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Louis Desmarteaux

United States
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Louis Desmarteaux is a tennis instructor who has experienced success at the highest amateur levels.

Louis Desmarteaux is a professional tennis trainer and private coach to junior tennis players in the New England area. He has spent years perfecting his tennis game and teaches his students through a mixture of his experience gained from playing tennis in college at a big university and playing around the world at high-stakes amateur events in front of big crowds.

One of the most important things in tennis is overall fitness. Louis Desmarteaux takes his job very seriously and hates to see his students and players missing time because of injuries that could have and should have been avoided. He regularly instructs them to make sure they are staying physically active and eating well so they can stay on the court. For example, he offers training tips on how to build up the muscles in the arm and wrist to help his students and players avoid missing time due to tennis elbow. He also points beginner students toward comfortable gear that will help them avoid injury.

He never allows his players and students to train through injuries, as that can only make the situation worse. Many people do not realize how taxing the game of tennis can be on the body since there is no person-to-person contact, but running, jumping and sliding on grass, concrete or clay for hours on end can do a lot of damage to a person, especially in their feet. He always encourages his students and players to be careful of stress fractures and to invest in a solid, comfortable pair of shoes.

Louis Desmarteaux has a widely varied back story. Like a lot of people with backgrounds in sports, he decided to pursue a degree that would help him in his business life going forward. He attended St. John’s University in Queens, New York and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts along with a minor in Business Administration.

His time at St. John’s also gave him a lot of time to grow his tennis abilities. He participated with the men’s tennis squad all four years while at school. His leadership capabilities were apparent after just his first season and he served as a team captain in his sophomore, junior and senior season. Louis Desmarteaux regularly held the honor of filling the spot of first singles, a role reserved for the strongest player on a tennis team. He also played on the first doubles team, which again showed his ability to communicate well and be a good teammate. The prestige that came with playing as one of the top players at a Big East Conference school certainly helped boost his resume later when bringing on students to train.

Another thing that helped show his merit as a professional trainer was the experience he got while working at the Weymouth Club. The Weymouth Club is a fitness center that allows people to focus on many areas of their fitness, but he strictly focused on working with people and helping them expand their tennis games. He gave the best junior tennis players at the club lessons during an intense 14-week period that all helped them improve on the court in one way or another. Louis Desmarteaux also was able to use the business skills he was learning about at St. John’s to build up a client base and a network of connections that supplied him with opportunities for private lessons.

Before and during his time at St. John’s, he earned a lot of awards based on his abilities on the tennis court and in the classroom. He was recognized as one of the top junior players in the country of Canada from 1997 until 2002. From 2003 until 2005, he was named a part of the Big East All-Academic team, and from 2005 through 2007 he was part of the ITA Academic All-America team. He also proved his prowess in the Big East Tournament, earning a spot on the All Big East Tournament team in 2004, 2006 and 2007.

After graduating from St. John’s, Louis Desmarteaux established his own personal business that worked in his love of tennis, offering mentor services, fitness training services and even acted as a private coach for his students. He has trained some of the best junior players in the country, with dozens of his players going on to play at the NCAA level. At least one of his players went on to become a top-ranked junior player in the New England region and on the national level.

Though he knew he would be successful in his training career, Louis Desmarteaux was also proud of his academic achievements and wanted to continue his academic career. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he enrolled at Northwestern University as a grad student. He finished a few years later with his MBA from the noted program.

As someone who has received a lot of recognition for his professional skills, he realizes how lucky he has been. For that reason, he has always made it an effort to give back to those around him who are less fortunate. In his time at St. John’s he served as a member of the Help Feed the Homeless charity on campus, which ensured that the local homeless community of Queens did not go hungry. He was also able to combine his love of fitness and philanthropy when he took part in the St. John’s University Midnight Run for the Homeless on multiple occasions.

While playing college tennis is nothing to sneeze at, Louis Desmarteaux felt he still had more in his tank and decided to keep playing tournaments after graduation. He has seen success at multiple levels, the first of which came at the Artoc Group Tennis Challenge in 2007 which was held in Cairo, Egypt, in which his team defeated the Egyptian team. He competed in the USTA New England Men’s Open in both 2009 and 2010. He finished ranked No. 1 overall in singles and doubles play after the 2010 tournament.

He also took part in an Australian Open. It wasn’t the one that steals the headlines, but the Kia Amateur Australian Open is one of the biggest spotlights for amateur players in the world. He was the U.S. Champion there in both 2009 and 2010. He finished third overall in 2009 before taking top honors in 2010.
Throughout his experience playing tennis around the world, Louis Desmarteaux has picked up a lot of valuable experience that other trainers who have only played stateside have not. He has traveled to every continent except for Antarctica, so he has been able to talk to his students and players about what it is like traveling long distances for tournaments and how to stay focused and healthy once they arrive at their location. He instructs them to remember the reason why they are there: business, not pleasure. That means staying dedicated to a healthy diet and not indulging in the local cuisine that might seem very tempting. They also cannot be out sightseeing all day before a match because they have to stick to their well-planned practice routines as well.

He also tells them to talk to everyone they meet and to be personable, making connections as they go along. As he learned from his days at the Weymouth Club, networking and keeping in contact with people who are interested in tennis can help greatly down the line. Overall, Louis Desmarteaux believes that these intangibles are just as important for tennis players to learn as the rest of the things he teaches them on the court are.

Louis Desmarteaux is focused on training his students and players and ensuring they have success at whatever level they hope to perform. For some, that could mean getting a scholarship to a top university in the country to help them get their degree. For others, a scholarship may come from their natural talent, so they are more focused on perfecting their game to help them at the professional and international level. Others might just want to be the best at their country club, so they go to him for help with the basic things that will help them trounce the beginners. Whatever his clients are looking for, he hopes to provide those services for years to come.

It is worth nothing that Louis Desmarteaux hopes to expand the business, which would mean taking on new clients, many of whom would likely be beginners. He is working on expanding his plans for beginners and already has a few points in mind that he will teach them. He understands that some people do not realize how physical the game of tennis actually is, so he will teach future beginners how to get into the gym and build up their fitness levels in order to succeed on the court. Many people will go and buy the first piece of equipment they see in their favorite color, which is a mistake since it comes down to level of comfort, not look. He hopes to educate his customers better on what equipment is right for them.

  • 08/2006 to 05/2008
    : Northwestern University
    : MBA
    : United States
  • 04/2002 to 08/2006
    : St. John's University
    : Communications
    : United States
Career History
  • 04/2007 to 12/2099
    : Tennis Instructor
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Professional Trainer
    : United States
    : Weymouth, MA
Core Competencies
  • Tennis Instructor
  • Tennis Video Lessons
  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition
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