ramiah stays committed to fighting back against cancer, one patient at a time. With a background spanning experience in South Africa, England and the United States, she brings an understanding and empathy to her daily interactions with patients that allow them to feel respected and cared for in a real and meaningful way.

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    : The Royal Marsden Hospital
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    : Chief Resident of Internal Medicine
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    : United States
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