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Roderick Kagy is a successful executive in Fortune 100 organizations , entrepreneurial start-ups, and leader in business management with a long history of humanitarian advocacy.
Roderick Kagy’s impressive aptitude for business is matched only by his great love for humanity. Through his business success, Kagy has devoted himself to improving society through advancing humanitarian causes all across the world.

As the CEO of the Global Business Team of the One World Foundation, he leads his firm in its investments into affordable housing and improving infrastructure in emerging nations across Africa, including Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia. He is also in charge of leading initiatives to provide the citizens of these nations with cleaner water and better orphanages, affordable housing, and to combat major societal problems, such as sex trafficking and child homelessness.

Roderick also serves as an advisor to Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, a company that has become a leader in the research of Alzheimer’s disease and HIV and a premier developer of pharmaceutical treatment for these diseases. In addition, Kagy is also a founding member of the Lighthouse United Ministry as well as an honored member of the Christian CEO organization DC Metro C-12.

Roderick Kagy is also an active member of his local church, where he regularly attends services as well as teaching Bible studies himself. Through doing so, he is able to meet other like-minded individuals who share his faith and engage in intelligent discussion that helps him learn just as much as his students.

But more than any of his other accomplishments throughout the worlds of business and philanthropy, Roderick is most proud of his title as a devoted father. While Kagy immensely enjoys his work in both executive business and in helping ease the problems of modern international society, he enjoys his work as a dad even more so.
Roderick Kagy was born and raised on a farm in Northern Ohio, where he grew up surrounded by many purebred sheep and majestic Arabian horses. This instilled in young Roderick a deep interest in animals that he still holds to this day. This is also where he developed his love of reading. For the longest time, he also enjoyed playing basketball. A knee injury that he sustained in high school unfortunately put a premature end to this passion. However, he has still followed the sport as an avid fan, cheering on his favorite teams from home.

Education and Leadership Training

Roderick Kagy realized from a young age that, if he wanted to succeed in whatever career field that he eventually chose, he first had to make a dedicated investment in his own education. This realization led him to enroll with Ohio State University, where he began his college coursework studying science and agriculture. He achieved great academic success during his time here, eventually graduating in 1990 with a bachelor of science degree in science and agriculture. His graduation GPA of 3.0 also saw him obtain cum laude recognition along with his degree.

During his years with Ohio State University, Roderick was also voted one of the top 20 students on the campus. He also became actively involved in fraternity life on two different fronts. The first was his appointment as vice president of Delta Zeta Sigma, a Greek life fraternity. The second was his election to the vice presidency of the public relations department for the entire intra-fraternal council at Ohio State. Both of these positions with both of these organizations would later prove to have been very valuable leadership experiences once Roderick began his business executive career.

Also during his studies with Ohio State University, Roderick Kagy took the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England. This experience helped open his mind and widened his worldview considerably. Just like his time with his fraternity leadership, this would later prove to be an intrinsically valuable experience once Kagy got further along in his career. Roderick himself considers his time at Oxford as one of the most formative events in his entire educational career.

Ciba Geigy

Directly out of college in 1990, Roderick joined the giant Fortune 100 company Ciba Geigy near Chicago, IL as a sales manager. His extraordinary accomplishments in sales so shortly after his initial hiring led him to be granted the title of “Rookie of the Year.” Soon afterward, still at the young age of 23, Kagy received a promotion to the position of market development specialist for Columbus, Ohio. This made Roderick Kagy directly responsible for managing the relationship between two of the massive company’s biggest clients.

As it would turn out, Roderick only worked as a market development specialist for a single year. After this, he was promoted yet again to the role of district manager. This put him in charge of 12 territory managers and more than 300 internal and external sales representatives spread throughout an area of three separate states. This position also made him a member of the prestigious biotech development team. It was in this capacity that he was directly responsible for a growth in business totaling well over 300 percent.

Roderick’s rapid rise through Ciba Geigy peaked in 1994 with yet another promotion, this time to the position of regional business manager. His responsibilities again covered several states throughout Midwestern America. His quick promotion also made Kagy the youngest person to ever hold this position in company history – an achievement of which he is still immensely proud.

Continued Work Experience

In 1996, Roderick Kagy left his successful career with Ciba Geigy to help in the formation of the New Technology Company Precision Food Corporation. In this capacity, he created a dozen different and successful technology development agreements with 12 separate Fortune 500 companies. He also aided in the creation of more than 31 rapid analysis applications for the food industry that are still being utilized to this day.

Kagy rounded out this highly successful career move with by negotiating the licensing and sale of Precision Food Corporation in 2001. His clients during this entire period included such powerful and recognizable names as Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and the National Soy Research and Development Council.

Roderick Kagy then went on in 2002 to become a community developer. In this role, he helped with the successful financing, construction, and completion of a number of different land projects, historic redevelopments, and affordable housing projects. The most notable of these projects include the following:

• The Gold Bond Apartments
• The Avery St. Apartments
• The Galion Central Hotel
• The American Discount Building (the renovation of which received national recognition)

Roderick also successfully developed and financed several section 42 affordable senior housing communities and 12 section 48 historic renovations. These projects totaled a combined value of more than $75 million.

As a land developer, he also orchestrated the assemblage of more than 15 parcels of land and changed their zoning to a more eco-friendly urban village design. He also secured financing to create a development with 1,200 units that was valued at over $180 million.

In addition to his work with the field, Roderick Kagy has also been a speaker on issues pertaining to sustainable and holistic community development on an affordable, environmentally friendly basis. He has spoken nationally at Green Building Conferences and been a consultant to cities, private corporations, and local governments alike.

Kagy then became the CEO of the One World Foundation, a remarkably charitable organization based out of Washington, D.C. Like Roderick with his business career, One World has dedicated itself to providing critical assistance for communities in need throughout both the United States and Africa. To further this mission, it has hired only the most qualified individuals that it can find, seeking out those who have proven themselves to be champions in their chosen field. This includes individuals like Roderick Kagy who have seen the needs of the underprivileged throughout the world and now work to bring social justice to those less fortunate.
Roderick Kagy remains intensely devoted to his career, particularly to his responsibilities in helping those less fortunate all over the world. Although he has already accomplished great things with the One World Foundation, so long as impoverished communities still face significant social issues, his work will not be done. He knows that he cannot save the entire world even with his skilled business know-how and willingness to give back. He can, however, make a huge difference in many lives across the globe, and plans to continue doing just that.

Kagy also continues to study both spirituality and human culture, two subjects that have brought him endless fascination throughout his life. He is a devoted follower of Jesus and is passionate about helping the world know and experience the love of God through Jesus Christ. He nurtures his spiritual side through regular church attendance and through his Bible studies classes, while his humanitarian side receives constant upkeep from both his private reading and his work. In both his career and his philanthropy, Roderick Kagy continues to be an enthusiastic and passionate leader who brings strong leadership, positive energy, and experienced wisdom to each new opportunity.

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