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Inducing pluripotent cells directly from the patient's own cells to generate tissue or cells may resolve some of the problems associated with using ESC, including the problems of immunorejection and the ethical issues.

Bone marrow stem cells are used to replace blood cells in people suffering from leukemia and other cancers (Goldman et al., ). Burn victims are also benefiting from stem cell therapy, which allows for new skin cells to be grafted as a replacement for those that have been damaged (Janes et al., ).

The third challenge is how to prevent immunorejection after stem cell transplantation. Immunological rejection is a major barrier to successful stem cell transplantation. A person's immune system may also recognize the transplanted cells as foreign bodies and this can trigger an immune reaction that results in the rejection of the transplanted cells.

One challenge facing researchers is how to control and regulate the process to successfully trigger differentiation into the desired cell type after the stem cells have been isolated. When some defined transcription factors are transferred into somatic cells, somatic cells can directly reprogram to differentiate into other cell types without passing through a pluripotent state.

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