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Vivian Obiamalu

United States
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As the top executive at Delta Hospice, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu uses her experience working in hospices to provide the best care for people in her facilities.

Currently, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Delta Hospice. They run a network of hospice care facilities in the State of California. She prides herself on the quality and care that these facilities give to patients who are in need of the most comforting accommodations towards the end of their lives. She also has a hand in the operation of her own law firm, Obiamalu Law Firm, albeit a minimal presence. She tends to focus on her work with the hospice network and their operations. She’s happiest making sure that her patients have the best care and treatment coming to them. Thanks to her leadership, they ensure the standard of living that people receive while under Delta Hospice’s care is stellar.

When she isn’t working hard to ensure the rights and comforts of the patients in her group’s care, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu is spending time with her family. She is a devoted member of her Catholic church and a loving mother of five children. She also enjoys traveling across the globe to see new things and experience different cultures. She goes to visit her family in her native country of Nigeria as often as possible. Aside from traveling, she works to promote the rights of women and the elderly to keep equality between everyone.

Vivian McPayah Obiamalu has led a busy career and life up to this point. Her career started with her education in her home country of Nigeria. She attended the Federal Government Girls College in Onitsha, Nigeria, and graduated in 1982 with a certificate of education. She then decided to pursue her education in law by moving to the United Kingdom. She attended Connaught College in Bath, England, where she worked on an advanced education certificate while building her foundation class for law. She went to Leicester Polytechnic School of Law and attained her LLB and honors.

After receiving her law degree, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu came to the United States in 1987 and worked as a file clerk while developing her passion for criminal law. In 1992, she attained certification to practice law in the Supreme Courts of New York and California. With these certifications, she could try any case that came up through those states’ court systems. At the Supreme Court level, all appeals of a case have been exhausted and it comes down to a panel of justices who don’t declare innocence or guilt. Rather they determine the legality of a case and see whether or not the law should be upheld or changed. Vivian McPayah Obiamalu got certified to be the person in the room to state her client’s side of a case argument that has gone around the system.

Deciding to take her expertise to the federal level, Obiamalu received certification to practice law in the United States District Court in the Central District of California. She spent close to twelve years working in that district’s court trying appeals and other pressing legal cases that made it out of the state courts and into the federal ring. Her work on that level prompted her to start her own law firm, Obiamalu Law Firm, where she worked with private clients to offer quality legal consultation on a number of issues and cases that came her way. She tackled cases in criminal law, as well as in other civil fields such as employment law and ADA.

ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, is a law that was passed in 1990 that required certain modifications of buildings and other concessions to those with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps for public buildings of a certain size, Braille signage, and other accessibility upgrades come from this act. Vivian McPayah Obiamalu worked on cases that were up for review with the requirements of this act and worked to resolve issues between employers and employees that may have hampered the progress of this act in the workplace. This also tied into her purview in employment law as she worked to make sure that companies were ADA compliant where it was necessary. She also worked to litigate worker’s compensation, helping to make sure individuals were compensated fairly if they were injured on the job.

In 2007, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu took a step back from being a lawyer and decided to go into hospice administration. She got her certification for hospice administration from the California Association for Health Services at Home and started to work for Delta Hospice. She was tasked with ensuring the quality of hospice care through reviewing the hiring of quality personnel, keeping up with their job performance, and making sure that all standards were met and exceeded by their business. This amount of attention to detail and her previous knowledge of civil law allowed her to successfully lead Delta Hospice with the highest quality possible.

Her drive and involvement with her church also prompted Vivian McPayah Obiamalu to work toward making all who are in need of hospice care feel as good as they can given their conditions. As it is taught that people should be treated as they feel others should treat them, Obiamalu works to make sure that everyone she works with and helps is treated with the best care. She has also instilled the knowledge of power of attorney for many who were not aware of how it worked. It is something that every family should know about in order to best accommodate their loved one’s best wishes, if the patient is unable to communicate them. Her previous knowledge of the law allowed her to give advice on the subject anytime there was a question from families.

After joining Delta Hospice, she also went on to serve as the counsel for the group. This allowed her to deal with any legal issues that might be encountered in the line of helping those with terminal illness. No one wants to deal with legal problems in their family’s time of struggle, which is why Vivian McPayah Obiamalu took charge of ensuring that everything between families and their loved ones was settled before the patients passed on. Her job as counsel also included more of her existing role of ensuring compliance and dealing with any sort of problem that may have arisen from incidents with staff. Her record of success in this department has spoken for itself.

When it came to her family life and work, she never compromised. Because her husband worked with her at Delta Hospice, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu always made time for her family as well as others. Her work through her church included outreach to the community, as well as getting her four daughters and one son involved with her in different projects. Her affinity for travel also put a lot of perspective on how the world works. This is why she constantly worked to make sure that the rights of the elderly and women were upheld to the fullest extent. She made sure her work in this area was reflected every day in one way or another. Her experiences in traveling also allowed her to respect the cultures of the families and patients that she helped to administrate. Not everyone observes the loss of a loved one in the same manner, which is why Obiamalu worked to make sure traditions were respected.

Looking forward, Vivian McPayah Obiamalu hopes to continue her work as an example of how hospice care should be run. Her model of quality care will stand as a bar to aim for by others in her field. She hopes to once again take a more active role in her law practice, if time allows. Her knowledge in both fields each enhances the other.

As her children grow older, she also looks to spend as much time as possible with them before they grow into adults themselves. She continues to remain active with her church and will do so in the foreseeable future. Vivian McPayah Obiamalu knows that the service she does with her congregation is work that many benefit from every day.

She hopes to travel all over the world if she can. It has been noted that she has been to Europe and is a native of Nigeria, but there is a lot of world out there and she wants to see it all. The wonders that wait in various parts of the world, such as South America and Asia, are experiences she awaits eagerly.

  • 08/1982 to 05/1984
    : Connaught College
    : Law
    : United States
  • 08/1978 to 05/1982
    : Federal Government Girls College
    : Education
    : United States
Career History
  • 04/2007 to 12/2099
    : Chief Executive Officer, Owner
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Lawyer
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Delta Air Lines
    : Flight Attendant
    : Atlanta
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