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11/02/2020 @ 06:46 pm

Export Coordinator Very intrusive social environment and by that I mean as soon as you start they all want to be your best friend. They will request you on facebook, linkedin, snapchat, twitter, and anywhere else online you may be active. The reason for this is while you are unaware they will pull your profiles up at work and talk about your house, family, and how they 'think' you live. I am not making it up and have seen it with my own eyes so word of the wise is not to trust anyone in that building. The work environment is extremely political and they will deny this to the high heavens but its never what you know its who you know and how much they like you. So, don't be surprised when you notice people laughing on command and shunning others with no good justifiable reason. Its just the way some people secure a check at the expense of their dignity and it goes on in all offices but here they have definitely leveled up. Management isn't anything to write home about and in my time there I did not find them to be very honest at all. The team leads who were on the floor to help were useless and they basically did your job at a bigger cubicle and had zero pull in serious situations. Once you get let go they will give you a bad reference too and think it won't get back to you. So be wary of putting your time there on your resume because the shipping industry is big but small and most of these people know each other. Also the job title they will give you will be misleading because if you go any where else as an Export Coordinator they will be expecting a completely different skill set. A true Export Coordinator handles an ocean or air freight booking from start to finish. At MOL a coordinator is basically a call center representative providing customer service to the people who really are coordinating the shipment. Another thing that always rubbed me the wrong way because of the emphasis placed on it are the 'happy hour' bar meetings that happen on Fridays. To put it in its simplest terms nothing good could come from it and nothing good ever did. Besides being a steaming cess pool of personal rumors and other miscellaneous gossip its a get drunk and behave irresponsibly event and it may sound fun but its really me. Women gained reputations they couldn't shake from those nights and others fell victim to rumors and never got a fair shot afterwards. Training is also really lacking for new hires and after they will throw you out on the floor and expect a very VERY high level of production out of you. The catch is that if you aren't immediately up to speed then they will make fun of you at the happy hour then fire you. I have seen it happen....

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