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Eyal Lichtmann

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Eyal Lichtmann is an entrepreneur and the current CEO of Quilageo, Inc.

In March of 2013, Eyal Lichtmann founded Quilageo, Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia. The major goal of Quilageo is to boost the sales of online businesses. The site is committed to providing "Qualified Unique Internet Leads" (QUILS) using an online auction platform. During a standard online auction, there can only be a single winner and the other people who bid on the item but lost drift off.

In the Quilageo system, the others who bid on an item but lose are known as "QUILS." Companies are then able to directly target those customers, as they have already shown an interest in the product on offer. The program is designed to allow e-retailers to boost sales without using up staff resources or having to invest considerable sums of money or time.

Quilageo differs from similar marketing companies because it focuses a considerable amount of attention on social media. The company describes itself as "social at the core." It ties together social media usage with mobile e-commerce. It is one of the first e-commerce programs to be fully integrated with social media. Through analyzing demand and using social media tools, the company is able to maximize return on investment for its customers.

Eyal Lichtmann is not strictly devoted to business. He also spends a considerable amount of time with his family and working with charitable organizations. Much of his free time is spent focusing on his three daughters and his wife. He enjoys spending his time off cheering on his daughters at their cheer-leading tournaments.

One of the earliest positions Eyal Lichtmann held was as president of EMW, Inc. He worked at the company from 1994 until the year 2000. EMW, Inc. was a public relations and communications firm specializing in Chinese communications. One of its major areas of focus was representing Fortune 500 companies targeting affluent Asian customers who were immigrating to North America in large numbers. The company positioned its clients culturally to be more marketable and to gain a better reputation. During Lichtmann's tenure with the company, major clients included Ford Motor Company and United Parcel Service (UPS).

With Eyal Lichtmann at the helm, the company made major strides. It earned several national awards for best in industry innovation and excellence over the course of three years. The company also raised millions of dollars in sponsorships.

Vancouver Hillel Foundation

From 2002 until 2010, Eyal Lichtmann held the position of executive director of the Vancouver Hillel Foundation. Hillel is an international organization that is dedicated to enriching the lives of Jewish students and to promoting a commitment to Jewish life and learning. The international Hillel Foundation has a presence at more than 550 schools around the world.

The Vancouver Hillel Foundation is the largest Jewish student group in the western portion of Canada. It has groups on the campuses of the three largest universities in British Columbia. The Vancouver Hillel Foundation was founded in 1947. At that time, it was known as B’nai Brith Hillel Foundation. The first group was at the University of British Columbia. The development of the first Hillel group in Vancouver came at an opportune time, just days before the United Nations voted to create a Jewish state in Israel.

The organization continued to grow for some time. The original small "hut" that housed the organization on the University of British Columbia's campus since the beginning was turned into the Diamond Foundation Centre for Jewish Campus Life in 2010. Before the new center opened, the organization had also expanded to two other large universities in Vancouver and Victoria. A Hillel group formed at Simon Fraser University in 2005. Another one formed at the University of Victoria in 2006.

While Eyal Lichtmann was the executive director of the organization, he helped the group at the University of British Columbia become the first fully accredited Hillel in Canada.
Lichtmann also made a great many positive changes to the Foundation when he was executive director. Under his leadership, the organization's budget increased tenfold. He raised $10 million needed to construct the Diamond Foundation Centre at the University of British Columbia.

In addition to making great strides in terms of fundraising and finances, Lichtmann also made a great many strides in terms of having students engage and interact with Hillel. During his time with the organization, student engagement increased 4,000%. The Vancouver Hillel Foundation and Lichtmann received a number of EXCELLENCE awards, in areas such as development, programming, operations and governance.


Eyal Lichtmann's commitment to college students continued with his next business venture. In 2008, he created CampusAuction. He served as the president and CEO of the company until 2013, when he created Quilageo.

CampusAuction was a non-profit company with two goals. It provided college students with the products and services they needed at discounted or reduced prices. Students were able to bid on items, such as laptop computers, through an online auction system. The products made available through the auction site were donated by corporations, which kept the overhead costs low.

The donations also allowed the company to fulfill the second half of its mission. A portion of the net proceeds from the auctions were then donated to charitable organizations. Eyal Lichtmann described the business model of CampusAuction as being one of a kind—no one else was doing or does what the company did. It connected socially responsible companies to students in need. Those students in turn were then able to help others while obtaining the supplies they needed to forward their education.

One of the more successful auctions on the site raised around $78,000 for charities. The donations went to a variety of charities that included children, health and education.. The company partnered with several major charitable groups, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and F-Cancer.


When Eyal Lichtmann was executive director of the Vancouver Hillel Foundation, he and the organization proudly participated in the Vancouver Pride Parade. The organization had a float in the 2010 and 2011 parades. The Vancouver Hillel Foundation had a great reception during the 2010 Pride event in Vancouver. Many people took the cards the group had created which read, "Educate. Liberate. Celebrate." The group also made signs celebrating Israel's position as the country with the most gay rights, as well as the most women's rights, in the Middle East.

Fighting Anti-Semitism

Another cause Eyal Lichtmann is committed to fighting against anti-Semitism. It might seem that anti-Jewish sentiment or opinions are a thing of the past. But, Lichtmann notes, more than 50% of Jewish students have faced anti-Semitism at some point, according to a 2006 study. In some cases, instances of anti-Semitism are conveyed as anti-Israel sentiments. People are allowed to have their own political viewpoints, but it is easy to cross a line and practice hate or prejudice.

Lichtmann has fought back against anti-Semitic sentiments and actions by writing op-ed pieces in the Vancouver Sun. He has also held round table discussions to discuss anti-Jewish actions, after the Hillel building was vandalized. During the roundtable discussion, people talked about the cause of the vandalism, how to handle future instances of hate or vandalism, and ways to support Jewish students on campus.

So far, Lichtmann has had a long career as an entrepreneur and supporting causes he believes in. He has played a key role in developing new ways to do business and raise revenues. Eyal Lichtmann hopes to continue to support charities and causes he believes in, no matter where his career takes him next.

Eyal Lichtmann has bright hopes for the future, both in his personal and professional life. His latest venture, Quilageo, is just a few months old. If all goes as planned, the company is poised to provide businesses with a better way to market and to target leads and potential customers. Quilageo can be expected to completely change the way people shop for items and the way retailers promote their products. One of the company's goals is to encourage online shoppers to try out brick and mortar shops and to encourage brick and mortar shoppers to venture online.

Return on investment is a major concern for many companies. They want to be sure they will see results when they invest time and money in marketing. They also want to see financial results. The unique methods used by Quilageo provide companies with a greater return on investment than any other marketing company. Quilageo combines the best features of three major online retailers, eBay, Amazon and Groupon, and offers them in a single package to e-commerce businesses.

On the personal front, Eyal Lichtmann is hopeful for the future. He has a great family and is looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time with them. He already devotes a great deal of his vacation time to supporting his daughters' cheerleading efforts. Moving forward, he hopes to spend more quality family time with them, including traveling to his family's favorite spots, such as Anaheim, CA, San Diego, and Hawaii.


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Career History
  • 03/2013 to 12/2099
    : CEO
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    : Vancouver, BC
  • 01/2010 to 01/2013
    : Founder, CEO
    : United States
  • 01/2002 to 01/2010
    : Executive Director
    : United States
  • 01/1994 to 01/2000
    : President
    : not defined
    : United States
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