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John Salkowski, a Leadership Mentor and Motivational Speaker, is a well-known Pennsylvania entrepreneur.
John Salkowski speaks, teaches, and mentor for a living. As an author and motivator, his real-world experience in law enforcement has prepared him to enter into the motivational arena. One of his keys to success is overwhelming dedication to learning about the productivity and performance industry. In fact, John spends at least two hours a day reading trending articles on time management, relationships, wealth, health, leadership, and business. On top of this, he is frequently finishing books on professional development and business.

Other than motivating others and speaking, John Salkowski is a single father of one daughter. Due to his current professional life, he does everything he can to instill a sense of self-worth and discipline, and he reinforces positive habits into his daughter’s everyday routine.

He regularly speaks to corporations, business organizations and executive leaders. John has spoken in colleges, in front of youth groups, to sports organizations, businesses, and anyone else who is interested in learning how to lead more productive lives. One of his primary focuses is on leadership, and one of his current topics, “How to make split-second leadership decisions when the direction and success of your organization depends on it,” has been heard by countless leaders.

His decisive nature is one reason Salkowski has become a notable speaker on that exact subject. He researches pressure in the workplace and how people react to different scenarios, boiling down the essential elements that make split decisions work or fail for organizations. His mantra, “Decisive leaders are successful leaders,” applies to every industry or person in the world.
John Salkowski is best known as an author and the founder of Achieve Success Academy, a popular blog. Much of his experience was generated through his 15 years of service as a police officer, when making split decisions was paramount to survival and safety.

John was an entrepreneur from a young age, doing everything from raking leaves and cutting grass to running errands and shoveling snow for pocket change. Since John was 13 he was living on his own, an experience that taught him that common sense, perseverance and determination were the keys to overcoming adversity. This upbringing prepared him for a career in the trenches, and he credits it as one of the reasons he has such perseverance toward success.

He grew up in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, in a struggling household. He got away from his home life after he decided it was best to separate himself from poverty, adversity, and struggle. John Salkowski went on to attend the Montgomery County Community College and received an associate degree in criminal justice. He was then recruited into the University of Alabama’s football team and made one of five highly competitive walk-on spots the team offered. He played linebacker for a year, yet after a wrist injury, he left the team.

One of his biggest regrets was having to leave the team, a decision that no one was there to help him make. Instead of making a similar mistake, John Salkowski took it onto himself to help others avoid lasting life mistakes.

After his brief career in college football, John became a police officer and was granted numerous awards for bravery, merit, and unit citations. He garnered media attention for his community leadership and was even featured as one of the area’s top business leaders by Philadelphia Magazine.

Since his career as a police officer, Salkowski has dedicated his life to both his daughter and evolving his craft. He spends countless hours a day compiling motivational information and developing new ways to mentor businesses, business professionals, executives and organizations on leading with decisiveness, and finding success in their personal and professional world. His main goal is leaving people better than when he found them, a goal he has accomplished countless times over.

John Salkowski has become a notable motivational speaker, business mentor, and author over the last few years. One of his signature presentations is titled “Leadership in the Line of Duty,” 50 Leadership Lessons for Making Split-Second Decisions from a Cop Who Has Been in Life and Death Situations. He regularly speaks to different groups and organizations and pulls from his experiences in law enforcement, focusing most of his conversations on making split-second decisions.

John Salkowski is also heavily involved with philanthropy and volunteerism or, more specifically, how the act of helping others helps people obtain higher levels of happiness. Being happy means that a person is better prepared to succeed in the workplace, have more self-confidence, and have a stronger social connection to the world.

Volunteerism, of course, is more than just donating a few hours or a pair of shoes to a fundraiser. The best forms of giving involve one-on-one interaction through which volunteers can see immediate results of these actions. The same concept translates into the business world as well, especially when leaders fail to recognize that employee interaction is one of the keys to a happier, more productive workplace.

As a motivational speaker, Salkowski has learned that public speaking is only part of the challenge. Going before a crowd in any capacity, whether as a performance coach, business leader, or student, is overwhelming, especially when people are there to learn new skills or hear unique points of view.

To fully engage an audience, it is important for any public speaker to pull from life experiences and use anecdotes to deliver a point or message. John Salkowski, due to his experience in law enforcement, has plenty of real-world examples to pull from and understands how to develop a takeaway point for his various audiences.
John Salkowski’s main goal is to continue making a lasting impact on those who want to live healthier, happier lives and become successful in life and business. He is already a best-selling author of three books, and he continues writing as well as speaking and motivating his audiences. One of his main focuses in his talks is helping people find their “Why” power, a concept he developed and shared to thousands of leaders and everyday listeners.

Professionally speaking, Salkowski looks forward to leadership mentoring, consulting, and speaking to leaders all over the country. He is starting to hold seminars on leadership success for small groups, and he aims to help larger audiences develop and strengthen their personal and professional lives.

Most importantly, John wants to continue reinforcing positive habits and lifestyle choices to his daughter. This includes education, personal development, and overall health. He himself is a ferocious goal setter and always has the highest standards toward achievement, a personality “quirk” that has led him to live a clean, impactful life that has benefited countless leaders throughout the country.

One of his main topics of conversation is helping people create a work-life balance. He explores how setting priorities is key, especially when people have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities at home and in the workplace. Next, people should track their time and eliminate unessential stress to focus on single activities at a time. John Salkowski's motivational dialogues include anecdotes pulled from real-life experience, audience conversations, and takeaways that positively influence his listeners.

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11/03/2019 @ 01:03 pm

John Salkowski owns The JRS Realty Group in King of Prussia. He is a good leader and a hard working guy. He seems to really care which you may not expect of a realtor

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  • University of Alabama , United States , Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Bachelor's, Criminal Justice
    01/1990 - 01/1992
  • Montgomery County Community College , United States , Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

    Associates, Criminal Justice
    01/1988 - 01/1990
Career History
  • CEO/Founder , United States , King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
    08/2006 to 12/2099
  • Police Officer , United States , Lower Merion, Pennsylvania

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    08/1997 to 05/2006
  • Police Officer , United States , Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

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    04/1993 to 08/1997
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