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11/03/2020 @ 12:36 am

Um what is it that this company does for you? No bonuses. No per mile wage. No assistance with maintenance. No % reimbursed. No health insurance. No discounts to any insurance (you must carry the highest liability (average 250 a month insurance bill) you must pay them weekly for this app. You must do your route their way! You must pay them weekly for the use of their rope keychain, use of their key to open boxes, use of their magnets that you must have on your car that scratch the crap out of your paint, the use of their uniform and you have to carry a medical sample insurance in case they lose your medical samples (which happens a lot) where would you possibly lose a sample sitting in your drivers seat and putting the samples in one spot inside a bag (you pay for those too) inside a cooler (which you must purchase and provide yourself) but they obviously make a sizable chunk because they dont have a single obligation to you, your property, your sacrifice, the wear on your motor vehicle, the asinine amount of money you spend to benefit everyone other than yourself. I spent just under half of my pay on this job. Something is not right about that. There are no discounts, no benefits, no coupons, no loopholes, no bargaining tools, no ways around any of this... essentially you are being pimped out. Think about what I said.. upside is not dealing with coworkers. Alone time. Peace quiet. No gossip. Nothing petty. No lies. No underhanded backstabbing or promotions to fight over. You got you and the road and that is the beauty of this job. You pay out the yin yang. Also you are considered a independent contractor so if this is your route ans you are sick or mourning the death of a loved one or some other very sensitive issue tough! It is YOUR route YOUR REAL ESTATE! YOUR ROUTE and well you are stuck because nobody else can run it because they are not background checked. Drug tested or okayed to be on the premises or to handle the keys necessary. Guess what though? They do it anyway.. A lot of people actually bump their insurance up to the high unaffordable coverage you have to pay and maintain for just long enough for them to see it on paper and then they bump down to liability state legal minimums... this so they can keep more of the bone marrow broth and imaginary meat pie. This is one of the corners that most people can and definitely do cut to maybe have the chance to maybe afford to live alone in a studio apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally you get nothing but nickle and dimed and you can see quickly- that literally all they are is a middle man with an app. . It is a very one sided relationship; you are the giver of countless sacrifices to a taker who has a connection with a few businesses that need things to get somewhere and they take the fat stack and give you a couple small Bill's in return. Like a pimp..

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