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Dr. Michael Lange OD is an optometrist and certified nutrition specialist who specializes in nutritional intervention in eye health.
Dr. Michael Lange is the founder and chief optometric physician at Lange Eye Care, an optometry clinic based out of the Ocala, FL area. He is also a certified nutrition specialist who formulated and developed Fortifeye Vitamins, a nutritional supplement specifically designed to boost and maintain overall eye health in his patients. Through this combined role as physician and nutritionist, he is able to intervene in his patients’ eye issues to create better ocular health.

Michael is also the CEO of Lange Sun and Nutrition Center, a multipurpose business dedicated to complete nutrition. This new and developing business concept combines an advanced vitamin shop, whole foods store, organic smoothie bar, and organic coffee house all under one roof, making it a one-stop shop for the dedicated health conscious individuals. Here he sells many nutritional supplements that typical vitamin shops do not offer, including Biopharma, Douglas Labs, and his own Fortifeye Nutraceuticals.

With his focus on nutrition, Michael Lange OD has been able to develop his own Fortifeye Vitamins to be as effective as nutritionally possible for his patients and other customers. Fortifeye is a company that is based on a single goal. This goal is to promote better ocular health, and better health in general, through a combination of the right ingredients all based on the right science. Thanks to its proven effective formulas, eye doctors all over the world now utilize Fortifeye in their own work.

In addition to his optometry and nutrition work, Dr. Michael Lange also performs a lot of pro-bono charity work for children. He believes in hard work and sacrifice, which is how he grew his business. Because of this, he takes off work as rarely as possible to better be able to serve his patients.
Dr. Michael Lange has his hands in a wide variety of successful professional endeavors today thanks in large part to his accomplished history of work experience and education. Through years of training and experience, he has reached the point where he is at today that allows him to help his health conscious patients in many different avenues.

Michael Lange OD’s Education

Dr. Michael Lange attended high school at both Sam Barthe and Ecole Classique, graduating in 1980. Two years later, in 1982, he enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi. He graduated from this undergraduate schooling in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Two years after that, in 1988, Michael enrolled in college again. This time he attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where he studied psychology, optometry, and physiological optics. He then graduated four years later in 1992 as an official optometric physician.

Michael Lange OD’s Medical Work Experience

He wasted no time out of college getting his start in the field of ocular health. In April of 1992 he joined the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana as an optometric physician. Here he worked primarily in pre- and post-operative care, including eye disease management. After five months, he transferred to St. Charles Vision, which has been described as the best eye care center in New Orleans.

Then in 1993, Michael left this eye care clinic to start his own – Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala, FL. Here he became the president, CEO, founder, and chief optometrist all in one. For the past 20 years, Michael Lange OD and his optometric associates have assisted patients throughout their area, while growing into one of the largest privately owned eye care centers in the United States. Starting from just Michael himself, this clinic has since grown to include almost 20 ophthalmologists and optometric physicians on staff.

With this crew of eye experts and 10 different locations throughout Florida, Lange Eye Care has been able to help their patients with just about any problem related to eye care. In addition to optical, medical, and surgical eye care, the clinic also has a heavy emphasis on nutritional eye care thanks to Dr. Michael’s nutritional certification.

Michael Lange OD Experience in Glasses and Contacts

On top of his work in optometric health and nutrition, Dr. Michael Lange also has experience working with vision enhancement through contacts and glasses. This makes him fully rounded as a professional eye and vision health expert.

He started this experience in January of 1996 by becoming the CEO and chairman of the company Express Contacts, making him one of the first in his industry to sell contact lenses over the Internet.

He made this company a success in two major ways. First, he offered deep discounts on his contacts by reselling major name brands. Second, his company was one of the first to offer an added value package of free sunglasses whenever a specific quantity of contact lenses was purchased.

In 1997, Michael followed up on this success with Express Sunglasses, which offered customers custom prescription sunglasses online with free shipping.

Dr. Lange’s Radio Show

In addition to his work in his eye care centers, the nutritional field, and prescription eye accessories, he has also been hosting a popular live talk show since 1993. On this show, “Ask the Doctor,” Michael Lange OD discusses the latest topics in the fields of vision and eye care. He also uses his status as a certified specialist in nutrition to discuss the latest nutritional developments in both ocular health and overall health. Like at his eye care clinics, his talk show places a heavy emphasis on the nutritional, medical, surgical, and optical aspects of eye health.

Since its creation 20 years ago, “Ask the Doctor” has grown into the single longest running talk show in the United States that deals with nutrition and eye care. It broadcasts daily eight times a week on many different FM and AM radio stations throughout Florida and throughout the South. This schedule includes one broadcast every day of the week and two on Saturdays. In addition, “Ask the Doctor” also streams live video broadcasts over the Internet for the benefit of its online audience. Listeners can tune in every day to hear Dr. Michael Lange handle many different topics in questions coming in from all over the country.
For Dr. Michael Lange, his goal for the future remains the same as it has for the past 20 years – total eye health and nutrition for his patients. His dedication to this goal has been the driving force of his success over all of his past and present professional endeavors, and it will continue to guide his success going forward.

This does not, however, mean settling for where he is now. Instead, he plans to continue utilizing only the highest quality equipment in all of his professional practices, upgrading as necessary to better assist his patients. In this regard, his radio show allows him to both keep up to date with the latest developments in the optometric care industry and share his findings with other professionals and patients alike.

When it comes to his nutritional expertise, Michael Lange is always looking for the next best way to innovate and improve the world of vitamins, especially where eye health is concerned. This is why his work with Fortifeye Vitamins has only ever been based on real science and nutrition. It is also why the Fortifeye advisory board is made up of a group of doctors from many different health disciplines, from optometry and ophthalmology to cardiology and psychiatry.

On top of his many areas of professional work, Michael Lange OD is also a dedicated family man and plans to spend as much time with his family as he can. Dr. Michael Lange is also an extreme sports aficionado who looks forward to participating in hobbies such as skiing, mountain biking, and motocross during his rare downtime.

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  • American College of Nutrition , United States

    Certified Nutrition Specialist
    01/2009 - 01/2009
  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry , United States , Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

    Psychology, Optometry, Pptometry and Optics
    01/1988 - 01/1992
  • The University of Southern Mississippi , United States , Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    01/1982 - 01/1986
Career History
  • CEO/ President, Certified Nutrition Specialist , United States , New Tampa

    05/2012 to 12/2099
  • CEO , United States , Clearwater, Florida

    not defined
    05/2011 to 12/2099
  • Chairman and CEO , United States , Clearwater, Florida

    07/2007 to 12/2099
  • Chairman and CEO , United States , Ocala, Florida

    01/2006 to 12/2099
  • CEO/ President , United States , Clearwater, Florida

    01/2005 to 12/2099
  • Chairman and CEO , United States , Ocala, Florida

    not defined
    to 12/2099
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