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Bob Sloan, S3 managing partner and founder, specializes in risk management services for investors.
Bob Sloan, S3 founder and managing partner, works in the field of risk management. Sloan works to ensure that hedge fund managers and other high-volume investors hold as little unnecessary risk as possible.

Investors of all kinds aim to subvert avoidable risks. Risk management experts work to make sure that all risks are analyzed and dealt with appropriately. This process is completed through examinations of the investing market, knowledge of trends and known issues on the market and the prioritization in addressing these risks. Once acquired, investors and other financial experts can use this information about risk to make the best financial decisions possible.

Bob Sloan is a respected authority in the risk management field. He is called upon to speak on the subject for leading news networks, and he has had articles published in major magazines including The Financial Times, Vanity Fair and Alpha Magazine. A thorough knowledge of the industry has contributed to Sloan lecturing think tanks on the subject of financial risk management. Sloan’s quality work has paid off for himself and for his clients. A solid grasp of the risks of the market lends Sloan his edge over other investors that simply seek to make a quick and indiscriminate profit.

S3 and risk management is Sloan’s work and his life. Clients attest to his commitment and his passion for the field. Look no further than S3 for specialized risk management services.
Before Bob Sloan, S3 founder, started the company, he held positions at multiple prestigious financial institutions. Prior to launching his professional career in finance, he attended school at Washington & Lee University to obtain his undergraduate degree.

As Bob notes, Washington and Lee University is a small and respected institution in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It boasts an extensive amount of history. Founded in 1749 as the Augusta Academy, the school was given an endowment by George Washington, and the institution was promptly renamed in his honor. The college has a progressive view on education and operation dating back to the late 1700s. After the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee accepted the offer to be president of the college, serving from 1865-1870.

The school is run on a comprehensive honor system based on Robert E. Lee’s philosophy. All attendees are expected to act like gentlemen. This principle means that students are to conduct themselves in a manner that is fit for polite society. Bob Sloan, S3 partner, notes that the sole punishment for breaking the Honor System is expulsion from the school. The system is entirely defined and upheld through student participation. Infraction consequences are severe, but a student review system ensures that all decisions can be justly appealed.

It is this Honor System that gives the university its prestigious reputation among institutions of higher learning. Alumni include noted journalist and author Tom Wolfe and Merriweather Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Bob started his professional career as a speechwriter and translator for the Ministry of International Trade & Industry in Tokyo, Japan. This opportunity allowed him to see the world and interact with other cultures and their unique modes of doing business. These days of world travel and business were dynamic, but Sloan had other plans for his career. He made the move to Wall Street, working for Lehman Brothers from 1989 to 1996. Here, Sloan worked in the equity derivatives and central funding division.

Lehman Brothers is a financial services company founded in 1850 by Henry and Emanuel Lehman. The firm started as a cotton trading company in the southern United States. Eventually, as the business moved north, the company spread its roots in New York City. Over their time in operation, the company merged with credit card firm American Express and become the fourth largest investment firm in the world.

In 1998, Bob Sloan, S3 founder, started the Dow Jones Credit Suisse Index Co. The index gained acclaim for being the first investable benchmark for alternative investments. He was also the Managing Director and Global Head of Prime Brokerage, Equity Finance and Delta One products at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Sloan’s expertise and leadership secured his success within many financial institutions over the years. After time spent working for several successful companies, Sloan decided to strike out on his own and enter the financial business in his own right.

In 2003, Bob Sloan, S3 creator, founded his company with a few other partners. S3 Partners specializes in risk management for investors. Many of his clients are big businesses and banks that are looking to invest money in various markets. Financial pros at S3 help clients of all sizes with expert knowledge of the investment market. As risk management experts, pros at S3 Partners examine the areas in which clients would like to invest and make sure that the market is sound and profitable. The stock market isn’t an inherently dangerous or reckless place to invest. But like any other business venture, such investments come with their share of potential risks.

What Bob Sloan, S3 and his partners do is examine the market and analyze trends. They then prioritize potential risks involved based on size and present this data to their clients along with advice on how to optimally invest.

Sloan and his partners are aware that investments can become unprofitable or volatile. This reality is why S3 pros examine each situation to ensure that there is as little risk as possible during investment. This commitment to thorough and responsible advising has brought investment satisfaction to clients while winning Bob praise for his ability to aid in profitable investing.

According to Bob Sloan, S3 pros provide clients with collateral and treasury management services. These options allow clients to see what kind of capital has been given to collateral as they chart their return on investments. Collateral and treasury management services provided by S3 allow clients to remain perpetually informed and satisfied with their financial decisions.

Financial expertise has enabled Bob Sloan, S3 professional, to advise think tanks including the Cato Institute on risk management. He has lectured extensively and has made appearances on cable news channels based on his financial insight. Sloan has been featured on CNBC, C-SPAN and other networks involved with financial investments. His articles have appeared in multiple respected publications. The Financial Times and have published Sloan’s articles offering insights for risk management and investing. Many people in the investing industry look to Sloan for guidance and financial acumen.

Bob launched his career with major positions in the financial world as well as exposure to international business. With a zeal for investment and financial work, Sloan knew that his calling was to help clients recognize the potentials offered by investing their money responsibly. His ability to acutely analyze the risk involved with investment has allowed him to make wise decisions on behalf of clients.

Bob Sloan, S3 partner, helps investors remain informed about the funds that they are investing and the risks involved with their fiscal decisions. Sloan’s advice allows clients to sustain and expand the financial developments that they have cultivated.
Preparing for the financial realities of the future is something that Bob Sloan, S3 partner, and his team members are always ready to do. Sloan hopes to foster continued success with S3 while providing meaningful financial insights to new and existing clients. His investment savvy and his unique ability to see the risk in investment scenarios will continue to help him offer unparalleled industry insight to clients.

The world revolves around finances and the ability for economic structures to continue in a sustainable fashion. Clients invest in multiple fields in order to ensure financial profitability and contribute to this global economic conglomerate. Sloan intends to continue helping others achieve investment success.

Bob wants to continue to be a pillar of the investment world and a trusted financial voice for the public. His resume as an authority for the media, government and private groups shows that Sloan is capable of handling any potential question concerning sound investment and effective risk management.

Sloan hopes to remain one of the steadfast voices of financial authority in an industry that experiences its fair share of disruptions, deceptions and challenges. Sloan is more than capable of handling this task, and he and the experienced S3 financial team will remain ready to help clients invest their funds and achieve peace of mind.

With experience, financial expertise and unique forecasting skills, Bob Sloan, S3 partner, remains a vital and pervasive presence in the field.

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