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Marcus Maddox is an IT professional and jack of all trades who is respected within his profession and active in his local communities.
Marcus Maddox is a professional in the information technology industry who enjoys a good deal of respect within his career. He currently works as the IT systems administrator with The McPherson Companies, which specialize in full-service petroleum products and services. His IT expertise is helped along by his wealth of experience in the industry and the several advanced degrees that he holds.

In his current IT work, Maddox has many different responsibilities. Chief among these are the identification of system inefficiencies and the implementation of process improvements. He also conducts a large amount of research and analysis in the course of optimizing and maintaining both new and existing IT services.

On top of this, he is also something of a “jack of all trades,” an aspect of himself that he is very proud of. Although he earns his livelihood as an IT professional, Maddox is also very interested in both music and fashion.

His musical interest and talents are evident in his activity within his local communities, particularly within the local music industry in Birmingham, AL. Music was once a full-fledged career for Maddox, although since then he has not made it his main priority. He does, however, hope to return to the music scene more fully in the future.

As for fashion, he is also in the process of developing his own new brand of clothing, “Once A King.” Although his clothing brand has yet to take off, he seeks to one day combine his three biggest passions – music, fashion, and technology – into a single cohesive company. Until then, he is more than happy to continue with his IT career as he works to rise still further within the technology industry.
Marcus Maddox has much diverse and in-depth experience in the information technology field that has emphasized systems and network architecture, installation and implementation, engineering, security, integration, and administration in mid to large corporate environments both local and remote. He also has a proven background in IT management, network administration, IT security, and seamless network and server support.

Maddox’s Education

To begin his professional training in information technology, Marcus Maddox enrolled in Herzing University. Here he gained his Associate of Applied Science degree in Electronics and Computer Technology in 2000. Afterward, he stayed on with the university to continue his studies, and three years later in 2003, he graduated again with his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management.

While attending this University, Maddox also began his first job in the IT industry through a work-study position as a computer network assistant. This position lasted him from 1998 to 2000, during which time he assisted the network administrator in the installation, maintenance, and management of Herzing University’s network. This network consisted of 250 computers running the Windows NT workstation/server platform.

Marcus Maddox later returned to school for his graduate studies, which he undertook at Keller Graduate School. Here he worked toward obtaining his master’s degree, which he gained in information technology management after his graduation in 2010.

Maddox’s Work Experience

While still attending Herzing University, Marcus supplemented his work-study position with a variety of contracts with different IT companies. For example, he worked as a computer technician for Apex Systems on a two-month contract in 1999. Here he worked alongside IBM installing Dell systems on an Ethernet token network in the Social Security building. He also had a three-month contract with TekSystems in 2000, where he worked as a desktop technician in a CompUSA store. Here his duties involved installing and configuring software and hardware for CompUSA customers, among other things.

Marcus Maddox got his first full-time IT job with Premier Game Company in 2001. Here he worked as an electronics/field technician installing, troubleshooting, managing, and repairing Windows 2000-based computer networked arcade gaming systems for Carmike Cinemas at 13 of their Alabama locations.

This position lasted until 2002, when he left to join the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a computer technician. In this role, he provided the office of the provost with support for their Windows client/server hybrid network, which supported more than 450 users. He also maintained the availability of company computer resources, including workstations, servers, printers, laptops, and multimedia.

After working with the University of Alabama for three years, Marcus Maddox left in 2005 for a position as PC/network technician with the Personnel Board of Jefferson County/Jefferson County Commission. For the next five years, he was in charge of supporting OWA 2000/2003/07 for offsite users and administration as well as handling authentication problems, connectivity issues, and so on. He also configured and maintained mainframe applications in addition to identifying and resolving software, hardware, networking, and communications problems related to end-user computing.

In 2010, Maddox left his position with the University of Alabama to go to work for Atherotech Diagnostics Lab as their systems administrator. Here he provided support for more than 250 users in a hybrid technical environment. This included managing virtualized technology such as VMWare (VSphere/VCenter) in addition to physical servers.

Around this same time, he also began working for Ascendis IT in a lead POS technician role. Here he helped upgrade all existing kiosks, workstations and point of sale (POS) computers in a Best Buy store. Marcus Maddox still works for Ascendis in this role as needed today, providing new PC imaging with custom OS for retail, inventory maintenance of replaced machines, and so on.

Finally, in 2012, Maddox moved on from Atherotech to go to work for the McPherson Companies in the role that he holds today as IT systems administrator. In this role, he has reconfigured outdated network designs that previous administrators had improperly implemented and maintained. Marcus also updated their procedures, policies, and documentation to adapt to new business and operational requirements.
As a well-rounded professional with many different interests, Marcus Maddox has a large amount of plans for his future. As far as his IT career is concerned, his main plan is to continue his work as an industry professional while rising further within his field. This means building upon his professional expertise in hardware and software troubleshooting, systems and computer lab design, help desk management, technical user support, and so on.

One of his biggest goals for his future involves his interest and work in the fashion industry. Here he hopes to build his “Once A King” brand into a strong line of menswear to become a leader in men’s fashion. His overall mission in this area, he says, is to “bring the class back to men’s clothing.”

Marcus Maddox is also looking to revamp his musical life. While music was once his full-fledged job, it has fallen out of his priorities as he has focused on his duties as an information technology professional. Now he seeks to become more involved with the local Birmingham music industry by getting back into the music scene.

Ideally, he would like more of his livelihood to eventually center on music and fashion in the future. To this end, he plans to one day create a single cohesive company that combines technology, music, and fashion into a single business. By linking all of these industries together, Marcus believes he will have found his dream job. Until that happens, Marcus Maddox is content to continue advancing and growing in IT while pursuing his more artistic passions on the side.

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  • Herzing University , United States , Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    B.S., Information Technology Management; A.A.S., Electronics & Computer Technology
    01/1999 - 01/2003
  • Keller Graduate School , United States

    M.S., Information Technology Management
    - 01/2010
Career History
  • IT Systems Administrator , United States , Birmingham, Alabama
    01/2012 to 12/2099
  • Lead POS Technician , United States , Birmingham, Alabama‎
    01/2010 to 12/2099
  • PC/Desktop Technician , United States , Birmingham, Alabama
    01/2010 to 01/2010
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  • Hard/Software Troubleshooting
  • Help Desk Management
  • System Designs
  • Technical Support
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Security Management Technology
  • Systems Deployment
  • SAN Networks
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