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Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT green expert, is dominating the northeast solar power industry.
Solar power developer Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT native, has years of industry experience as the head of SHR Energy Management. As the company’s founder and general partner, he has helped SHR become a notable supplier of Connecticut energy. The company offers complete turnkey energy efficiency and turnkey solar power as well, including planning, designing, financing, and general construction for clients and customers.

The all-in-one solar provider becomes the single authoritative point of contact for its customers. This improves accountability, overall efficiency, and company transparency on both ends. In addition, the company finances and acquires solar projects from other companies in the industry. Noel believes this is the best way to grow SHR, and has continued to do so for several years.

Lafayette is also known to consult to city governments, commercial builders, and architects who want to build greener, more energy efficient buildings. Green technology has boomed over the last decade, as more people realize its global importance and value. Lafayette, with SHR at his back, is able to make a major difference.

Most of the company’s competitors focus on one or two elements of solar power, such as design and construction. SHR Energy Management, on the other hand, is able to provide comprehensive services. This allows both Lafayette and the company to operate efficiently— the key element to any green power supplier. He was also one of the first developers to market in the northeast. To date, Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT solar developer, has proven himself time and time again in the green industry.
Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT entrepreneur founded SHR Energy Management in 2006. As mentioned, he was one of the first major solar developers to enter the northeast market. The region is not known for its bright days and long summers, though he proved that innovation and efficiency could overcome any obstacle. Since 2006, he has engrossed himself with every aspect of solar power. He understands the specifics of the industry and utilizes his experience in business to drive SHR forward.

He has shaped his company into a comprehensive resource for all things solar. This includes financing, legal assistance, construction, and regulatory policy. Combined, these elements allow SHR Energy Management to better serve every client no matter the scope of the project. Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT businessman, lives by his company’s credo: “We do not sell products, we develop solutions.”

The company focuses on a client-centric business model, consultation, and service. It understands the importance of educating its clients and the community on the benefits of solar power, such as the reduction of carbon emissions and the return on investment gained by solar systems. This focus on transparency is another reason why he has become a notable authority on solar power in Connecticut. He treats his clients like partners, each of whom are entitled to information and knowledge pertaining to the product.

Other than solar system development, SHR Energy Management is starting to expand into new areas like energy storage, fuel cells, and micro turbines. The company and its founder, Noel is always on the lookout for the next big thing in energy management and green solutions.

Personally speaking, Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT resident, has worked for a number of companies throughout the world in various industries. After graduating with a BA in political science and an MA in education from the Sacred Heart University, he joined Motorola Korea as an English language business skill trainer. In this position, he trained the Seoul, Korea-based office on English in the workplace. He even maintained a high level of voluntary attendance and instructed entry-level workers as well as high-level executives.

Noel came back home to Connecticut in 2000 where he worked for Steephill Marketing. As a manufacturer’s representative, he was responsible for developing new business with clients across the country. At Steephill Marketing, he was the liaison between domestic executives and Chinese manufacturers. One of his primary tasks was developing and executing marketing plans for clients. This marketing experience helped prepare Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT entrepreneur, launch his future ventures.

After two years, he became the associate director in the merchant and investment banking advisory sector of the Maidstone Capital Corporation. Based in Westport, Connecticut, Lafayette was responsible for maintaining investor relationships and referrals. He even increased debt refinancing by more than 20 percent in a single year, and raised 56 percent of the capital needed to start up the real estate division. He also sought out high net angel investors.

Lafayette became the development manager of UPC Solar Management’s northeast division in 2007. In this position, he prospected and developed a massive pipeline of new clients that led to a $40 million portfolio. He was also responsible for directing project development efforts and managing the entire sales process. This included everything from handling engineers and financers to legal teams and upper management.

Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT native, joined Steephill Capital in 2009 and obtained job in sales and financial consulting to renewable energy power developers. At Steephill, he consulted for a small merchant investment banking group and provided industry expertise to channel partners, clients, and others. He became the lead business developer in the northeast for Del Solar Development, a California-based company, and was responsible for handling project details and managing marketing campaigns.

Lafayette then became a limited partner for Steep Hill Renewables in 2011. In this position, he developed solar projects and brought concepts into reality. His deep understanding of the industry, marketing, and relationship building led the company to new heights. Today, Noel drives SHR forward in every capacity.
As a partner for Steep Hill Renewables, Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT, is responsible for handling state-by-state regulations and investigating market potential. Like other professionals in the green industry, the first priority is proving that renewable energy is feasible anywhere, for any price. He brought investors into the company, simplified the development process, and continues to revitalize SHR’s business practices to maximize efficiency.

With 14 years of development experience, Lafayette has already proved himself in the solar energy field. He understands that what he does makes the world a cleaner, more efficient place and does everything he can to prove this to potential clients. As a partner and developer, it is his job to find prospective clients and turn these ideas into realities. Solar energy is an interesting industry that is always evolving due to technology as well, which opens up new opportunities for development.

In addition to making strides in the green industry, he has done his fair share of philanthropic work. There are countless instances where he donated time, effort, and capital to causes and organizations around the world. He believes that it is everyone’s innate duty to help those in need and support foundations that support better, safer lives.

In a professional sense, Lafayette is interested in aligning SHR Energy Management with the mass commercialization of solar energy. It is an applicable technology for the home and office, and new uses are being found every day. He is dedicated to bringing these ideas to the marketplace as well. On a personal level, Noel Lafayette, Weston, CT energy specialist, enjoys making the world a better, greener place.

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