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James Loye

United States
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San Diego dentist, James Loye, is an accomplished dentist with a collective 27 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry.

In the field of healthcare, you do not often find the easy, friendly atmosphere apparent in the office of dentist, Dr. James Loye. From the moment you are personally greeted by his friendly staff as you walk through the door, you know you have chosen a dentist you can trust. His professional staff measures up to the same caliber of expertise he has earned through experience and hard work. Furthermore, you will not be stuck waiting for extended lengths of time to see the hygienist or Dr. Loye. The efficient staff strives to keep the appointment times on schedule. Whether in his care for general or cosmetic dentistry you will receive the same high quality of work Dr. Loye has bestowed on all his patients for the past 27 years.

James Loye has been in the health field since 1982 when he first earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Loma Linda University. He remained at Loma Linda University to continue his education and proudly earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1986. As a family man, Dr. Loye knows how important a visit to the dentist is for continued health and self-esteem for clients of all ages. He is passionate about his practice and works to increase quality of life for his clients. Not content to just deliver quality general dentistry practices, Dr. Loye has continued to gain experience and seek additional knowledge in special areas of dentistry like sleep apnea and short term orthodontics.

Seeking an advanced professional education was only one approach James Loye has used to keep up with new methods in dentistry. He has continued to remain active as a member of several organizations that provide opportunities for professional development and networking with other professionals in the dental field. His memberships include:

• American Dental Association
• California Dental Association
• San Diego Country Dental Society
• American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
• American Academy of Facial Esthetics
• Dentist Organization of Conscious Sedation

In addition to short term orthodontics and sleep apnea, Dr. James Loye is professionally qualified in the cosmetic specialties of Botox use and derma fillers. “Movie star” smiles used to be just that- smiles reserved for movie stars or the very wealthy- but with today’s new techniques, technology, materials and procedures the right dentist can help anyone attain a smile fit for the big screen. Dr. Loye treats each client as an individual and will team with each person to produce whatever the desired results may be from whiter teeth to "soldier straight" rows of teeth. From the simplest of procedures to correcting a mouth full of less-than-perfect teeth, Dr. Loye is well-prepared to help you achieve the look you dream about.

Unpleasant dentist experiences of the past need haunt you no longer when you decide to visit James Loye. Oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide sedation and needle free anesthesia will lessen the stress and fear of visiting the dentist. Gentle care will be taken to ensure your visit is not unpleasant. Once you glimpse the awe-inspiring work completed in your mouth, you will find it easier and easier to keep your appointments with the dentist rather than find excuses to avoid the appointments. You will find yourself smiling into the mirror to examine the difference Dr. Loye has been able to craft in your smile. If it has been a while since you have made regular annual visits to a dentist, you will be inspired to continue once you realize the modern updates and methods introduced to modern dental practice. Some of the methods employed by Dr. Loye to ease the apprehension, and perhaps have you wishing you had made the decision to see a dentist sooner are:

• 6 Month Smile orthodontics
• Advanced laser diagnosis and treatment
• Bad breath and gum issue treatments
• Basic hygiene services
• Deep Bleaching-Kors Teeth Whitening
• Digital X-rays
• Porcelain veneers
• Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation (TENS) treatment
• Tooth colored fillings

The medical field is quickly recognizing the value of a dentist in identifying potential health problems. The health of a person’s mouth can lead to diagnosing problems elsewhere in the body such as the heart, high blood pressure and diabetes before other symptoms have escalated. It is little wonder then that a dentist can help solve the sleep apnea dilemma many patients endure. The standard treatment of the CPAP machine does not always fit the needs of every sleep apnea sufferer. Depending on the diagnosis, sleep apnea may be improved with an oral appliance fitted in a dentist’s office. Dr. James Loye has the experience to fit a client’s mouth with an oral appliance to ease the symptoms and possibly help a patient avoid the complications of sleep apnea. Oral appliances Dr. Loye may recommend to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea include:

• Thornton Adjustable Positioner- a custom made two piece appliance that holds the jaw forward so a patient’s tongue and soft tissues do not collapse, thus causing snoring
• SomnoMed MAS- upper and lower dental plates that tighten the soft tissues by moving the jaw forward
• Herbst Telescopic Appliance- originally used for orthodontic and TMJ therapy, the device has proven effective for sleep apnea in some patients
• OASYS- Oral/Nasal Airway System is an FDA approved device that repositions the jaw and includes a patented nasal dilator for easier nasal breathing
• Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance- this appliance uses elastic bands to protrude the lower jaw for unobstructed air flow

Dr. James Loye will individualize treatment to find the best alternative for each patient. Furthermore, he offers financing options to help make treatment affordable. PPO dental insurance is also accepted as is more conventional insurance plans. Dr. Loye will review all your options and make sure you are comfortable with the treatment recommended and the specifics of your treatment to move forward before any procedure is begun.

Because James Loye understands that dental procedures do not have to be unpleasant he has instilled many comforts in his practice to make your visit more pleasant; thereby, helping you feel more at ease and secure in his office. Some of the amenities you can expect to encounter while in his care include:

• Customized treatment planning with Dr. James Loye- not an assistant
• Relaxed office environment
• Advanced photographic evaluation and records
• TV’s in treatment areas so your attention is focused on something other than your treatment and to help pass the time
• Clean, warm towels to provide a relaxing atmosphere and cleansing after procedures
• Transportation services
• Beverages including coffee, tea and juice (don’t worry- Dr. Loye knows how to remove stains caused by these beverages)

Your first glimpse of James Loye may not be of him as a dentist, but may well be at an outdoor venue in San Diego, California. An avid hiker and mountain biker, he enjoys these outdoor activities with his wife, Laura, and their two sons. His zest for life carries over into his practice as a general, and specialized, dentist. As dedicated as James Loye is to his family and dental practice, he still finds the time to give back to his community. Dr. Loye volunteers his time and resources for such honorable charitable organizations as:

• Temple Solel in Solana Beach, California
• California Dental Association Convention in Anaheim, California
• “Touch a Truck”
• Teen Volunteers in Action (TVIA)
• Father Joe’s Charity
• Temple Solel

James Loye has not been content to limit his expertise to general dentistry. In expanding his education and knowledge he has taken on new skills that not only allow him to expand the dental services he offers, but enhance his skills in general dentistry. Dr. Loye will treat you and your family with genuine care and compassion. It is time to stop hiding your smile and pursue your dreams by fixing your teeth and upgrading your smile. A positive outlook on life and his view that life is the most precious resource on earth is real motivation for him to provide his patients with life altering processes to improve their outlook when glancing in a mirror.

James Loye wants your experience in his office to be a positive one that improves your attitude and self-confidence in yourself. Dr. Loye’s wide range of skillful dental procedures means you will not have to search out another dentist to complete necessary treatment. Dr. Loye is qualified to meet most dental needs. New patients are welcomed into the office and convenient appointment times are available. Don’t hesitate to contact his office if you are searching for a dentist, or if you have received a recommendation from one of his current patients. Dr. Loye can accommodate early appointments before school and work so your attendance record remains stellar and you don’t miss a thing at school or work.

  • 01/1986 to N/A
    : Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
    : Graduate
    : United States
  • 08/1982 to 05/1986
    : Loma Linda University
    : D.D.S.
    : United States
  • 08/1978 to 05/1982
    : Loma Linda University
    : B.S. in Nursing
    : United States
Career History
  • 07/1987 to 12/2099
    : Medical Director
    : United States
    : Solana Beach, CA
  • N/A to N/A
    : MSGI
    : systems analyst
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