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Alanna Waters

United States
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Alanna Waters’ lacrosse performance in college and her career as a coach has earned her accolades from around the country.

For Alanna Waters, lacrosse is a way of life. As a girl’s lacrosse team’s assistant coach, she’s responsible for the success of her players both on and off the field. As a result, she’s had to employ a holistic set of skills during her time as a coach, pulling from her experience as a trainer, mentor, artist and volunteer.

During her own college experience, Alanna Waters’ lacrosse performance earned her both recognition and respect from her teammates and competitors. Today, she has earned a similar level of respect from her hard work as a coach and leader. Being a college athlete isn’t easy, but being a college coach is arguably even harder. In addition to coaching, training, and designing and reviewing plays, assistant coaches often have to travel to high schools all across the country looking for top talent that they can then recruit for their school. This can be a demanding and exhausting job, but Alanna Waters has defied the odds by using the discipline, teamwork, and perseverance she learned as a lacrosse player in her teens.

Alanna Waters is dedicated to her job as an assistant coach and mentor for the girls' lacrosse teams. She currently holds certifications as an NCAA Certified Coach and is trained to perform first aid in the event of an emergency. When she’s not coaching and volunteering, Alanna paints approximately two pieces of abstract art per week. Her style and talent has earned her a dedicated following of art buyers, and her pieces are generally picked up within a few days of completion.

For Alanna Waters, lacrosse played a big role in her college years. As a college player for St. Lawrence University, most of Waters’ time was dedicated to practicing, staying fit, and learning more to perfect her craft. Because she was also taking classes during this time, Alanna learned to balance and manage her time almost down to the second—a feat that has served her well since graduating and becoming a coach.

Representing her alma mater St. Lawrence University, Alanna lent her skills to the team of girls that worked hard each day to earn their way to the top. After practice, she could frequently be found volunteering at the local domestic violence center, where she went through a 40-hour training program to become a certified crisis counselor. Alanna has always had a heart for helping others. Her training on the field helped prepare her to coach others through difficult and demanding times in a way that was both rewarding and effective. It’s not winning or losing that Alanna focuses on with her mentees, but rather how they play the game. This is how Waters lives her own life, and she has been able to use her
experience to help others overcome no matter the circumstance.

St. Lawrence University is a liberal arts university with a stellar athletic presence. Located near the Adirondacks in the state of New York, St. Lawrence’s “Saints” practice hard and compete even harder, all the while maintaining the humility and openness that the University prides itself on. As a student at St. Lawrence, Alanna Water’s lacrosse performance wasn’t the only thing that mattered. Her grades, her opinions, and her capability to shape the degree she wanted off the field were just as important. During her time at St. Lawrence, Alanna developed as an athlete and an artist, interning with a famous photographer in New York City and taking classes to add to her skill and expertise. She credits her mentor with jumpstarting her artistic career, and has worked hard to continue exercising her talent both in and out of the studio since graduating.

After receiving her diploma from St. Lawrence and finishing her final season strong, Alanna Waters’ lacrosse experience earned her a coaching position on a Vermont high school girl’s lacrosse team. After spending two years in that position, Waters was offered an assistant coaching job, which she was happy to accept. It was then that Water found herself packing her bags and moving from Vermont to Illinois for her new position.

He team is at a Christian college with a goal to produce well-rounded students who change the world in accordance with the teachings of Christ. The College has been consistently rated among the top 100 schools in the U.S. by Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and The Princeton Review. Alanna Waters’ lacrosse expertise allowed her to fit in perfectly with the college’s mission to produce top-tier professionals with integrity on and off the field. As a mentor and role model to her players, Alanna Waters drew from her experience as a volunteer and a dedicated student to shape the future of the lacrosse team.

The college places a large emphasis on the responsibility to give back. As an employee of the university, Alanna considered herself no exception and immediately got to work finding a place she could be of service. She regularly volunteers at Rosie’s Place, a center for impoverished and homeless women that provides food, shelter, and healthcare for hundreds of individuals each year. Fittingly, Rosie’s Place also has an art program for the women it serves. Alanna’s own experience with art is now able to be translated into a service to help others.

Alanna Water’s lacrosse coaching itself, however, has always been her biggest way of giving back. The benefits of participation in sports like lacrosse for young women are well documented. Girls who play lacrosse tend to have higher self-esteem, lower rates of body dissatisfaction, lower rates of drug use, and higher numbers of friends than less athletic counterparts. As youngsters who get hours of intense exercise each week through the sport, lacrosse players are more likely to be a healthy weight and to enjoy excellent overall levels of wellness compared to peers. Being out in the sunshine for games also has its advantages, as players are able to get FDA recommended levels of the nutrient vitamin D. Regular exercise, like running, has been shown to increase bone health and keep the heart and circulatory system in shape. All in all, lacrosse proves to be a great way to stay healthy and well.

Lacrosse is also a great way to train the mind. The stress relief exercise brings can help people of all ages deal with the demands of school, work, and daily life. Thinking tactically about plays, passes, goals, and blocks can also stimulate the brain and help young minds continue to advance and grow. Alanna Water’s lacrosse experience is further evidence of this fact. In college, her dedication to her team helped her develop discipline and a good work ethic in her studies and personal life.

Alanna Waters’ lacrosse career has benefited hundreds of young women across the nation. Her dedication to helping others even while she was playing sports and completing a rigorous academic program is an example of the level of her desire to serve others. Through her art and current position as an assistant coach at the college, Alanna has managed to have a positive impact on her community and her athletes. Her talent as a college athlete, painter, and coach was cultivated through hard work and practice. She now brings those skills to the table each day to help her players succeed.

Alanna Waters’ lacrosse career has already been a success, even though the coach herself is still only in her twenties. She plans to continue to hone her skills and qualifications as an assistant coach. Although she already holds several certifications that position her in the top tier of lacrosse professionals, Alanna Waters will continue to learn and grow as a training professional so she can help her team stay out in front of the competition. Because mental health is also an important aspect of athletic performance and quality of life in general, Alanna Waters is committed to helping her players with the emotional stresses they encounter through college by serving as a role model and counselor. She also will continue her one-on-one tutoring services as needed for players who are struggling with certain classes. In this way, Alanna Waters can help her lacrosse players in a holistic way—one that addresses problems mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Alanna also plans to continue painting and volunteering, both of which are important parts of her life. She plans to continue to help women in need at Rosie’s Place as well as through other opportunities as they arise. Through her service to women in need, college athletes, and art lovers around the country, Alanna Waters, lacrosse coach, will continue to have a positive impact for the greater good.

  • 08/2001 to 05/2005
    : St. Lawrence University
    : Bachelor of Arts
    : United States
    : St. Lawrence, NY
Career History
  • 05/2011 to 12/2099
    : Lacrosse Coach
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Illinois
  • N/A to N/A
    : Intern
    : not defined
    : United States
    : New York, NY
  • N/A to N/A
    : Painter and Photographer
    : United States
    : Wheaton, Illinois
    : Alanna Waters is an amazing painter and she make about two pieces a week and they sell very quickly. Please take a look at her work.
Core Competencies
  • Coaching
  • Injury Prevention
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering
  • NCAA
  • Abstract Painting
  • Photography
  • Portraiture
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