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Virginia Vernet is a young professional with a diverse background of experiences and interests.
Virginia Vernet has always placed a strong emphasis on education and community involvement. She has worked to become a well-rounded individual with a diverse skill set that makes her an asset to the organizations that she serves. She resides in Kingston, Ontario, where she has taken advantage of the many opportunities that exist.
Throughout the years, Vernet has refined her communication skills and become fluent in three different languages. She speaks English, Spanish, and Italian, which allows her to better interact with a wider group of people. Her skills have been put to use during the time she spent as an interpreter. This makes it easier for others do their jobs and effectively assist clients because they can ensure that the correct information is being relayed. It helps to avoid confusion because both parties can speak in the language they are most comfortable with and still provide valuable information.
Virginia Vernet is also an active volunteer. She is proud to support her community and provide help where it is needed. One of her interests lies in helping troubled youth. She spent time working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a mentor to children in need. This provided a positive adult role model in their lives and allowed them to experience new things and learn and grow. Vernet believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to change their life around and have a second chance. That is one reason why she has devoted time to working with troubled youth and participating in youth group workshops. Making a positive impact on youth and helping them to become more successful in their lives are important to her.
Virginia Vernet has had the opportunity to engage in many different activities throughout her life. Though she currently lives in Ontario, Canada, she is originally from Venezuela. Realizing that her options were limited living there and wanting the chance to make the most of every opportunity available, she moved to Canada in 2009. Here she has had the ability to flourish. She has found many different organizations to devote her time and talents to and provide beneficial support.
In her desire to help others, Virginia Vernet has focused on building a strong educational background for herself. She successfully completed her schooling in Venezuela at Madre Matilde High School in Caracas, and then headed north to Canada. Once there she enrolled in Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario, where she completed her certification in English as a second language. This provided her with valuable lessons in communication and skills that she would apply throughout future endeavors.
Having a passion for helping others, she continued on to further her education. In order to become more effective at working with troubled youth, she sought out several different certification courses. Through the Youth Diversion Workshop she earned her certificate in healthy relationships and completed the program Preventing a Crisis – Understanding the Behaviors of At-Risk Youth. She also received her certificate in suicide intervention from the Elizabeth Fry Society. In addition, she is certified in CPR/AED for safety purposes so that she can provide help if someone is in need.
Volunteering to Make a Difference
Volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters allowed Virginia Vernet to make a difference in the lives of children. She became a mentor, giving them ongoing support and encouragement. Many of these children are struggling in their daily lives, so she was a source of guidance and someone they could count on. Her compassion shone through as she made a positive difference in their lives. She also spent time volunteering at local hockey tournaments. This gave her another opportunity to assist where help was needed, and allowed her to become involved with physical fitness, something she is passionate about.
She encourages others to become involved in charitable organizations and give back however they are able. For some, this means volunteering with youth, serving food at soup kitchen, sorting donations, or working with others in need. For others, they give financial support to various organizations, or help with fundraising activities. And still more take the time to donate clothing, books, toys, food, and other items.
Another organization that she strongly supports is the United States Humane Society. She believes that animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. Providing financial support to the group allows her to help them continue on their mission to end animal cruelty and provide animals with loving homes. Volunteering and donating make Virginia Vernet feel good about herself and the support she is providing to others.
Empowered through Fitness and Nutrition
Virginia Vernet works hard to make sure that she stays healthy and in shape. She focuses on eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other natural products. Steering away from red meat, she follows a mostly vegetarian diet. She ensures that she is eating a balanced meal that provides her with all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that she needs. Understanding that diet and exercise work together to keep a person healthy, she also spends time working out. Engaging in regular exercise and physical conditioning helps her to keep her body strong and toned. Vernet mixes up her routine to keep it fresh and interesting and make sure that she is working all of her different muscle groups.
World Traveler
As an experienced traveler, Virginia Vernet has seen many different parts of the globe. Each is beautiful and unique in its own way and has provided her with a stronger cultural background. She appreciates the differences in each location and the people that live there. Her travels have taken her to Florence, Rome, and Sicily in Italy, where she has had the opportunity to practice and refine her skills in Italian. She has also explored Spain, Argentina, and England. When traveling to the United States, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami are all places she has visited. Throughout her time in each of these places, she has had the opportunity to partake in activities, eat foods, and see sights that she might otherwise never have experienced. Her fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian have all served her well in allowing her to better communicate with the local residents and understand her surroundings.
A Diverse Musical Background
Growing up, Virginia Vernet was classically trained in violin. It taught her how to work hard, focus, manage her time, and create beautiful music. It gave her a deeper appreciation for the musical world and has led her to become interested in a wide range of genres. She still enjoys the classical Mozart and Vivaldi, but also listens to Van Halen and Iron Maiden. Going to heavy metal music festivals allows her to discover more artists and bands that she likes and spend time listening to great music. She is also interested in the progressive music of the Devin Townsend Project.
A Strong Foundation of Skills
All of the activities and opportunities that Vernet has participated in over the years have helped her to develop a strong foundation of skills. She has a lot of energy and motivation to get things done and often takes initiative when there are tasks to complete. When problems arise she quickly analyzes the issue and comes up with an innovative and viable solution. Paying attention to details and staying organized, she ensures that she completes things efficiently and accurately.
Her passion for helping others makes her a strong team player and allows her to aid others in becoming more successful. These are all skills that she can apply to various areas throughout her life. Regardless of the job or task, she knows how to get things done. Virginia Vernet is eager to learn new things and expand her knowledge and skills.
Virginia Vernet plans to continue pursuing educational opportunities that will make her more of an asset to employers and organizations. She actively seeks new knowledge and skills that will allow her to make more of an impact and better assist others. Helping to better the lives of troubled youth is something she remains devoted to. Believing that everyone deserves a second chance has motivated her to continue working with youth and showing them that they can achieve great things. They have the ability to turn their lives around and accomplish their goals.
She will continue to spend time volunteering and supporting charitable organizations. There is always a need for people to donate their time, talents, services, and goods. Whether helping animals, people, the environment, or anything else, it is through the efforts of volunteers that these missions are carried out. She encourages others to find local organizations that they can lend their assistance to and help to make a positive difference in the world.
Virginia Vernet will also continue to focus on maintaining a healthy, strong body. Staying physically active helps to give her energy, keeps her body toned, and allows her to participate in activities she enjoys. Ensuring that she eats a well-balanced diet gives her body the proper nutrition and energy that it needs. She promotes living a healthy lifestyle to others and all of the benefits that it provides. Overall, she will continue trying to live a life where she is continually making a difference. Through her work and the work of others, positive changes are occurring every day.

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  • St. Lawrence College , United States
    01/2011 - 01/2013
  • Venezuela at Madre Matilde , United States , Caracas

    High School
  • Canadore College , United States , North Bay, Ontario

    English as a Second Language (ESL)
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  • Translator , United States
    01/2013 to 12/2099
  • Penitentiary Squad , United States

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    to 01/2012
  • , La Crosse ,

    Maintenance Technician
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