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Tim Quocksister is the president of Silver Arrow Performance Cars in British Columbia, Canada.
There is no question that if someone is looking for an impressive performance vehicle in the British Columbia, Canada, area, Tim Quocksister’s Silver Arrow Performance Cars is the place to go. He is the resident there and has been dealing with cars for more than 16 years. He knows all about cars and what to do to keep them looking beautiful when they roll off of the lot.

The problem he finds is that a lot of people do not know how to properly keep up with the maintenance and care for their cars. For people who collect cars, the day could come on any vehicle where the offer is right and the car will be sold. If it hasn’t been kept up as perfectly as it could be, that offer could be significantly less than what the owner wants.

Some people think they know what they’re doing, but can actually cause more damage with their mistakes. For example, car collectors know that cars need to be protected from the sunlight and the weather, but novice car collectors opt for tarps or heavy canvas. These do not allow the car to breathe and can trap mold and moisture, however, which is damaging to the car. Tim Quocksister always recommends a lightweight cover to protect the car from the elements. He also always makes sure when selling a particularly difficult to find car that the owners will have proper storage space for it.
Tim Quocksister began his relationship with cars after he graduated from Oak Bay High School in 1997. He was a general sales manager with Mercedes-Benz and learned all about the business of selling cars. He learned just as much about the people coming in to buy and how to deal with them as he did the cars, which led to him moving into his current position as president of Silver Arrow Performance Cars just four years later in 2001.

Tim Quocksister really appreciates performance cars, which is why he got started with Mercedes-Benz in the first place. He believes that performance cars are superior to luxury vehicles because luxury vehicles only look pretty, while performance vehicles usually look good and can walk the walk on the road as well.

Though he currently serves as president of Silver Arrow Performance Cars, he’s still a terrific salesman. He recently sold three performance automobiles at Russo & Steele, a collector’s automobile auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., back in January 2013. The first was a 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster, which brought in $727,100 including premiums. This vehicle has such a high ticket because it was one of the first to incorporate a light frame with a tubular shape. The frame was designed by Rudolf Uhlenhaut and said to be a triumph in modern engineering at the time. Only 1,000 of these cars were ever brought to the United States.

The second car was a 2006 Ford GT. The car was designed just like the racing cars in the 1960s on the outside with an updated, modern touch on the interior. This car moved for $206,250 at the auction. Finally, he sent his 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo Slantnose to the auction as well. This is a modern take on the classic cars, which is now what most performance automobile collectors are looking for.

Tim Quocksister is a man who is all about cars in his professional life. When it comes to his personal life, however, he is dedicated to supporting charities and fundraisers that have causes that hit close to home. For example, he has supported the Ride to Conquer Cancer for a long time. He lost his aunt Eileen Wiese to cancer when he was just a 12-year-old boy. He dedicated the ride, which is 240 kilometers throughout the Pacific Northwest, to her memory each year. The annual race, which takes place in June, raised $9.2 million in 2009 and when he was the captain in 2010, he and his more than 60 riders raised $245,000. It was an impressive feat that was all done out of the love and respect for the fighter that was his Aunt Eileen.

Another race he takes part in to help raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation and others is the Twin Cities in Motion 10k race. He ran this race in a time of 1:51:50 back in 2012 and hopes to improve on his time in 2013. The race also raised money for four other charities including Raise-A-Reader and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Sticking with his outdoors theme, Tim Quocksister has also been a volunteer with Power To Be. This charity supports and provides various programs to youth that need positive influences in their lives. A lot of the adventures that the volunteers take children on take place in the outdoors and can involve canoeing on a river to climbing and going for hikes. He has been an avid supporter and volunteer of Power To Be for a few years now and enjoys helping kids get outside and have fun in the wilderness.

As someone who loves cars so much, it should not be a surprise that he would have had his hands in a fundraiser that involved cars at some point. He believes strongly in helping raise cash for sick kids, which is why he acted as a sponsor to Children’s Health Foundation in 2012. He took part in their Motorcar Gathering based in Vancouver in 2012 to help raise money for kids and their families who are in need in Vancouver as well as on the Gulf Islands. Over the past three years, Children’s Health Foundation has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for these kids and their families.

Tim Quocksister has also been a sponsor of the Boys & Girls club, specifically in the greater Victoria area. This is a program that helps children grow and learn in a safe environment through the help of responsible adults. A charity with wide-reaching results in both the United States and Canada, the Boys & Girls Club holds educational seminars and lifestyle classes for kids to help them grow.

Finally, in another attempt to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation, he was a donor at the Jingle Mingle auction back in 2011. He helped donate to a package that was valued as priceless because of the memories it provided. The winner received two plane tickets to Vancouver, where they would then have two of the best seats in the house for a Canucks hockey game. They received an autographed Manny Malhotra jersey and met the Canucks players as well. After the game, they went to dinner at La Brasserie and spent their evening in a suite at a hotel in downtown Vancouver. It is clear that Tim Quocksister will do all he can to help raise money for the charities he feels passionate about.
Tim Quocksister has no intention to end his love of performance cars anytime soon. Whether the economy is booming or it is struggling, there is always a market for people to buy classic cars. He wants to focus on buyers who are looking to not just make investments but are interested in buying something that they have been trying to find for years. His favorite customers are people who are looking for the Ferrari they couldn’t afford when they were in high school, or the classic Aston Martin they have wanted since watching James Bond movies as a kid. He hopes to bring joy to these kind of customers in the coming years.

He also hopes to educate more people on the joys of owning classic cars and how everyone, even people who are not car enthusiasts, can get wrapped up in a good classic car. For example, a restorer car is a great way for fathers and sons to connect while the son learns about cars and how to care for them. It is a good way to show them how to save money and build a quality car while putting in hard work and effort.

Tim Quocksister believes that as time goes on, the cars that will continue to be popular are the ones that are still hot today: roadster cars from the 1960s. These cars can still keep up with the majority of cars on the highway these days and do not cost a lot since there are no fancy computers and very little wiring necessary. They’re simple to repair and look beautiful, so their value will only grow.

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