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Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based entrepreneur, has experienced extraordinary success on many levels.
Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based IT expert, is one of the most successful businessmen in his entire country. Ever since he was a young man, he has been obsessed with computer technology and entrepreneurship. Coming from a political family, he learned the importance of making a difference in the world at a very young age. He is not only dedicated to solving as many computer technology dilemmas as possible, he is also focused on helping young entrepreneurs and IT professionals to find their place in the working world.

Frequently volunteering as a guest speaker

In an effort to inspire young computer science professionals, Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based entrepreneur, often volunteers to speak to students at local colleges and universities. By doing so, he is taking an important step toward building an army of IT experts who can help to solve some of our pressing computer problems. Javier not only attempts to impart his technological wisdom onto young learners, he also stresses the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills. Through his long and successful career, he has learned that many general principles of business are directly applicable to the IT industry.

Looking for new opportunities

Though he is very busy with work, Mr. Vazquez is always looking for new business opportunities. He finds the process of building a business from the ground up incredibly exciting and rewarding. In addition, he runs a private consultation firm, where he advises many entrepreneurs on the process of starting a new business. He considers it a great honor to play such an important role in furthering the IT field.
Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s leading IT expert, is dedicated to the cause of improving computer systems on a variety of platforms. In this day and age, countless corporations and small businesses depend on their computers to run smoothly and efficiently in order to carry out daily tasks and grow sales. In fact, there are actually very few companies today that do not use computing in some capacity. In light of this, Javier wants to solve some of the most common problems associated with computer systems, thereby revolutionizing the IT industry.

Mr. Vazquez’s background and professional training

Throughout his early life, Javier remained dedicated to his education. He knew that if he wanted to grow up to become successful in the working world that he would have to work hard and apply himself to his studies. After making excellent grades in high school, he enrolled at the prestigious Damaso Antonio Larranaga, which is a Catholic University in his native Uruguay. After completing a degree in computer engineering at this fine institution, Mr. Vazquez worked in his field at a variety of positions at several different companies. This experience helped him to develop the skills and the business acumen that he would later need to become a successful entrepreneur.

The influence of Mr. Vazquez’s successful father

Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based tech expert, is not the only successful male in his family. In fact, his father Tabare Ramon Vazquez actually served as the president of the country of Uruguay from 2005 until 2010. While he was in office, Javier’s father brought about many important changes in his home country, and he was beloved by his people. One of Tabare’s more noteworthy achievements was reforming the educational and workplace systems in his country. He also greatly expanded welfare benefits for many needy citizens and was credited for reducing the poverty rate in Uruguay from 32 percent to 20 percent in just five short years.

Tabare taught his son to work hard

Tabare Ramon Vazquez’s impressive political career inspired his son to succeed in several ways. First of all, Javier learned from his father the importance of working hard and remaining committed to making the world a better place. While he was president of Uruguay, Tabare accomplished many great things and certainly improved the lives of countless citizens. It was always Javier’s dream to follow in his father’s footsteps in that regard. Secondly, his father’s incredible success instilled within Javier a desire to make a name for himself. He knew that to be able to compete with his father’s track record in any way that he would have to become very successful. While there was never any rivalry or competition between him and his father, Javier wanted to become renowned because of his own accomplishments, not because of his father’s deeds.

Inspiring future IT experts and entrepreneurs

Although Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based IT genius, is dedicated to solving a variety of computing dilemmas, he also understands the importance of inspiring future computer experts and entrepreneurs to succeed in their field. Javier understands that though he may try his best, he simply cannot accomplish all of his goals alone. For this reason, he always does everything that he can to help promising young IT professionals to find work and to prosper. Javier also knows that for one to succeed in the computer tech world of today, one must develop strong entrepreneurial skills, as computer technology is, in essence, a type of business. For this reason, he always stresses the importance of learning how to network and build beneficial professional relationships.

Mr. Vazquez works for INCOSA

From 1998 until 2006, Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s premiere IT authority, started out his career by working in the sales department of INCOSA, which is one of Uruguay’s most well-known IT companies. For more than 35 years, this incredible business has provided clients with a variety of computer tech-related services, including support, advice, consultation, and the installation of data-storage units. INCOSA maintains very high standards for customer service and employee training. All workers must become certified in their particular fields before beginning work at INCOSA.

INCOSA’s BladeCenter program

Although INCOSA is known for a variety of world-class products and services, it is perhaps most noted for its BladeCenter program. This amazing product incorporates useful technology and software into one self-contained unit. In order to bring this revolutionary product to as many customers as possible, INCOSA has formed beneficial partnerships with the Lenovo and VMware companies. While Mr. Vazquez worked for the INCOSA corporation, he learned quite a bit about technology and about how to market it. This knowledge would prove very useful in his later career.

Forming K2Business

From 2002 until 2010, Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based IT guru, helped to form a new company known as K2Business. This amazing company became incredibly well-known for one of its revolutionary inventions--ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a complex software platform that is still used by many companies today. This program is designed to help businesses manage data from multiple departments. By using ERP, businesses usually find it much easier to keep track of financial data, sales figures, and service records.

What makes ERP unique?

The Enterprise Resource Planning Program is unlike any other platform for the following reasons:

ERP allows more than one user to access the server, even individuals who are remotely located.
ERP is incredibly fast and very easy to use.
ERP uses multi-organization functions to manage complicated economic sectors.

Mr. Vazquez serves as a guest speaker for many higher learning institutions

In an effort to inspire as many young people as possible to break into the IT field, Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based businessman, often speaks at local colleges. Whenever he is asked to address a group of students, he always finds the experience incredibly rewarding. He considers it a great privilege to have the unique opportunity to impart wisdom on impressionable young minds. It is for this reason that Javier Vazquez, Uruguay-based IT professional, never misses the chance to speak at a tech school.
Javier Vazquez, Uruguay’s leading IT expert, takes his work very seriously. Not only is he focused on leading the employees at his own companies to success, he is also interested in furthering the IT field in general. For this reason, he will remain committed to doing everything possible to bring about new technologies.

Speaking at colleges and universities

Because he wants to inspire as many bright young people as he can to seek careers in the IT industry he plans to continue serving as guest speaker at colleges. Whenever he is asked to speak to a group of young people, he always finds the experience incredibly rewarding. It is always very interesting to have a meaningful conversation with a group of young people who are eager to learn and who are excited about pursuing IT careers. Though he always stresses the importance of mastering the technical knowledge associated with computer science, Mr. Vazquez also tries to help young people understand the need for learning how to think like businesspersons.

Helping entrepreneurs

Javier plans to continue helping other entrepreneurs through his own private consulting firm. Having acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IT world, he is always excited to meet with individuals who are interested in the startup process. Although the consulting business is very lucrative, Mr. Vazquez also finds it very rewarding. Whenever one of his former clients experiences success, he feels as though he had a hand in it. In a way, the creation of new businesses is part of Javier Vazquez’s legacy.

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