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Chris Kurzweg

United States
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Chris Kurzweg is an entrepreneur and business leader in the technology development space who is focused on innovation and improving the planet.

Today, Chris Kurzweg continues his work as the founder of the Oak Tree Group, a high-level service provider in the informational technology and telecommunications industries. Focused on innovation and progress to improve business operations, he and the Oak Tree Group have helped many clients successfully adopt and adapt to cloud computing solutions and other tech innovations through dedicated hosting and disaster recovery solutions.
According to Kurzweg, the technology industry is currently at a point of rapid transformation, as tech businesses not only are transforming a great deal, but all industries—as well as consumers—are having to evolve alongside these new tools. Believing that today’s technological advancements can contribute to greater efficiency, productivity and social improvement, he continues to encourage companies to take a step into the future with promising technology tools.
While it can be challenging for businesses to make the move toward new applications and resources, the Oak Tree Group serves as an intermediary between clients and their search for improved IT management and services. He and his colleagues represent more than 20 years in the IT field and are tuned into current tech trends and what solutions are working to deliver sustainable futures for businesses. As such, the Oak Tree Group is noted as a consulting company that is dedicated to helping its clients protect their best interests when approaching changes in business technology.
Aside from inspiring business progress through technology, Chris Kurzweg also utilizes his profession to help benefit social causes. Recently, he donated 100 computers to Food for the Poor—one of the largest organizations in the United States that help fight against poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Chris Kurzweg has comprehensive experience in the IT field—a track record comprised of more than 20 years in the industry. With such deep expertise in this ever-changing industry, he has developed a strong sense of market direction and witnessed—as well as rose to—the many challenges that technology evolution has presented in recent years. Not only has he utilized his career to better understand the finer points of information technology, but he has also become a noted sales and marketing professional who has assisted on numerous projects in this capacity.
At the dawn of the ‘90s, Chris Kurzweg remained focused on higher education goals, believing that the academic environment would provide him with the necessary knowledge to become a strong force in the business world. In 1991, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Spring Hill College located in Mobile, Alabama—confident to take on the competitive job market.
Soon after graduating from Spring Hill, Chris began his extensive career with Unilever HPC, a noted provider in consumer packaged goods. From 1991 to 2002, he fulfilled several roles in sales and category management, allowing him to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to bring new products to market and strongly represent a brand for a high return on investment. Beginning his career as an entry-level retail sales representative serving various merchandisers, he later become the senior customer business manager for two major drug wholesalers in the United States. This responsibility was a watershed moment in Kurzweg’s career, as it allowed him to demonstrate his capacity to exceed quotas totaling more than $25 million.
By developing a long career at Unilever, Chris Kurzweg was able to not only matriculate into a senior professional, but also build an extremely versatile arsenal of skills. For example, throughout his nine-year period with Unilever, he managed millions of dollars in customer development funds, as well as deductions. He not only had the opportunity to master his strategy through both direct and indirect sales, but he was also trusted to lead training efforts to help develop a strong team of sales professionals. In addition to these responsibilities, Kurzweg also acted as category manager, national retail sales coordinator, sales manager, category analysts, shelf manager, and customer analyst.
Utilizing his impressive breadth of skills in the sales side of business development, Chris was confident to move toward new professional challenges and industries. The New Millennium presented a great opportunity for him to enter a rapidly growing industry—information technology. As it was clear that electronic data storage, Internet abilities and telecommunications were here to stay, heknew that this was a field that offered exceptional opportunities for growth and profit. Not only did he understand IT as a lucrative industry, but also one that would contribute a great deal to the progress of society and business operations at large.
In 2000, Chris became the director of sales and marketing at Infolink Group, Inc. located in Miami, Florida. Specializing in ISP, telecommunications and hosting services, Kurzweg built and executed a comprehensive sales and marketing place for a startup’s data center. Not only did this project present him with the responsibility of pitching new products and services in an expanding market, but he also spearheaded products pricing, promotions and creation of new categories.
While the company only started with a team of 20 employees, he led efforts to help grow the company to $6 million in sales within the first five years. By targeting a diverse consumer market—including everything from household customers to Fortune 500 companies—Kurzweg and his associates were able to dominate in a highly competitive field. Once again, he utilized this role to take on many responsibilities in sales and marketing, but was noted for considerable accomplishments, including the development of ServerPronto into a “Top 10 Hosting Company” and pioneering the highly relevant field of search engine optimization.
In 2000, Chris Kurzweg also founded the Oak Tree Group, an IT consulting firm that continues to serve a wide array of clients on essential tech services, including data security, cloud computing and hosting.

While carrying an impressive 20 years’ worth of experience in sales and marketing, Chris Kurzweg remains focused on navigating current and future trends in the technology industry. Believing that sustainability and small business growth are essential components of innovation and economic progress, Kurzweg is concentrated on helping his clients intelligently adopt new technical applications and services to achieve productivity and greater cost-efficiency.
Having already participated in the information technology market at the dawn of the “Digital Age,” he anticipates even greater opportunities through the continued evolution of applications that are becoming available to all industries on a global scale. For example, he believes that cloud computing, “Big Data” and mobile communication will continue to expand and to serve both companies and consumers in a major way. Understanding that growing with these technological advancements is essential to business sustainability, he encourages all business owners to assess their competitive worth in terms of technical operations.
While Chris Kurzweg dedicates a significant amount of time to the changing nature of information technology, he is also passionate about helping citizens in need. As a philanthropist, he continues to take part in volunteer and charitable activities, such as helping the comprehensive Food for the Poor organization. He also directs support to beneficial non-profits such as Hands on Miami and the Shake A Leg Foundation.
Well aware of the rapid progress that is set to occur thanks to the continued introduction of impressive technology and telecommunications resources, Kurzweg believes it is vital to steer social progress in a positive direction. As such, Chris Kurzweg encourages all citizens to explore the options they have to improve the social and natural world through charity and other acts of giving.

  • 08/1987 to 05/1991
    : Spring Hill College
    : Bachelor of Advertising
    : United States
    : 4000 Dauphin St, Mobile, Alabama 36608
    : The first Catholic college in the Southeast, the third oldest Jesuit college in the country and the fifth oldest Catholic college in America.
Career History
  • 03/2000 to 05/2011
    : Director of Sales and Marketing
    : United States
    : Miami, Florida
  • 01/1991 to 03/2000
    : Sales Manager and Business Analyst
    : United States
    : 800 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : President
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Miama, Florida
Core Competencies
  • Data Center
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Networking
  • Online Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Consulting
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