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AllisonGreenspan Duckworth

United States
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Allison Greenspan Duckworth is a Florida native, FIU graduate and avid horseback rider.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida. She works as a freelance writer, and writes on topics including dining and lifestyle. Her articles are typically restaurant reviews, profiles of chefs, travel guides and more. As a study abroad alumnus of Florida International University, Duckworth still greatly enjoys to travel in her spare time. She typically visits one U.S. city per month and her favorite current city to vacation in is San Diego, California. She usually takes a trip to Europe about once a year, depending on her work schedule.

In addition to working as a freelance writer, Duckworth is a horseback riding instructor. She teaches lessons to students ranging from children to adults at a professional lesson and show barn in Wellington, Florida. Her days consist of instructing a multitude of students and her weekends are spent assisting her students at horse show competitions across the Southeast. In addition to working two jobs, Duckworth is completing a Masters degree in Creative Writing. She sincerely enjoys writing fiction and is currently working on a children’s book series, which she hopes to have published in the near future.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth has many pastimes including dining out at new restaurants, travelling and going to the beach. Because she lives in Delray Beach, she is conveniently located close to a number of beautiful South Florida beaches. Since she grew up near the ocean, Duckworth enjoys most water sports including fishing, boating, snorkeling, swimming and surfing. She currently takes beginner surf lessons when she has time away from the barn.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth was born in Boca Raton, Florida. She grew up in an equestrian community known as Horse Shoe Acres, where she learned to ride horses and care for various farm animals. Because her sister was a professional horseback-riding instructor, Duckworth learned to ride horses at a very early age. She first started taking riding lessons at the age of four, and entered her first horseshow competition at the age of five.

Horse Shoe Acres is a premier equestrian community located centrally in Boca Raton, Florida. It is one of the few remaining horse-friendly neighborhoods in the region. It is a short, 30-minute drive from the town of Wellington, which is a national hub for world-class horseback riding instruction and competition. The neighborhood is set of 190 acres and features lakes, luxury homes and barns, riding trails, horse pastures and riding rings. Allison Greenspan Duckworth says the atmosphere of the neighborhood is sophisticated yet relaxed and the community has homes ranging in size and prices. Some homes are available for around $700,000 whereas other homes sell for over seven million dollars. The community is nestled between multiple country club neighborhoods and has convenient access to a multitude of fine dining, shopping, beaches, resorts and more.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth attended Claremont Montessori, a Montessori school located in Boca Raton. She attended this school from grade one until grade eight, and later went to one of the best public high schools in the area, Spanish River High School. At Claremont, Duckworth took classes ranging from basic general education to foreign language, culinary instruction and gardening and more. Claremont Montessori has a reputation as one of Boca Raton’s most respected Montessori schools. Its teachers, known as guides, are professionally trained to instructs classes in reading, spelling, geography, history, art, music, geometry, arithmetic, natural and physical science and more. Harvey and Nancy Hallenberg established the school in 1992. Allison Greenspan Duckworth greatly enjoyed her experience as a student at Claremont Montessori.

Duckworth describes the Montessori philosophy as an alternative form of education. The Montessori system places emphasis on student independence and freedom and does not rely on statewide testing present in many public and private schools across the nation. An Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori, founded the approach after spending much of her time and energy studying special education. Aside from conventional education, the Montessori approach provides students with various means of real-world instruction ranging from foreign language to culinary instruction.

After completing her initial education at Claremont Montessori, Allison Greenspan Duckworth attended Spanish River High School. Spanish River is a public, coeducational high school serving Boca Raton and Delray Beach. It is part of the Palm Beach Country school system. It is one of the best public high schools in the area and is a “Five Star School of Excellence” which has earned an “A” grade for the quality of education it provides. The school’s mission is to provide all students with academic, technical and social skills to lead a successful professional and personal life in a diverse society.

After graduating from Spanish River High School, Allison Greenspan Duckworth was accepted to Florida International University in Miami. There, she studies English and Journalism and was an active FIU sports member. Duckworth rode and competed for the FIU Intercollegiate Equestrian team all four years of college. She served as the captain of the equestrian team during her junior and senior years of college. During her time on the equestrian team, Duckworth competed all over the Southeast against other intercollegiate teams in region. This included the prestigious College of Charleston and the Savannah College of Art and Design, among many other colleges in Florida.

During her time on the equestrian team, Duckworth received numerous awards and honors and was one of the few students on the team to qualify for regional and national competitions. She credits the success and happiness of her college experience to the equestrian team. Some of her college career was spent living above a prestigious area lesson and show barn in which she was responsible for caring for the horses and teaching beginner horseback riding lessons. During her time as caretaker, Duckworth taught a multitude of beginner students, ranging in age from children to adults.

Duckworth spent some of her college career studying abroad in London, England. While abroad she studied British Literature and History and travelled to multiple cities in Europe before returning to the United States to complete her education at Florida International University. Her favorite cities that she visited while abroad, aside from London, were Amsterdam in Holland, Paris in France and Barcelona in Spain. While she was in London, she also visited multiple towns and cities across England including Brighton, Bath, and Cambridge. She visited many historical landmarks including the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Hampton Court Palace, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and more.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth was married in 2011 to her high school sweetheart, Mark. Mark is originally from Ireland and moved with his family to Boca Raton, Florida during his freshman year of high school. He is an architect specializing in residential architecture in South Florida. In his free time, he enjoys horseback riding with his wife, going to see live music and traveling back to Ireland to see his family. Duckworth has visited Ireland with her husband five times. The couple has obtained three horses, five rescue dogs and two cats since they married. They live together in Delray Beach, Florida, and enjoy going to the beach together when their schedules allow.

Duckworth has worked as a freelance writer in South Florida since graduating from FIU. She has written numerous articles on various topics, from dining to travel. For work, she has travelled to multiple cities across the United States including Portland in Oregon, Alexandria in Virginia, New York City and San Francisco, California. She has also taught horseback riding instruction to a multitude of individuals, ranging in age and skill. After graduating from college, Allison Greenspan Duckworth continued to compete in various horseshow competitions across the Southeast.

As a native of Boca Raton, Allison Greenspan Duckworth says she will continue to live and work in South Florida. She hopes to continue pursuing new writing opportunities, working for magazines and newspapers in the region. Duckworth plans on finishing her Masters in Creative Writing in December of 2014. In the meantime, she hopes to finish her children’s book series and have it published with a reputable publishing company.

Duckworth will continue to provide riding instruction to beginners and adults as well as assist her students at horse show competitions across the region. In the future, she hopes to become the instructor for the Florida International University Intercollegiate Equestrian team. She hopes her experience riding for the team during college will provide her with the skills she needs to work as a successful instructor of the team.

Duckworth hopes to continue travelling for work and pleasure. She hopes she will make it to Ireland again this year to visit her in laws. In addition, she has plans to go visit the professors and friends she made during her time at Kingston University. In the future, Duckworth hopes to purchase a vacation home in Spain. Duckworth and her husband greatly enjoy the cuisine, culture and beaches in Barcelona and hope to have the ability to visit there often.

Allison Greenspan Duckworth would like to have children in the future. She hopes to have at least two children and would greatly enjoy teaching them about her passions, including writing and horseback riding. She also hopes to instill her children with her avid love of travel.

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