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Shree Dandekar

United States
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Shree Dandekar is a successful athletic trainer at a New York City high school.

Shree Dandekar is a dedicated athletic trainer who enjoys being a part of the New York community. Currently, he works as both an individual athletic trainer and also works with injuries and rehabilitation for student athletes at a local high school. Dandekar is especially known for his no-nonsense approach to training. He expects clients to put everything they have into their workout. At times, he can seem like a drill sergeant, but that is only because he cares about the health of his clients. Dandekar devotes himself to helping others accomplish their athletic goals. From customer testimony, it appears he is quite successful with his approach. Clients have nothing but praise for Dandekar after receiving amazing results from workout sessions and other health advice. He helps these athletes build muscles, prevent injuries and just boost their overall performance. Despite his strict persona during a workout, Dandekar is simply a man who enjoys helping others.

When a serious athlete receives an injury, it is a terrifying time. They fear that their career may be coming to an end. On top of those fears, the pain can be tremendous and bother the athlete for years to come. As an athletic trainer, Shree Dandekar works to alleviate both pain and fear. He creates physical exercises to help injured athletes ensure proper healing. This exercise also prevents joint stiffness and loss of muscle mass, which will help the athlete get right back into his or her sport. He understands the love of the game, so he is dedicated to getting athletes back on their feet and preventing future pain or injury.

Shree Dandekar became aware of his love for sports and fitness at an early age. For a kid growing up in New York City, sports were a way of life. After class, you could surely find Dandekar kicking around a soccer ball. In high school, he was on both the soccer and baseball teams. Between the two, he was constantly in season for at least one sport. It was during this time that he began taking notice of which exercises boosted his performance and helped recuperate from long practices. Upon graduation, Dandekar decided that he would like to pursue health sciences as his major in college. In school, Shree Dandekar enjoyed learning about the different muscles of the body and the toll that sports take on them. He especially succeeded in athletic training classes and even interned at a physical therapist’s office. Though he has admitted to struggling with a few science courses, overall he did well and graduated with honors. A few months after his college graduation, Dandekar passed his Board of Certification examination in New York.

While looking for a serious job, Dandekar held a few part time jobs at local gyms. Though he was only responsible for scanning membership cards and cleaning equipment, he enjoyed giving gym members advice during their workouts. He quickly built up good relationships with members and was often consulted whenever one had a question. Aware of his knowledge and popularity, the gym’s owner decided to bring him on as a personal trainer. Shree Dandekar was thrilled at the opportunity and
vowed to learn all that he could while giving clients the results they wanted. It had taken some time, but he was finally on the career path he’d always dreamed of.

After a few years of building up clientele and gaining valuable experience as a personal trainer, Dandekar decided to pursue his interests in sports medicine. He officially obtained state certification in Conditioning and Rehabilitative Exercises. The gym he worked for at the time did not offer athletic training services, so he was forced to end his work there. Although it was sad for him to close that chapter in his life, Dandekar was looking forward to a career he was passionate about. He began searching for openings at local schools and found himself in an athletic trainer position before too long. Shree Dandekar worked with student athletes, creating exercises that would help to develop injured muscles and joints. Although he expected a great commitment from the athletes, they all seemed to benefit greatly from his instruction. In fact, even uninjured students constantly sought his advice about how to prevent common injuries. Dandekar enjoyed keeping the kids healthy while facilitating their interests in extracurricular activities. Eventually, he began lending his services in individual sessions for those wishing to learn preventative exercises.

After seeing the way he was able to help students, Dandekar became inspired to help others as well. Because his NYC community had always been so good to him, he decided to give back to his neighbors and friends. He did this in a variety of ways, including volunteering his time at youth groups to help coach children’s basketball teams. For Shree Dandekar, this volunteerism was his most meaningful way of helping his community because it was an opportunity for him to lend a hand through activities that he enjoyed. Dandekar remembered that as a child, he played sports at youth organizations as well and he was thankful that his life had seemed to come full circle. He took those feelings as a sign that he had taken his career in the right direction.

Although Shree Dandekar might seem like a workaholic to some, he’s always had a few hobbies to hold his interest outside of work. Since childhood, sports meant a lot to Dandekar. They allowed him to stay healthy and fit, but he always loved the way sports simultaneously encouraged friendly competition between friends. Because of this, Dandekar and his pals began a tradition as teens that continued into adulthood. On weekends, they would all gather at a local playground and start up a game of soccer. Some days those games would end up becoming tournaments, after which all participants were left exhausted. However, you would never hear Dandekar complain. He has also always had a passion for tennis because his father would take him to a local court as a child. Since sports were his favorite childhood activities, they were lasting hobbies that even helped to shape his career.

Another long-term hobby of his, which those just meeting Dandekar would never guess, is classical music. In college, he took an elective class that focused on operas and from that moment forward he was hooked. Although he has never been much of a musician himself, he developed a sincere appreciation for opera. For years, his favorite pastime has been purchasing tickets to see operas and philharmonic orchestras in the New York area. His appreciation for the fine arts is an indication of the soft personality beneath a hard exterior.

Overall, Shree Dandekar’s life work has been to combine his love of sports with his passion for helping others. He has always believed that the best way to keep up athleticism is by keeping yourself
healthy. He has tried to instill that message into all of the students that he trains. He would rather teach them to be preventative about injuries than have to help them through the painful rehabilitation process. Despite this, he has always been more than happy to assist an athlete through an injury. Because contact sports can be so brutal, he has always reminded the kids to take their injuries seriously and to treat them correctly. An ignored sport injury could easily result in lifelong pain. According to Shree Dandekar, passion, fitness and the right attitude are all that has ever been needed for an athlete to achieve his dreams.

Shree Dandekar hopes to improve on his athletic training strategies in the future. He is constantly attending classes to update techniques and learn better ways to get through to students. The athletic training field is constantly changing as science reveals better ways to treat injuries. Dandekar plans to stay on top of these changes, as they will allow him to become a better athletic trainer. His ultimate goal is to teach health and safety precautions to as many student athletes as possible. By teaching kids how to properly tape wrists and ankles to avoid injury and constantly talking to them about the correct ways to warm up for physical activity, he hopes to give them the tools necessary to keep themselves healthy throughout their athletic careers. He also hopes to see one his students go professional one day.

Shree Dandekar also would enjoy spending more of his free time playing sports with friends. Those casual soccer games allow him to kick back and relieve some stress. After a tough week of work, it is always nice to wind down with family and friends. This can be difficult to keep up as we get older, so Dandekar plans to make sure he always makes time for his buddies.

Also, Dandekar is looking into learning more about the opera. Because the stories are classic, he would enjoy knowing the history behind each one. In the future, he plans to spend some time educating himself on this topic. Additionally, he hopes to attend a few more shows as well.

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    : United States
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  • 05/2005 to 12/2099
    : Athletic Trainer
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    : United States
    : New York, NY
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