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11/02/2020 @ 02:45 pm

Do not be fooled by these latest positive reviews! then reality hits on why you need all that time: Instructors, its not as bad but think real hard about this one. Your best work will come in the form of ignoring most of what management dictates. They will give you metrics and plans to try, they fail, then they flip the script and say it was your teams fault. This will happen a lot. Everything is an experiment and none of it is thought out. You will also find out crucial information about your role through other coworkers. Overall, it is pretty bad and the best it gets is when you are in your own groove with your team. They seemed happier but only because they spent the least amount of time dealing with the management teams from what was expressed. If you are a Program Manager, just run. Everything above mostly applies too but also be prepared to be overworked and severely underpaid. "you have seniority and have worked hard but are being paid less than a new hire for the same position" kind of underpaid. Compensation to these people is "give them more work under the guise of a new role". Seriously, I wasn't in this role but I cannot stress how little the management cares about this group, that even to an onlooker, it felt so wrong. You know that Hollywood stereotype of the overworked intern that is treated badly despite doing the true work? yep thats them and they work twice as hard. Students. The classroom teams are there for you and you DO learn to code. At the expense of dealing with the worst and greediest company ever for 4 years so maybe just buckle down and hit that youtube. The management would probably care about you guys less than their program managers, but you guys are the money. Management, the biggest group of pencil pushers. Honestly, if you tried to understand what they do other than micromanage and make bad decisions, you'd be hard pressed. There are so many spreadsheets and useless data points and it doesn't slow down. Meetings are beyond useless. I can easily say I've had like 100 meetings to date and maybe 3 were useful. Data is hilariously misinterpreted for their narratives and numbers are thrown out for fun. They are there to say bad news, pacify you, deter raises, corporate/woke speak you to do more things etc etc. If you are one of the good ones and want to make a difference? You quit and go somewhere else I challenge you to talk to a few alumni/former employees at random if you are thinking of applying as a candidate and I would easily bet 10/10 will have something bad to say. Do not let them drag the name of startups down with that lame excuse of growing pains. It is just corp speak to deflect the truth . The conditions are just bad and no amount of office glitter can change the rotten "Core". (You can add that to the marketing for free when you read this)

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