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Vaidya Priyanka is a well renowned Ayurvedic healer who practices Ayurveda internationally.
Vaidya Priyanka uses a wide range of Ayurvedic principles to help her patients heal.
Ayurveda, literally meaning the "knowledge of life," is a holistic system of medicine, health and healing. Her goal is to support her clients' optimal health and Priyanka does so with a unique and tested approach that blends Western supplements with the tradition of Ayurveda. However, the main distinction of Ayurveda is that its remedies and suggestions are unique to the individual. Western medicine tends to have a “one-size fits all” approach; Ayurveda considers the whole person and treats their specific needs. Vaidya uses all of these techniques in her healing methodology.
• Nutrition and cooking with the principles of AUMcuisine
• Medicated oil applications and Marma
• Yoga and meditation
• Exercise
• Dance and music
• Color therapy and Vaastu Shastra
• Aromatherapy

By incorporating these aspects into the lifestyles of her patients, Vaidya Priyanka is able to help them create lasting change that promotes their health and wellbeing. Vaidya currently offers instruction regarding internal cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation and more. Additionally, she hosts three, five and nine day retreats that are focused on Ayurvedic medicine, detoxification, purification, meditation and the healing power of a healthy, vegan diet.
Currently, she is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, but she works with patients around the world. Extremely passionate about Ayurvedic medicine, she believes that healing is a natural part of life and that accepting it as such is the best way to improve health.
In addition to her work in Ayurvedic medicine, Vaidya is a highly regarded speaker who has appeared at several venues. Her presentations cover a wide range of topics, spanning Ayurveda, diet, spirituality, yoga and meditation. Additionally, Priyanka is a board-certified holistic health practitioner and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also active in non-profit ventures all over the world.
Vaidya Priyanka comes from a long line of Ayurvedic healers. In fact, her lineage is over 720 years old, as generation after generation of women in her family have practiced Ayurvedic medicine. Rooted in Kerala, India, this family has helped people to improve their health with Ayurveda.
Pancha Nidana
Priyanka uses the pancha nidana to diagnose her patients. The pancha nidana is a collection of tools comprising nidana, purva rupa, rupa, upashaya and samprapti. Each of these tools helps Ayurvedic healers to identify and address the cause of an illness, rather than simply treat its symptoms.
Nidana: This is the cause of an illness. Frequently, nidana is traced back to a lifestyle or to the diet that individuals maintain. Vaidya Priyanka adds that the environment in which patients live can also play a role. For instance, the changes in the weather or the temperature can create an imbalance within the body, which leads to physical illness. Once nidana is identified, she encourages nidana parivargana, which is the avoidance of the cause of the illness.
Purva Rupa: This refers to the symptoms of an illness—usually the first that occur. In many instances, these symptoms show up before a disease has taken root and can be used as precursors to an illness. If a doctor fails to identify nidana they can turn to purva rupa to further narrow their search for the cause.
Rupa: This particular aspect of Ayurveda is the set of symptoms that develops once a disease has taken hold. Sometimes rupa is approached as an advanced version of purva rupa, and doctors can identify an illness, develop a prognosis and design a treatment recommendation based upon the rupa.
Upashaya: Sometimes diseases are too similar in that they share symptoms or root causes. When this happens, Ayurvedic doctors may have to explore a bit more in order to determine the underlying disease. Exploratory treatment addresses each of the diseases that are possible until a treatment option works, which reveals the diagnosis.
Samprapti: This aspect of Ayurvedic medicine speaks to an understanding of the progression of an illness. By knowing how a disease develops, healers can best identify the most effective course of treatment. Additionally, they can prepare patients with more accurate prognoses.
Vaidya Priyanka: Meditation
Meditation is a spiritual process of integrating mind and body. Oftentimes, meditation is used to alleviate stress and help individuals to develop a clearer perspective. She explains that illness stems from the disrupted balance between the mind and the body. By meditating, individuals can improve this connection and heal from the inside out.
Meditation is a process, not just an activity. Vaidya Priyanka explains that it takes time for patients to ease into meditation. With each session they should become stronger in their skills and their ability to control their thoughts and clear their minds. Priyanka notices a vibrant glow in those who practice transcendental meditation.
Why Ayurvedic Medicine?
The Ayurvedic approach has been practiced for centuries and for good reason. A non-invasive medical tradition, Ayurveda is natural and relies upon herbs, plants and other resources to assist in the healing process. This method can improve many conditions, including:
• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Depression
• Coronary artery disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Menopausal syndromes
• Cancer
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Psoriasis
• Autism
• Anxiety
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Prostate disorders
• Menstrual disorders
• Stress
• Impaired immunity
Nutrition is a major part of Priyanka's therapy. Through AUMcuisine, Vaidya helps her patients to achieve a better mind/body balance. Diet can tremendously influence health, and with a targeted lifestyle Vaidya is able to assist her patients in improving their overall wellbeing through the right foods.
Ayurvedic medicine is focused on leveraging natural healing traditions in order to help patients to improve their quality of life. Vaidya Priyanka is dedicated to assisting her patients in achieving their health-related goals.
Vaidya Priyanka is a professional who is looking to assist her patients with achieving a higher degree of health through traditional, natural methods. The Ayurvedic tradition is one that has been of central importance in India and in other countries around the world for generations. With its rich history, Ayurveda is expected to continue to play an important role in the lives of the people who are impacted by its healers.
With an increase in attention being paid to a healthier lifestyle, Priyanka believes that Ayurveda is here to stay. For decades the American culture promoted a sedentary lifestyle, which is extremely unhealthy and detrimental to the wellbeing of the population. Now, though, the general population has rededicated itself, largely, to a more active lifestyle. This popularity can be seen in the increase in interest regarding races, obstacle events, working out and clean eating.
Priyanka is looking forward to supporting this interest in a healthy lifestyle by teaching her patients about the natural ways in which they can improve their health. Through yoga, meditation, detoxification and other important healing techniques, individuals can improve the mind/body connection and enhance their physical and mental health simultaneously.

One of the key components of the Ayurvedic approach, as taught by is AUMcuisine. This is a vegan lifestyle that optimizes health on a cellular level. By taking this highly focused approach, Vaidya Priyanka is able to educate her patients about their dietary needs and improve their overall health. Find more information at

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