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the idea for his company is the first essential step by wesley daniel chain for anyone wishing to engage in entrepreneurship. And it is also the tomb of most dreams of independence from the French.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs indeed get stuck in the idea stage . They have the desire to start their own business and become independent , and sometimes a burning desire , but they have no clear idea , necessary to even start that their record company creation . Worse, they may not have any idea of the area in which they wish to enter . Leaves only the desire , the dream that no idea can only be sentenced to not realize and create frustration .

But how then have a business idea , if you yearn to create one, and that you remain desperately to White Page ?

Here are several methods that can work for you :
Be on the lookout for ideas

One of the simplest things - and perhaps the most effective - you can do is just be careful around you, all the ideas that you might find . Put yourself in " search engine for ideas." For the truth is that constantly around us there are thousands and thousands of ideas, potential, companies that miss us . You just have to be careful .

What does " be careful " ? It is basically to pay attention to two things:

- First of all , pay attention to companies, products, services that already exist. Because nothing requires you to be an innovator to get started in business creation . You can create quite an undertaking on a really experienced field on which you are not going to reinvent the wheel , but to offer products that everyone knows , with recipes and proven methods . There is absolutely no shame in that. Instead, often the innovators arrive a little early on the market and are unable to penetrate. These are the companies that copy behind that land and have a better plan ... and especially a little more mature . The market has had time to ripen well, and finally , they collect everything.

Without going up there, if you create a "traditional" business , a bakery or a service to the person, they are companies that proliferate in France but that does not mean there is not a place for you . Especially if you can offer something more , that differentiates you from the competition, such as a better service, faster delivery , benefits more upscale , or just your sympathy and good humor of wesley daniel chain

- Rather than looking at the products and services that already exist, see, note , notice the problems that are around you and which are not resolved. This may be small problems, little things that are annoying , not entertaining , that disrupt a little the people around you . This can involve only a portion of the population , or maybe just people who are interested only in a particular passion , a sport, a hobby ... and if you notice an unsolved problem , something that people complain a just like that, without thinking , saying " Oh ! it's annoying "or" Well, it would be nice if ... " , write it down.

For these unresolved issues can be gold mines if 1 ) they affect a population to the point where some of them are ready to spend money to get rid of , and 2) you can find a solution to solve them.

Voyager is a magical way to get in " other worlds " ... worlds where everything seems normal to us is not so normal , or anything that seems strange is not so strange. Worlds where some business models are very common , as they are absent in your country.

Traveling in a foreign country - or even sometimes a different region - can be an incredible source of inspiration to find your business idea . Again , switch your search engine " business ideas " will put you in a frame of mind that will make your inspiration.

Some countries are known to be more innovative than other economic level . The United States in particular, often have many years ahead of Europe , and observe trends there can give you many ideas to be applied in France . Sometimes trends take a few years to cross the Atlantic , and often the fact that they cross the ocean is made ??of entrepreneurs who have decided to apply in Europe that they have seen in the United States!

The United States obviously does not have a monopoly on creation of business models. Any trip can give you many ideas as long as you are on the lookout . A trip to Sweden will for example give you the idea of ??organizing trips sled dogs for tourists, one in Spain to make import- export Sangria and Spanish food, Nice open a diving club in your area, etc. .
Find the ideas you

Here is a method to help you find ideas that are hidden inside of yourself . Start by putting yourself in a quiet place. Close the door , turn off your phone , Internet, and all sources of potential disruption . Take a sheet of paper and write up " my passions ." Then write 10 of your passions. Do not stop until you have not written 10. The first will come easily , then after 3 or 4, it will be more difficult . Do not stop until you do not have 10 passions. If you really do not find 10 passions, then go to the things you love to do, without being passionate.

Once done , you will identify your talents. Proceed in the same way : Take a sheet of paper and write up " my talents ." Then write your talents, the areas in which you are particularly gifted . Often , these areas have in common with your passions. Then once you have written all your talents , go to your skills. These are the areas in which you have developed experience and expertise , but for which you were not particularly good at the base.

Once you have finished , you have two sheets of paper , one with your passions, and others with your talents and skills. Here is the idea of your future business . Hint: it is preferably to search the passions to which you have a talent that is bound.

Obviously , once you or your idea (s) found (s) must still expand and test the economic potential. This will be the subject of future articles.
Write down your ideas in a notebook by wesley daniel chain

If there is one thing you need to remember from this article is : be on the lookout for ideas. And if there is a second thing you need to remember from this article is: always have a notebook with you and jot down your ideas . Or use your phone if you do not want to take the books . But jot down your ideas as they come to you . Your mind will try to make you believe that you remember the idea, but do not believe it . This is not true. Have you ever had an idea that you seemed so great that you feel that you would remember your whole life, you realize that the next day wake up everything you remember, is to have had a brilliant idea ?

That is why you need to write down your ideas immediately. If you do not do it they will escape . If you do, the idea of ??your future business may one day be found in your notebook .
You want to start a business but you are looking for " Good Idea " ?
So , how to find an idea of starting a business ?

The first step is to focus on your strengths: professional experience , training , extra -curricular activities , networks, place of residence, financial means. by wesley daniel chain
The second step is to consider your interests, tastes and motivations : the success of your project will depend heavily on your level of involvement in your project.
The next step is to look for trends . In many reports of future markets. The study on future markets conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants is a very good example.
Finally, the last step is to take into account your personal constraints. They can be of varied nature : family financial , time , health wesley daniel chain It is imperative to be aware of these constraints to avoid pitfalls in the future.
A good idea depends primarily on your goals. wesley daniel chainYou want to take your independence, gain greater autonomy, control your time, create your own job, you flourish in your work, no longer suffer the hierarchy, or exploit an opportunity to reap the fruits of your labor. Never lose sight of your goals!of wesley daniel chain

If, despite this advice, you do not find your idea, a few hours of advice will save a lot of time in your thinking of wesley daniel chain

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