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Robert Elensky

United States
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Robert Elensky is a senior executive in the financial industry, with a proven track record in leading financial technology, investment banking, and consumer goods firms.

Mr. Robert Elensky’s current business activities include investment banking, board memberships and management consulting.

Mr. Elensky is a Senior Partner at Kolb Global Partners. KGP provides advisory and merchant banking services to companies seeking a global presence. In addition to North America, Mr. Elensky has overseen international growth and acquisition projects in the Middle East North Africa, Europe and Asia. This global experience is a dynamic part of Elensky’s current professional outlook, which seeks to embrace the rapidly evolving nature of international business.

Mr. Elensky is a co-founder and Board Member at Turrit Insurance, assisting company’s executive management team build a new kind of insurance provider. Turrit Insurance, Inc. (“Turrit” or the “Company”), a property and casualty (“P&C”) insurance holding company, was formed to provide homeowners’, condominium-owners’ and tenants’ insurance to individuals in Florida through its insurance company operating subsidiaries. Turrit is focused on building a long-term and sustainable insurance company with policyholder security as the primary goal. Mr. Elensky believes that focusing on the customer, while maintaining pricing and underwriting discipline, is the optimal strategy to ensure policyholder safety and achieve sustained and predictable investor returns. Turrit intends to evaluate alternatives to ultimately become publicly-traded. The board and management believe being public will be a key source of differentiation from other Florida specialist insurers as the Company’s investors, agents and policyholders will benefit from greater corporate transparency and efficient access to capital markets. Turrit was incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Mr. Elensky also co-founded HPS Americas, a joint venture between a deeply experienced global management team led by David Rhodes and HPS Worldwide, the developer and owner of the PowerCard processing technology, with a view to entering the US payment processing market. HPS Americas’ PowerCard-based platform will support the full payment value chain from issuing to acquiring and includes switching capabilities as well as all back-office functions such as fraud management, chargeback processing, risk and device management. As a newly-formed, next generation payment processor with scale and capabilities to generate industry-leading growth, HPS Americas intends to disrupt the US payment processing market by offering merchants and financial institutions with a world-class processing solution that offers richer product functionality, the highest quality services and the efficiency of a fully integrated system at a lower cost. HPS Americas will pursue organic growth through the offering of third party processing services and inorganic growth through selected acquisitions.

As a Management Consultant to SFMB, Mr. Elensky is assisting the company to establish itself as a pioneer in its field by adopting state of the art processing systems to reduce the mounting expenses, ever increasing complexities and time-consuming management procedure demanded by modern medical practice. The company plans to achieve this through the development and/or licensing and implementation of an innovative payment processing technology. SFMB Media is a multi-specialties claims processing, medical billing and practice management company providing a billing and practice management solution that reduces administrative red tape. Its proprietary technology allows the healthcare industry to efficiently assess, plan, and improve practice performance while increasing revenue. SFMB solutions make patient and claims processing more efficient, giving the healthcare industry complete visibility into their practice.

Among his core competencies, Robert Elensky lists financial technology, global fundraising activities, strategic partnerships and alliances, financial and legal transactions, origination, negotiation, and structure, and global finance, to name a few. His responsibilities currently lead him to work in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa.

A native of Ontario, Canada, Robert Elensky attended the University of Western Ontario, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After a few years of work experience, he returned to his alma mater to complete a Master of Business Administration at the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Robert Elensky’s entrepreneurial spirit started early. After a few years of working in the financial industry upon completion of his MBA, he launched his own business. RE Consulting was formed in 1995, with Elensky at the head of the eponymous business. RE Consulting provided management and financial consults to a wide range of companies, with an emphasis on corporate mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and structured finance. With RE Consulting, Elensky’s business experience would take on an international scope as the firm shifted its focus to the United States and the former Soviet Union. As the Managing Director of the startup firm, Elensky had many responsibilities: sourcing consulting assignments, subcontracting projects to various other consultants and agencies, and the general management of all other company operations. A success almost instantly, RE Consulting launched Elensky’s career in international finance. The international focus would become an ongoing professional interest which would shape his development in the industry and his continued success.

In 1999, Robert Elensky took a position as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Public Joint Stock Company Gutta. At the time, Gutta was the leading producer of juice, carbonated drinks, and mineral water in the emerging Eastern European market. The company had, however, fallen into severe solvency problems due to overexpansion and the shaky nature of the post-Soviet C.I.S. marketplace. The company’s consolidated debt had reached $30 million USD. Robert Elensky’s international acumen and hands on experience building companies in Russia made him the perfect man for the job. Once he came on board, he facilitated a takeover, which resulted in the restructuring, turnaround, and eventual divestment of Public Joint Stock Company Gutta to a strategic investor. Elensky’s quick and thorough work established operational and financial controls, restructured the subsidiary network, and secured all interests and principle debt payments without resorting to financial assistance or debt reduction measures. The company was sold in 2001 after increasing its market share to the highest in the Baltics and achieving record sales in Russia, Ukraine and establishing distribution in 40 countries. Robert Elensky’s leadership was crucial in averting disaster and making the eventual dissolution and sale of the company a success for all concerned.

