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Robert Heniff, Hinsdale professional, works in bulk chemical transports throughout North America.
There is any number of reasons why the transport of bulk, liquid chemicals might be a necessary thing—for medical professionals, oil and gas companies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical enterprises, and beyond. Actually getting large quantities of chemicals from Point A to Point B can be easier said than done, however. That’s why more and more companies are entrusting their chemical transport needs to Heniff Transportation Systems, a company owned and largely driven by Robert Heniff, Hinsdale professional.

Indeed, Heniff and his business have much experience transporting bulk quantities of liquid chemicals throughout North America. That includes not just the U.S. but Canada and Mexico. The businessl, has developed a powerful team of managers and drivers—as well as best-in-class equipment and safety practices—to ensure the safe, secure, and timely delivery of chemicals.

Indeed, for those looking for services in bulk chemical transport, Heniff Transportation Systems proudly delivers a robust list of services. In addition to driver and equipment dedication, the company is also happy to provide temperature-controlled trailers, tank cleaning services, emergency response offerings, tank rentals, and more.

The fleet of vehicles is ever changing, as new technologies emerge to make chemical transport even safer and more secure. At the same time, the company’s drivers are always being schooled on the latest breakthroughs in chemical transport practices. It all adds up to a company that can truly deliver on its promises of reliability and safety-awareness. Robert Heniff, Hinsdale is proud of the work the company does, and he is excited to see where it all goes in the future.
Robert Heniff, Hinsdale professional, has enjoyed a long and successful career in the field of bulk chemical transport. Indeed, he is best known to many as the man behind Heniff Transportation Systems. With that said, his own professional history extends back quite far, and his personal and professional achievements are numerous.

To begin with, Robert, was not always a business owner. He was once a young man working in the family business—learning the skills that would ultimately carry him far. He started his career by working at his father’s company, which specialized in the hauling of oil and petroleum. He was still in high school, at the time, but continued this apprenticeship throughout college and even after.

The course of his life was altered when his father opted to sell the business. Robert and his business saw this as an opportunity to both expand and refine his skill sets. As such, he went to school to learn more about the proper handling of hazardous chemicals. He also received training on how to manage and empower other employees—skills that have certainly served him well in his time as a business owner.

From the beginning, Heniff enjoyed the chemical handling business because of the extreme attention to detail that is required. As such, he started working for other chemical transport companies. Eventually, he felt that he had the skills and experience necessary to launch his own company—and so, in 1998, Robert Heniff, Hinsdale man, became Robert Heniff, Hinsdale business owner.

This is not to say that the company is active only in Hinsdale, by the way. On the contrary, Heniff Transportation Systems has its corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, but it also enjoys numerous locations in that state and in Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. Above all, the company is known for its careful, secure, safe, and timely transportation of liquid bulk chemicals throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

As for Robert Heniff himself, he was born in the Chicago area, and maintains a deep feeling of rootedness to this great city. A long-time Illinois man, he received a fine education, first from Incarnation Catholic Grade School, then from Marist High School in Chicago, and finally from Bradley University, in Peoria.

That educational background empowered and prepared him to achieve much. For several years, before starting his own business, Robert, Hinsdale native, worked in such diverse capacities as chemical transport dispatch, safety, and sales—all of which laid the foundation for his own business ownership. And, in 2010, his hard work was acknowledged when he was named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40.

That is not the only award Heniff has won, either. The company has brought in numerous accolades, among them Eastman Chemical Supplier of the Year honors for 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013. The company has also won Dow Chemical safety awards.

It’s not that surprising that the company would receive so many honors. Heniff Transportation Systems is unique within its industry, and for many reasons. The company offers its clients real-time updates, monitors all drivers carefully, and pays close attention to detail—always. The company’s commitment is to deliver the results promised—in terms of safety, security, and promptness.

Also part of the company’s commitment to excellence is its commitment to continuous improvement. The company is constantly changing its equipment, all in the interest of ensuring that everything is cutting edge and wholly effective. No other chemical transport company can offer this competitive edge.

Obviously, the company is successful, and not without reason. Somehow, though, Heniff finds the time to enjoy a few hobbies. He loves to get in a game of golf whenever he can. In addition, he is a big fan of Chicago sports, especially the Bears and the Blackhawks.

The bottom line is that Robert Heniff, Hinsdale business owner, has accomplished much—and he’s not through yet.
There is no telling what the future holds in store for the chemical transportation business—though certainly, it is not going anywhere any time soon. The need for bulk chemical transport remains a major one among many companies, and as such, the facilities, equipment, drivers, and experience of Heniff Transportation Systems remain in high demand. Robert Heniff, Hinsdale professional, is excited to see where his company is headed, as it continues to play a true leadership role in an ever-changing industry.

The company has always been proud of its array of equipment, for example, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. The equipment itself, however, will almost surely change. The business is excited by any and all opportunities to keep his company’s offerings current and cutting edge; this is exactly what he hopes the future will bring.

Robert also hopes to see his company continuing to excel at a high level. The company has received the Eastman Chemical Supplier of the Year Award several times in the past, including in 2012 and in 2013. Heniff hopes the company continues to live up to that high standard—fulfilling all of its customers’ needs and offering the highest standards of service.

But what about the future of Rob himself? The company’s prospects aside, he also hopes the future will afford him just a little more time to enjoy his favorite out-of-office pastimes. In particular, Robert Heniff, Hinsdale hopes to receive more opportunities to play golf, and to watch his beloved Chicago Bears and Blackhawks play.

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  • Marist High School , United States , 4200 W 115th St, Chicago, Illinois 60655
  • Bradley University , United States , 1501 W Bradley Ave, Peoria, Illinois 61625
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  • Owner , United States , 2015 Spring Rd Oak Brook, Illinois
    01/1998 to 12/2099
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