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Joyce Kamps
United States
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Joyce Kamps is an accomplished accounting professional with more than a decade of experience in various business settings.

Joyce Kamps has spent much of her life working in the accounting industry but still has an incredibly diverse and well-developed background. From her start doing the billing for a gold jewelry casting shop in Manhattan, to becoming an integral part of the financial management of much larger corporations, she has achieved much success. Throughout her career she has expanded and refined her skills, making her a valuable asset to the companies she has served. She started off with an associate’s degree in business and went on to get her bachelor of arts of business management. These degrees, in combination with her experience, have given her a strong foundation on which to build.
She has a proven track record of helping companies to streamline their daily business processes, reduce operating expenses, and increase operational efficiency and revenue. This benefits the companies by allowing them to become more productive and continue to grow while keeping their finances in check. Some of her areas of expertise include:

• Financial statement preparation
• Fixed asset management
• Budgeting development
• Fluctuation reporting
• Grant management
• Cash flow management
• Inventory
• Sales and property tax
• 1099 prep
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Payroll
• Account reconciliation
• Compliance

Kamps’ leadership skills and initiative have driven her to implement many beneficial procedures and processes in the workplace. She has helped to train others to ensure that they are up-to-date and proficient on current practices. Her knowledge, experience, and dedication have earned her multiple promotions, leading her to serve in positions of increasing responsibility.

Joyce has had the opportunity to work for several different companies throughout her accounting career. Each one has permitted her to further refine and develop her skills as well as learn new ones. She has gained experience in a variety of different settings and situations, each giving her a more diverse background to draw from.
After graduating from high school, Joyce went on to attend State Island College where she earned her associate’s degree in business. While she was attending school she spent time working as a layout artist for a local newspaper, and also as an assistant in a dental office. She knew what it meant to work hard and was determined to succeed. Though she planned to continue on and get her bachelor’s degree, when her mother had a stroke she decided to get a job close to home and help her mother to recover. She continued working as a layout artist. Later on she did go back to school and earn her bachelor’s degree in business management from St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California.
Starting Out in Accounting
Her first accounting job only lasted a few weeks but gave her some experience to build off of. She was responsible for the billing for a gold jewelry casting shop in Manhattan. She quickly became bored with the job, however, and wanted something more challenging. She received a call from a head hunter who had an exciting opportunity for her. Moving up in the world, she took a position as an accounts receivable junior accountant with Columbia Pictures. Not only did it pay more, it was located on Fifth Avenue and would give her the chance to further develop her accounting skills.
Joyce Kamps fell in love with her new job. It was her responsibility to keep the changing history of each theater organized. As new ones opened, older ones closed, and others added additional screens. She kept the books current for each one. Her supervisor soon taught her how to do his job as well and she took on new responsibilities. Within nine months, she was promoted to an accounts receivable accountant. Her new position entailed entering the invoices for each of the theaters throughout the United States and sending out the billing. She quickly became proficient at her work and her boss took notice.
Soon she found herself receiving another promotion. This time she became the data coordinator for online systems. She played an integral part of developing the system which allowed each branch to enter their own invoices instead of sending them to headquarters. She collaborated with the programmers on the accounting aspects of the program and the flow of data. Once the system was complete, she traveled to the different branches, teaching other employees how to properly use it.
Joyce Kamps’ hard work and skill were continually recognized and she earned additional promotions. She went from data coordinator to accounts receivable supervisor to assistant accounts receivable manager. Her proficiency with the new system quickly grew and she became the go-to person when anyone had questions or problems. She made sure that problems were addressed and the system was modified as necessary. In fact, with her help, the system worked so well that the company eventually abolished the accounts receivable department and each branch became responsible for their own accounting.
Throughout her time at Columbia Pictures her hard work and talent were recognized repeatedly. She had managed to clean up the accounting department and streamline their daily processes. Upon leaving, her supervisor wrote her a glowing recommendation that highlighted what a strong asset she was to the company. Joyce Kamps went on to move to California, earn her bachelor’s degree, and take on positions with several different companies.
Northern Institute for Research and Education, San Francisco, CA
As a controller, Joyce Kamps was able to identify and collect $3 million in outstanding accounts receivable debt. She implemented accounting policies and procedures that increased the company’s revenue by 35 percent within two years. Her skill in auditing decreased audit close by six months, eliminated exceptions, and reduced risk exposure levels. She was also responsible for overseeing the work of 10 other employees in the accounting department.
Outcast Communications, San Francisco, CA
Also working here as a controller, Kamps was instrumental in reducing outstanding accounts receivable, bad debts expenses, and operating expenses. She introduced beneficial cost control measures to support these reductions.
Oakcare Medical Group, Inc., Oakland, CA
Kamps assumed a chief financial role within this multi-million dollar healthcare organization. She took on the responsibility of directing all financial management and accounting functions. Under her direction, accurate financial reports were developed which assisted management in making more sound business decisions. She reduced external accounting expenses by 60 percent through the introduction of cost containment strategies and helped to develop and evaluate the annual budget. To better support the goals of the company, she established accounting policies and procedures within the accounting department.
Delivery Agent, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Working as an account manager, Kamps was responsible for multi-state payroll including benefits PTO, commuter checks, FSAs, and 401K plans. She also streamlined processes for Internet retail sales through ensuring that customers were charged the correct amount, filing returns and payments, and monitoring compliance with changing tax laws.
Pets Unlimited, San Francisco, CA
During the year that Joyce Kamps worked here, she managed to clean up and balance five years worth of poor bookkeeping and accounting. Through her work, she reduced the cost of workers compensation insurance by $9,000, updated all fixed assets, reconciled accounts, and managed the annual audit. She greatly improved the overall financial functioning of the company.
Volunteer Efforts
Volunteering is another way that Kamps helped to benefit others through her work. As a teenager she spent time with her church youth group tutoring underprivileged children and feeding the hungry. She was paired up with a young boy who was struggling in school and had already failed the fifth grade twice. He was in danger of failing again. She built a rapport with him and as she helped him with his school work, he taught her to play football. She took the time to get to know him and would make sure that he had something to eat so that she knew he would not go home hungry. Her hard work and dedication helped the young boy to bring his grades up to Bs. Joyce Kamps was so proud of him and the work he had done and felt good that she was able to play an active part in his progress.

Joyce Kamps continues to follow her passion and talent for accounting. She stays on top of the latest trends and developments to ensure that she is at the top of her game. Her varied experiences and wide range of skills make her an asset to any company. She has a proven track record of helping companies to reduce their expenses, increase their revenue, and streamline their operations. She will continue to pursue activities that help her to grow and refine her skills and allow her to benefit the accounting industry.
She plans to continue following her love of traveling. She has traveled throughout her career and enjoys visiting foreign countries. She has already been to places such as Italy, France, Morocco, Scandinavia, Canada, Spain, Russia, and more. In the future she would like to visit even more countries and further develop her knowledge and appreciation for different cultures.
In her free time she enjoys volunteering, reading, cooking, and attending the opera and ballet. She will continue to take part in these activities as they have become part of who she is. She grew up baking with her mother and it is something that she has continued to enjoy ever since. Kamps has also developed a love for animals and nurses sick birds back to health. She owns two dogs and one bird herself.
Joyce has built a strong professional career for herself and will continue to pursue her interests in accounting. Joyce Kamps works to achieve balance between her personal and professional life and will continue to follow her passions in both areas.

Core Competencies
  • Sales and property tax
  • GAAP
  • Budgeting development
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Cash flow management
  • 1099 prep
  • Fluctuation reporting
  • Account reconciliation
  • Fixed asset management
  • Payroll
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