Tara Burns

United States, California, San Diego
49 years old
2.7 3 Reviews
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02/18/2019 @ 09:07 am

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04/15/2021 @ 09:57 pm

I have known this lady since 1981 or 1982, we were close throughout years as, younger adults lost touch for few years, then reunited on few occasions. I can say I have concern and hope Tara is doing something different as for work than mediocre porn. She is a person who offers so many amazing qualities without sexuality. She is absolutely beautiful and an attractive woman. She also is smart, and invests deeply in her relationships. I'm a person who has no objection to nudity or even porn. Concerns are that some may view differently, also that those who are employers may bot be reliable contractually. Beauty does eventually fade, women being used and or possibly exposed for another's profit, without woman being reasonably compensated is a massive issue to review. A life of immediate money, lavish, some gatherings celebrating this bussiness are temporary. I pray for the friend I knew that she has found a life without sexually exploiting her body.

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12/19/2022 @ 04:10 pm

Ya my experience with stupid bitch. She is a disgusting wannabe porn star. All she does is sleep around with anyone and everyone especially if they are taken. There a line this slimeball wont cross especially when a man is already spoken for. She is a prostitute and a home wrecker not a lousy porn star. SHES A TOUGH BITCH BEHIND A TEXT MESSAGE BUT HIDES AFTER SHE CALLS YOU OUT. NO INTEGRITY WHAT SO EVER. SHE IS A METH HEAD SHE RUNS PROSTITUTION OUT OF HER HOME N USES MASSAGE THERAPY AS A COVER UP. SHE BROKE UP MY RELATIONSHIP WHEN I WAS VERY SICK SHE IS HEARTLESS AND A MENTAL CASE ONE DAY SHE WILL GET WHAT SHE GOT COMING TO HER. SHE EARNED IT.. HER KARMA IS GRIM HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT.

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    - 01/1991
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