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Richard Zahn is a business professional who has found success and recognition in the real estate field.
Richard Zahn currently resides in Florida with his family where he is a real estate development professional. Richard developed his interpersonal and communication skills throughout his varied professional experience and he uses those skills to handle multiple real estate projects. In his free time, Zahn enjoys the Florida weather with his friends and family.
From scuba diving to piloting his own plan, Richard has mastered the practice of living a passionate life. His real world experience and educational achievements make him a valuable asset to the real estate development field. Florida provides Richard with the opportunity to undertake business endeavors while still engaging in his favorite hobbies.
It took hard work and dedication for him to reach this point in his professional endeavors. His life experiences have taught him the value of earning your success and sharing it with others. Currently, Zahn gives back to his community through a wide range of philanthropic activities. Whether he is donating time or money, he strives to inspire others to support the community too. His contributions have helped to support charitable organizations that reach a wide range of people.
Zahn's favorite pastime is flying. Nothing gives him a bigger thrill than piloting his own aircraft with confidence. To relax, he spends his free time enjoying all the fishing opportunities that comes with Florida life. From salt water to fresh water fish, this tranquil activity keeps him balanced and ready to take on his next endeavor.
Richard Zahn is a unique professional whose work experience spreads over various industries and professions. His work history includes positions in the military, law enforcement, development, medical, and construction fields. His educational and workplace achievements have labeled Zahn as a business leader. His endeavors inspire others to grow into their own success while giving back to the community.
A Brief Overview Of His Professional History
In 1986, Richard Zahn began his professional career after enlisting the in US Army. For the next three years, he was on active service in the Army and he began to learn the skills that would lead him to success later in life. Apart from the educational experiences, the Army also instilled a strong work ethic in his mind. He began to approach every endeavor with a strong sense of professionalism and integrity.
Once Zahn completed his active service, he decided to re-enlist in the Army Reserves. For the next six years, he was a member of the Army Reserves until he was honorably discharged. The Reserves provided Richard with an opportunity to work for Clidden ICI Paints. During this early career, he was able to use his professionalism and armed forces skills to excel in the civilian workforce. While some veterans find it hard to redirect their service experience into workplace skills, Richard made the transition into a successful career seamlessly.
In 1997, the same year he was honorably discharged from the Reserves, Richard Zahn began working as a general contractor. He found the work to be challenging yet inspiring. Watching his work projects come to fruition became an exciting and rewarding experience that helped him continue to push forward. Zahn found that his overall success in life came from the strong mindset that his service and workplace experiences helped him develop. While the reserves instilled a sense of loyalty, his work as a general contractor allowed him to feel excited and proud of each individual project. These experiences taught him to maintain a fighting spirit that has allowed him to find success in all aspects of his life.
Educational Experience and Community Involvement
The foundation of Richard Zahn’s knowledge comes from his first hand experience. In many instances, real estate development and contracting careers provide professionals with an opportunity to learn as they work. As every construction project can be unique in its own right, he benefited from working hard and using his intuition during new projects. His decision-making skills are simply unparalleled.
Prior to his real estate endeavors, Zahn began his educational experience like most young adults. He spent his high school career in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and he went on to earn multiple certifications at Fayetteville Technical Community College. These certifications varied from EMS, to fire science, and even to hazardous materials. Feeling inspired by a thirst for knowledge, Zahn also took advantage of additional educational experiences. He began to study at the South Carolina Reserve Law Enforcement Academy, the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Operations School, and the US Air Marshall Academy’s Flying While Armed program. While these programs were extremely challenging and time consuming, Zahn had established a sense of commitment and pride that helped him to stay focused.
Education quickly became a corner stone of Zahn’s success. The combination of unique and useful skills that he garnered from these certification courses helped him feel confident about his future endeavors. He also learned to the value of teamwork while he studied emergency medical services. Frequently, Richard would take a leadership role during these courses and would lead others in stressful situations. These experiences taught him how to effectively communicate with a wide range of people. Upon completion of these courses, he quickly learned to harness these new skills to help him achieve his business endeavors.
During his time in the US Army Active Service and reserves, he took various courses to expand his knowledge. Those classes included Emergency Management, German, and even Close Quarters Combat. While educational institutions and workplace responsibilities can bring about a certain amount of knowledge, Zahn asserts that diverse experiences are the most beneficial for growth. His worldly view comes from years of traditional and non-traditional educational experiences. All of his professionals and personal success has taught Zahn about the importance in giving back. He frequently engages in charitable activities to give back to his local community. He offers advice to budding professionals by impressing upon them how important it is to continue their learning process.
Richard Zahn has personally donated time and money to various organizations. He main focus has been on charitable organizations in the Florida area as he and his family currently reside there. One such organization, The Conductive Education Center of Orlando, offers educational programs for children who have motor disabilities. This organization serves the greater part of the Orlando area without fail.
Richard has also supported organizations like AMI Kids, Inc, an organization that provides support for troubled youth. He is also proud to help support the Boy Scouts of America. Boy Scouts of America helps children and young adults by giving them valuable skill sets. As Richard Zahn is a strong advocate for learning experiences, his felt compelled to donate to this respected organization that has been around for years. In an effort to increase his involvement with his community, he also donates to Crime Stoppers of Hillsborough and Pasco.
These Florida counties benefit from initiatives that Crime Stoppers use to keep their communities safe. Richard feels compelled to maintain his community involvement and takes pride in the fact that he and his family are giving back.
Zahn also boasts a lifestyle that keeps him refreshed and ready to take on his next endeavor. He recognizes how important downtime can be and he actively plans opportunities for his family to unwind. The Florida coast provides opportunities for fun in the sun for the Zahn Family. They enjoy water sports and the tranquility that a peaceful fishing trip can provide.
Richard Zahn feels that his life experiences have taught him how to balance his professional life and his family life. He plans to continue to grow his professional legacy while inspiring his family to do the same. He constantly strives to uphold the loyalty, professionalism, and integrity that he first developed back in the US Army. He is reminded of his growth and he attempts to help others in their own endeavors around his community.
Richard hopes to inspire others with his own story to success. His charitable donations and commitments represent a man who understands the importance of a helping hand. He plans to continue to give back to organizations like Helping Hands and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Thanksgiving Food Drives. These organizations help community members who simply need a meal on Thanksgiving. The organization provides the families with a warm and tasty meal on Thanksgiving and restores their hope for the future. These types of organizations help Richard Zahn feel more connected to his community and he hopes that his work will inspire others as well.

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