The year 2002 saw Robert Elensky take his expertise back to North America. He returned to Canada to found Mint Inc., where he also served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. In these roles, he was responsible for all company operations. Mint Technology Corp. was a unique venture. As one of the first real “mobile payments” companies in Canada, Mint provided mobile parking solutions to North America’s largest parking facility management companies. Mint was listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange in 2003 as Mint Technology Corp. (TSX.V:MIT). Thereafter, Mr. Elensky negotiated a bin-sponsorship agreement with GE Money and co-branding arrangements with brands such as Much Music to become the first distributor of prepaid MasterCards in Canada. A later expansion meant that Mint Technology, via its subsidiary Mint Commerce, began providing electronic transactions solutions and streamlined procurement and payment processes for clients. Mint Commerce was focused on vendor facing solutions and business-to-business applications designed to eliminate hard copy and paper based interactions in favor of automated and online approaches. Mint currently operates through 4 subsidiaries, Mint Middle East, a payroll card services provider, Mint Capital, a financial products company, Mint Global Processing, a fully integrated third party processing platform and Mint Electronic Payment Services, a POS network solutions business. Mint has 65 employees in 6 offices in UAE, Qatar, Jordan, USA and Canada.

Following this success at Mint, Robert Elensky founded another company: Carta Solutions SA in 2006. Rebranded in 2009, Carta Worldwide is an international leader in transaction processing and payments technology. Carta's next generation platform, designed specifically to meet the complexities of the evolving payments environment, delivers end-to-end solutions that manage risk, enable innovation, and optimize profitability. Carta enables interoperable, market ready solutions, specializing in NFC, EMV, and chip-based multi-application technology, while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure and systems. Certified as a Third Party Processor (TPP) with MasterCard Worldwide, and PCI-DSS compliant, Carta provides the highest level of security and reliability in processing services, technology applications and professional services. As a Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elensky led the company expanding its sales and operation divisions with offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong, UK, North Africa and Canada.

In 2009, Elensky sold his position in Carta Solutions to embark on a sabbatical with his family and later accepted a Management Consulting position with SFMB in Miami.

While working as a Management Consultant at SFMB, Mr. Elensky was offered a position as the Head of Investment Banking at the United Gulf Bank of Bahrain. Reporting directly to the CEO, Elensky was responsible for all strategic operations and personally headed the bank’s most recent expansions, including private equity, investment banking, and financial service divisions. Elensky assisted in the development and completion of the firm’s five year business plan to become the market leader for investment banking and financial services in the Middle East and North Africa, while simultaneously transforming the business into a gateway for international firms looking for expansion into the region. This strategy accrued $6-$10 billion USD in market capital within 5 years. Elensky’s international experience and relationships were a key factor and contributions strengthened the bank’s business while further developing his own experience in the world of international finance.

As the global economy shifted over the course of the 1990s and 2000s, Elensky proved that he could adapt and grow with it. From the waning of the Soviet-era through the post-9/11 focus on the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, the changing circumstances and ongoing inconsistencies have given him a chance to thrive. Robert Elensky’s record makes him a financial leader to watch in the 21st century.

Robert Elensky continues to grow as a professional. His current positions at Kolb Partners, Turrit Insurance and HPS Americas place him at the forefront of American business. Following the events of the Arab Spring and the tumultuous politics in the Middle East and North Africa, business conduct in the region is a delicate matter. Situations like this must be navigated with delicacy and tact, drawing on experiences both in that part of the world but also with international business negotiations as a whole. Elensky’s past achievements have taken place in similar circumstances: in Eastern Europe following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the utter collapse of Communism. His work behind the former Iron Curtain in those delicate and dangerous times was valuable experience for his work in the Middle East. Navigating both the booming investment industry in the Gulf States and the turmoil in the Levant is no easy matter. Elensky is doing just that, and successfully. His plans include continuing to introduce North American businesses to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia, using his company and its connections as a portal.

This is the sort of transnational action that is vital in the continued development of the global economy, particularly in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse. Deeply skilled hands at the helm of international business is the most vital single factor going forward, and Robert Elensky embodies this.

  • 01/1990 to 01/1992
    : Richard Ivey School of Business
    : MBA in International Business & Finance
    : United States
  • 01/1984 to 01/1987
    : The University of Western Ontario
    : B.A. Economics
    : United States
Career History
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Senior Partner
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Board Member, Co-Founder
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Board Member, Co-Founder
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Chief Executive Officer
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Route Manager
    : Santa Rosa
Core Competencies
  • International Business
  • Financial Technology
  • Investment Banking
  • Consumer goods
  • Mobile Payments
  • Smart Cards
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