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Todd Redding works as a fire suppression specialist for North Fork Fire Department.
Todd Redding is a member of the North Fork Fire Department team. He handles various duties throughout the company. He hosts a diverse background of talents that make him a critical member of his team.

In order to complete his work, Todd Redding uses his vast assortment of skills. These include:
- Emergency medical services
- Firefighting
- Risk management
- Tactics and strategy
- Limited Spanish

Certifications include:
- Structural Fire 1, Fire 2, Vehicle Extraction
- Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate
- Hazmat Awareness
- Hazmat Operations
- FEMA – N.I.M.S. IS 100/200/700/800
- Wildland Fire S130/190, L 180, S 131, RT 130
- Concealed carry permit in the state of Utah

His efforts have made him stand out in his company as a capable and efficient agent. Previous employers and organizations have also recognized his abilities and awarded him for his talents. Todd was the recipient of the RCA Instructor Recommendation “Top Gun” Award from the Utah Fire/Rescue Academy.

Outside of work, Todd enjoys improving his skills that relate to his profession. Some of his favorite topics to indulge in include:

- First Aid
- Outdoor survival
- Outdoor preparation
- Structural and wild land fires
- Surveillance products
- Survival products
Todd Redding attained his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in 2009. Not only that, he graduated from the Utah Wildfire Academy in 2008. While he was there, he focused on Wildland/Forest Firefighting.

In 2009, he graduated from the Utah Fire/Rescue Academy with a specialty in Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Services, and Hazmat. He graduated at the top of his class and was rewarded with the RCA Instructor Recommendation “Top Gun” Award. This honor is given to students who show above average merit and performance.

Redding has held many positions in various companies throughout his life. From August 2004 to January 2007, he worked at Steelhead Metal & Fab, LLC in Salem, Oregon. He worked on the Business Development team and hosted multiple responsibilities. He developed sales and marketing material, such as catalogs and brochures, for the company. He also traveled with the sales and marketing manager to acquire new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients. Todd’s other primary responsibilities included working with the largest East Coast partner to dive into newer industrial steel markets.

From February 2006 to June 2009, he worked at American Fork Fire/Rescue located in American Fork, Utah. It was here that he held the position of both Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. His duties consisted of responding to fire and medical calls all over the greater American Fork area. He also helped with categorizing and managing the daily inventory for medical and fire equipment. He made sure that all of the equipment was up-to-date and fully functional. Lastly, he thoroughly documented all of the calls that his company responded to and handled.

Between January 2007 and February 2010, Todd was a Safety Officer at Sundance Mountain Resort in Sundance, Utah. He was part of the first response to all emergency medical service and fire calls for the resort and its surrounding communities. His overall responsibility was to maintain safety and security of the resort and its residents. He worked directly with the safety manager of the department to monitor all safety and security issues in regards to police, fire, and rescue. This partnership with the safety manager required him to coordinate thorough documentation of safety-related activities. During his time as a safety officer, he volunteered at the neighboring North Fork Fire/Rescue Company in its fire and medical response unit.

Todd Redding worked at the Oregon Department of Forestry from March 2009 to October 2011 as a Seasonal Fire Suppression Specialist. He was in charge of working with local landowners to set up controlled fire burns, and he was required to respond to all fire calls. He worked directly with the forest officers to write and enforce local fire permits. In an effort to promote fire safety, he taught prevention education to multiple communities throughout Oregon.

Although he is now working at North Fork Fire Department, Todd is still engaging in fire safety-related activities. He also spends time volunteering at a day training facility and a residential facility that hosts individuals with disabilities. In the past, he was a Special Olympics golf coach.

Todd is also a volunteer member of the Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT).
Aside from continuing in his endeavors to uphold fire and medical safety, Todd Redding plans to pursue further advancement at his current position with North Fork Fire Department. At this company he will display the core values that have made it so successful in its industry. These values are loyalty, honor, and integrity, which Todd states were all drawn from military values and traditions.

Through North Fork Fire Department, he makes sure he is operating ethically and responsibly to protect his clients. The company’s motto is “Facta, non verba,” which is Latin for “Deeds, not words.” This motto adequately displays the commitment and dedication that agents such as Redding display at North Fork Fire Department. Everyone within the company strives to operate with global responsibility and to uphold strong ethical conduct.

Todd has spent a majority of his life working in fire prevention services. He hopes that he can continue spreading his knowledge around the community. Fire safety is an important asset that is unfortunately underappreciated in some regions. Todd Redding and other experts work diligently to educate individuals on vital fire safety methods.

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  • Utah State University , United States

    Bachelor’s Degree
    - 01/2009
  • Utah Wildfire Academy , United States

    Wildland/Forest Firefighting
    - 01/2008
  • Utah Fire / Rescue Academy , United States , Utah

Career History
  • Fire Suppression Specialist , United States , North Fork, Utah
    01/2009 to 12/2099
  • Seasonal Fire Suppression Specialist , United States

    not defined
    01/2009 to 01/2011
  • Safety Officer , United States , Sundance, Utah
    01/2007 to 01/2010
  • Firefighter & Emergency Medical Technician , United States , American Fork, Utah
    01/2006 to 01/2009
  • Business Development Team , United States , Salem, Oregon
    01/2004 to 01/2007
  • American ,

    Mortgage Consultant
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  • Logistics
  • Firefighting
  • Physical Security
  • EMS
  • Unique security solutions
  • Threat assessment
  • High level security
  • Executive protection
  • Risk analysis
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