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Mark Hjerpe, an entrepreneur and business professional, is an expert in global communications technology.
Global communications tech expert Mark Hjerpe is a philanthropist, hard worker, and business guru. He understands that global communication is crucial for business success because of how connected everyone has become. Business conduct today is much different than it was two decades ago. Now, companies are able to pitch ideas to one another overseas via live video chat, send large files with the click of a button, and sell products online. But no matter the technology behind recent communication jumps, it is still crucial for people to understand one another.

Mark Hjerpe has dedicated his career to helping increase communications through technology, one of the most crucial industries in the world. Technology, unlike language, changes every day. With cell phones, for instance, people can share information and communicate from anywhere with anyone. This has evolved how business operates, a process Hjerpe hopes to push along through his entrepreneurial projects. He also embraces innovative technology that helps businesses increase efficiency.

When he is not studying up on the next big communications technology, Hjerpe’s family and friends can find him outdoors. He is a big proponent of stand-up paddling, cycling, and the outdoors in general. He spends a lot of time participating in charity sporting events and supporting his community when and where he can. Other than working and studying innovative technology, Hjerpe likes to stay in shape and pursue his various hobbies. Cardiovascular health, according to Hjerpe, is crucial for a person to live a positive, fun-filled life.
Now settled in New York with a wife, kids, and career, Mark Hjerpe’s past successes are attributed to his work ethic and forward-thinking nature. He enrolled at Humboldt State University in 1988, where he studied communication and Spanish, a language he is fluent in. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in Spanish and decided to continue on to get his master's degree. He enrolled in a Latin American studies program at the University of Santa Barbara and graduated in 1994 with his graduate degree.

Mark Hjerpe fortified his Spanish education by studying abroad in several different countries, a requirement for most every foreign language program. During his time at Humboldt in Arcata, California, Hjerpe studied in Madrid, Spain, and Oaxaca, Mexico. His two stints abroad helped him become a global citizen and more proficient in Spanish, a skill that carried over to his professional career. As a global communications expert, the difference between dialect and language between Spanish-speaking Spain and Mexico was not lost on him. Because of his time abroad, he was able to comprehend that cultures — no matter how similar they may seem to outsiders — are different. Mark Hjerpe recommends studying abroad and learning a second language are useful pursuits for students in any major.

A business administration student, for example, would benefit from a stint in China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else for that matter. There are often internship programs through international businesses and ways for students to get credit while abroad. The best part about studying out of country, though, is that students often gain a global perspective. They are able to learn how other people conduct business, communicate, and how to blend in with other cultures. These skills are crucial for international business — practically every business — and valuable for every student.

After earning his master's degree, Mark Hjerpe set out to pursue a career in global communications. Essentially, the industry investigates how best to transfer information and ideas between different cultures. Globalization, a modern term for the Internet shift and global business, has changed countless industries and the way people operate on a day-to-day basis. Cultures are typically heterogeneous, or different from others. This idea is not new, but because of the increase in communications, countries are experiencing cultural homogenization. In order to stay on top of the changes, the global communications industry is challenged with bridging the gaps between cultural differences and developing tech solutions for business problems.

In order for business affairs to move smoothly and for efficiency’s sake, business leaders depend on global communications experts like Mark Hjerpe. He is able to reach out to a wide range of clients and proficiently communicate because of his experiences with different cultures. Also, by using modern technology, Hjerpe can effectively communicate through various forms of technology. Firms large and small depend on global communications professionals to train employees how to communicate with other industries and businesses.

Global communications experts herald from a range of different fields. Many university communications departments offer courses in the specific subject, though like all industries it is important to encourage an outside hand for certain business agreements. A lot of majors go into public relations, communications, marketing, content creation, Web business, and other fields because of their communication abilities, not to mention their global connections. Networking, according to Hjerpe, is at the heart of communication.

Though Mark Hjerpe focuses most of his day around his career, he understands the importance of helping his community. Since 2009, he has actively supported Building Bridges to the Future, an organization that helps rebuild communities in natural disaster and conflict zones.

Aside from Building Bridges to the Future, Mark Hjerpe is active in local charity sporting events. Throughout his entire life, he has focused on exercise and athletics. He sees these events as an opportunity for having fun while supporting meaningful organizations.
Throughout his life, Mark Hjerpe put his career, family, and hobbies first. He prioritizes his day-to-day routine around those three aspects and has found joy and success in each area. Though he is active in the global communications industry, Hjerpe has proved himself as a philanthropist and community supporter — two activities he encourages everyone to selflessly participate in. Building Bridges to the Future, for example, is a forward-looking global organization that sees value in international relationships and helping people in need.

When it comes to his career in the global communications industry, Hjerpe hopes to continue promoting innovative solutions. Global communications is a booming field that always has room for the next big idea. Though students often study communications as a minor or secondary major, the “global” addendum is a new-age way for people to earn their global citizenship and forge relationships with future business contacts and friends. He understands that the world revolves around communication and does what he can to streamline communications technology in order to secure financial and personal success in any realm.

New and innovative technology, according to Hjerpe, is always just around the corner. For global businesses and companies that ship products across the world, communication is crucial. He knows that without the help of certifiably proven experts in global communications, business would struggle as the world homogenates. Mark Hjerpe plans to continue to build his career around the idea that global communication is central to development in all aspects of business. Hjerpe plans to continue to combine cutting-edge innovation, professionalism, and technology to ensure success.

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  • University of California, Santa Barbra , United States

    Latin American Studie
    01/1993 - 01/1994
  • Humboldt State University , United States , Arcata, CA

    Communication & Spanish
    01/1988 - 01/1992
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  • Enterprise Accounts , United States
    01/2013 to 12/2099
  • Sales Director , United States
    01/2001 to 01/2012
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